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Free Online Games for Letter Sounds

A variety of free online games that can help children learn the letter sounds in a fun and engaging way.

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This activity from Crickweb develops the link between letters and the initial sounds of some common objects.  This helps with letter recognition and phonemic awareness. 

Students click on the picture that starts with the sound represented by the letter shown.  You can choose several groups of letters and some digraphs by selecting the different levels at the start of the game.

Click on the image above to access the game in a new tab.

This simple game involves clicking and dragging the displayed letter towards the relevant picture.  All the letters are printed as capitals so it wouldn’t be as useful for children who haven’t learned upper case letters.

Letters float underneath bubbles in this game and the child needs to click on the bubbles for the narrated letter sound to pop them.  There are different sets of letters you can choose from as you can see from the screen shot above.

Click on the images above to access the game in a new tab.

In this game, the narrator says a letter sound and the student has to click on the letters that represent that sound. 

Sometimes, more than one letter or letter combination can give the correct answer.  For example, ‘c’, ‘k’ and ‘ck’ all represent the same sound.

The game is simple but effective and letter-sound correspondences can be chosen from each phase of the UK phonics curriculum.

Click on the image above to access the ‘Find the Phonics Sound’ Game.

The student has to click on the duck with the letter that represents a spoken sound in this game.  The ducks quack and swim away when the correct letters are chosen and kids enjoy this.  

To access this game you will need to register with the Literactive site (it’s free).  Once you’ve done that, click on the activities tab at the top then on the Level 1 link in the left hand margin.  You should be able to locate the Rubber Ducks game and several other activities.

Children have to figure out which word ends in a different letter in this activity.  The words are spoken so it also helps kids match the letters to the sounds.

To access this game you will need to register with the Literactive site (it’s free).  Once you’ve done that, click on the activities tab at the top then on the Level 2 link in the left hand margin.  You should be able to locate the Flying Kites game and several other activities.

In this game, children sort letters into groups based on their final letter.  Each word is spoken when it’s clicked on so they can also hear the sounds.

To access this game you will need to register with the Literactive site (it’s free).   Once you’ve done that, click on the activities tab at the top then on the Level 2 link in the left hand margin.  You should be able to locate the Garden Leaves game and several other activities.

Children identify the word with a different middle letter in this activity.

To access this game you will need to register with the Literactive site (it’s free).  Once you’ve done that, click on the activities tab at the top then on the Level 3 link in the left hand margin.  You should be able to locate the Laying Hens game and several other activities.

The Teach Your Monster to Read site provides free access to a series of award winning phonics and reading games with increasing levels of difficulty. 

In addition to the main games, they also have a variety of other activities including Digital Flashcards and Monster minigames.

The Digital Flashcards activity sounds out each grapheme when you hover over it with your mouse.  

If you click on the tick in the bottom right of the screen, it then introduces each grapheme individually. 

You can ask your child to say the sound then click on the tick if they get it correct, or click the speaker symbol to hear the sound again. 

Friendly monsters appear every time a new grapheme is shown.

Click on this link to access the Digital Flashcards and to read more about using them.

NOTE: The flashcards are for use on an interactive whiteboard or computer only (not compatible on tablet or smartphone).

The Monster Minigames include a series of activities that can help children learn letter-sound correspondences.  You can select minigames for any of the following graphemes:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss, j, qu, v, w, x, y, z, zz, ch, sh, th, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

In this game, the student has to herd all of the sheep into the pen with the letter that represents the correct sound.

This game is similar to the sheep herding game described above except the monster moves ducks into the pond with the letter that represents the correct sound.

In this fast-paced game, you have to get the monster to collect flowers and the flowers tell it which letter sign to follow.

This game is similar to the one described above except the monster has to collect balloons instead of flowers.

In this game, the monster in the spaceship has to collect and stack blocks with the correct sound.

This game has a similar format to the one described above except the monster is in a submarine and there are also jelly fish.

The Teach Your Monster to Read site also has a series of phonics songs to help with teaching letter-sound correspondences.

Students have to identify digraphs in this activity rather than individual letters so it’s not suitable for absolute beginners. 

However, the game has a fairly basic format and would be fine for children who have just been introduced to these digraphs as the words are written as well as spoken.

Click on the following link to access the Letter Planet game in a new tab.

Sound Sayer ict games

Choose a phonics phase and a letter or digraph and the pencil will write it out for you.  You can then click to hear the sound said individually or in a group of words.  Click on the image or the following link to access the sound sayer game.

Further Resources:

Another way to access free online games and activities is to register with some of the specialist reading programmes that offer free trials.

For example:

Parents and teachers can register for a 30-day free trial with Reading Eggs.  This allows you to access over 500 highly interactive games and fun animations for developing Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.


A 30-day free trial is also available from ABCmouse.com.  This is a leading online educational website for children ages 2–8. With more than 9,000 interactive learning activities that teach reading, math, science, art, music, and more.

Although it’s not quite free, you can get a 30-day trial with the award-winning Hooked on Phonics programme for just $1.

IXL Learning cover 8000 skills in 5 subjects including phonics and reading comprehension.  You can click on the following link to access a 7-day free trial if you live in the US.

If you live outside of the US you can get 20% off a month’s subscription if you click on the ad. below:

50 ABC Letters and Sounds Games • Kids Activities Blog

Today we have a whole bunch of alphabet fun with letter and sounds learning games and activities for toddlers and preschoolers to help you young students prepare to read with fun pre-reading playful learning ideas.

ABC Games & Alphabet Sounds

Many parents have kids that are soon to enter kindergarten for the first time and are wondering what their kids should know before they head out to school on their own.

As a mom who once taught Kindergarten, I always wanted to make sure my kids are well-prepared and ready to begin their school career with a bit of an advantage by knowing their letters and sounds.

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I have seen the value in children knowing their letters early.

That said, I also recognize that kids are kids, and I want to make sure they have time to play – both independently and with me.

Let’s learn our alphabet through playing games!

Learning Through Alphabet Games

Children acquire knowledge through play, so learning letters at our house is rarely a sit down structured time.

It’s a time of play and games!

The kids have fun and don’t even realize they are learning at the same time. I don’t believe we should leave teaching up to the schools. You get the great honor of being an educator of your child, and you can supplement what is happening at school by engaging your child in enjoyable yet educational ways.

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I hope these resources help you feel equipped to take the reins in your own child’s education.  

This article contains affiliate links.

Let’s play a hands on letter game!

Hands On Letter Games

1. Letter Toss Game

Muffin Tin Learning  – Want to make learning fun? This game involving throwing pennies and will keep your kids engaged. They will  barely know that this is actually a lesson.

2. Growing Letters Game

Alphabet Flower Garden –  This garden is full of letters and learning opportunities. It is definitely a great way to explore and grow in alphabet knowledge.

3. Unlimited ABC Games for Kids

ABC Mouse – This site gives kids tons of alphabet and phonics practice through interactive games and printables.

4. Matching Letter Game

Magnetic Alphabet Board – This letter matching activity is self-contained and is a tool to get  kids to match up letters and help with identification.

5. Touch and Feel the Alphabet Game

Play Dough and Magnet Letters – Letting kids explore using their senses is a great way to learn. Play Dough is a tactile  way to watch this happen.

–>Need a Set of Alphabet Magnets? I like this Magnetic Letters Alphabet Fridge Magnets Set that comes in a handy carrying tub.

6. The Great Alphabet Race

Race the Alphabet – Do you have race tracks and a child that loves playing with cars? This activity is for you! If you don’t have your own track, here’s another version.

Let’s have some fun with preschool learning games & our ABC’s.

Preschool Alphabet Games

7. Fishing for Letters

Magnet Letter Fishing  – Take your magnet letters and make a simple fishing pole. With a pond full of letters, your kids will have a lot of fun  casting their line for another catch.

8. Pirate Vowel Game

Gold Coin Vowel Sound Drop – Your little pirate will have fun learning his or her vowels be playing this game.

9. Letter Stacking Game

ABC Letter Stack Game – Stacking up letters has never been so fun. They get to stack and stack until they fall, which I am sure will become the favorite part.

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10. It Begins With…

Initial Sounds Blackout Game  – Want kids to be able to identify the beginning sounds of words? This fun game will help them do exactly that.

–>Need a Wooden Alphabet Set with Flashcards? I really love the cuteness of this Tangame Wooden Magnetic Letters Alphabet Refrigerator Magnet Flash Cards for Preschool Kids that comes in a magnetic tin.

11. Letter Scavenger Hunt

Architecture Letter Scavenger Hunt – Have you seen those photos that find letters in architecture? Your kids get to go on their own letter scavenger hunt with this fun activity.

Let’s play a creative alphabet game!

Creative Letter Games for Alphabet Sounds


Interactive Alphabet Learning Games

A-Z Letter Learning Activities – This post brings you over 90 activities for each and every letter of the alphabet. What a great resource!

13. Climb the Word Ladder

Word Ladder – Kids get to “climb” to the top of the ladder as they successfully identify letters and sounds. They don’t need to worry if they “fall,” they have the opportunity to try again.

14. Flashlight Alphabet Game

Flashlight Alphabet Game – My kids are obsessed with flashlights. I know my preschooler would love this game!

–>Need Foam Alphabet Letters for Practice? This Gamenote Classroom Magnetic Alphabet Letters Kit comes in a plastic organization case and magnet board and would be great for home too.

15. Make a Letter Game

Letter Formation Activity – Using materials you probably have at home, your kids will have a lot of fun forming their letters.

16. Hungry Hungry Letters Game

Alphabet Monster  – This hungry monster will only eat letters if you can say the name or sound of a letter. What a fun craft to make that also turns a great letter learning opportunity.

Let’s play a game that helps us learn letters!

ABC Games that Help Kids Learn Letters and Sounds

17. Let’s Host a Reading Hop

Reading Hop  – This letter learning game will keep your kids active and hopping all around. If you are looking for a way to take learning outdoors, you have found it.

18. Alphabet I Spy

Alphabet “I Spy” – Take the classic and beloved game of “I Spy” and turn it into an alphabet search activity. Brilliant!

19. Can You Catch the Letters Game?

Runaway Letters Game  – Your child gets a chance to grab letters and runaway while you creativity beacon the letter’s return. This is a great way for moms, dads or teachers to interact with their kids during the educational process.

–>Need a Fun ABC Game? I love this ABC Cookies Game from Goodie Games that is a fun alphabet learning game for toddlers and preschoolers.


LEGO Spelling

Lego Spelling  – If you add letters to duplex legos, you have a great way to work on sounds and words.

21. Letters Inside of Letters Activity

Making Letters with Letters – Learning letters will be reinforced over and over again as your kids use letters from magazines to create their own larger letters.

Fun Pre-K Learning games for kids!

ABC Games for Pre-K

22. Letter Swat Game

Spider Letter Swat – Kids will enjoy learning their letters as they swat away at the flies in this entertaining game.

23. Letter Squirt Game

Squirt the Letter  – This is a game I know my son, especially, would love. He loves anything squirt gun and anything water. Squirting the correct letter is right up his alley.

24. Letter Lacing Activity

Letter Lacing – This letter lacing, quiet bag activity works on fine motor skills while also developing the skills needed to develop in reading.

–>Need Letter Lacing Cards? I like this wooden set from Melissa & Doug that has both animals and letters on the sturdy lacing cards.

25. Alphabet Sounds Race

Letter Sounds Race – Get your kids moving with this letter sounds race. This is a great learning opportunity for your active kids! More alphabet sound learning activities are fun too!

26. Disappearing Letters Game

Disappearing Letters  – Kids will learn to love to trace their letters as they see  the trick to making them disappear.

Let’s play ABC Learning Games!

Alphabet Games for Learning

27. The Game of Bang

Bang – Bang is a letter identification game that will be a lot of fun for the little gamers in your life.

28. Letter Chomp Game

Mr. Shark Alphabet Chomper Game  – I love the idea to make a shark out of an envelope in general. Add the learning aspect of having the shark chomp letters, and you have a great game.

29. Letter Tiles Activity

DIY Bananagrams Letter Tiles – Here’s a really smart way to make letter tiles. You can turn them into magnets or play the classic Bananagram game with your creation.

–>Need a Bananagram Game? Here is the original Bananagram game for kids.

30. Make Pretzel Letters

Soft Pretzel Letters – Kids can learn their letters as they have fun making pretzel dough. Through using both the sense of touch and taste, this becomes a fun activity for all.

31. Travel Alphabet Game

Alphabet Words Game – This is a learning game that can be taken anywhere. Keep your kids occupied working on their letters at restaurants, home, car rides and more.

Let’s play letter and sound games!

ABC Games for Letters and Sounds

32. Touchy Feely Letters

Sensory Bins with Letters – Sometimes the best way to help kids learn is to let them explore. This sensory bin will help kids do just that.

33. Alphabet Seek & Find

Seek-N-Find Alphabet – This letter game is like an eye spy for letters. It involves a plastic tube (easily substituted by a water bottle), and will keep your kids searching for their letters for quite some time.

34. Letter Formation Fun

Tactile Writing – Kids learn to write letters as they use rice and paint  to feel their way through the process or writing.

–>Need a Wooden Letter Matching Set? I like this durable Alphabet flash cards and wooden letter puzzle set from LiKee Alphabet.

35. Homemade Domino Letter Fun

Craft Stick Dominos  – These craft stick dominos are an easy, homemade version of a domino game with a  focus on learning letters and matching symbols. What a fun idea.

36. Flashcard Games

ABC Flashcards  – Flashcards can be used by a variety of games and activities like flashcard basketball. These ones are free. And so are these kids alphabet cards you can download & print instantly.

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Let’s play some more abc games!

How to Help a Child Learn Letters and Sounds Through Play

37. Make a Sun-Powered Letter Puzzle

Make a DIY shape puzzle using the sun with alphabet letters for a really fun matching game you can play inside or out. Or use this method without the sun to make this fun abc matching game for kids.

38. Collect Alphabet Treasures

Use these free alphabet labels to create small containers for each letter of the alphabet for a special letter collection activity!

39. Make Easy Alphabet Crackers

Making alphabet crackers has never been easier or more fun!

–>Need an Alphabet Snack? I like these Happy Tot Organics ABC Multi-Grain Cookies…yum!

40. Play Alphabet Zipline!

Use these alphabet printable letters to create your own alphabet zipline in your living room. It is really fun.

41. Play a Silly Letters Game

Try these alphabet games for preschool that are full of fun and a little silly…

42. Make Pipecleaner Letters!

Try to do some fun abc formation with pasta and pipe cleaners which is a fun way to explore letter shapes.

43. Make Bathtub Alphabet Soup

Use bath letters for a big big big batch of bubblebath alphabet soup {giggle}.

44. Color a Letter Coloring Page

  • Letter A Coloring Page
  • Letter B Coloring Page
  • Letter C Coloring Page
  • Letter D Coloring Page
  • Letter E Coloring Page
  • Letter F Coloring Page
  • Letter G Coloring Page
  • Letter H Coloring Page
  • Letter I Coloring Page
  • Letter J Coloring Page
  • Letter K Coloring Page
  • Letter L Coloring Page
  • Letter M Coloring Page
  • Letter N Coloring Page
  • Letter O Coloring Page
  • Letter P Coloring Page
  • Letter Q Coloring Page
  • Letter R Coloring Page
  • Letter S Coloring Page
  • Letter T Coloring Page
  • Letter U Coloring Page
  • Letter V Coloring Page
  • Letter W Coloring Page
  • Letter X Coloring Page
  • Letter Y Coloring Page
  • Letter Z Coloring Page

45. Let’s Play with Playdough!

These playdough pre writing activities are both fun and super hands-on learning.

Let’s make a yummy…I mean gummy…alphabet!


Make Gummy Letters

This sour gummy recipe makes the cutest alphabet letters to learn and eat!

47. Try a Fun Alphabet Activity Book

There are so many quality workbooks for kids on the market right now so we narrowed it down to some of our favorites that just might fit your kid.

Let’s find the letters and make pictures with crayons!

48. Color by Letter Activities for Letter Recognition Fun

We have a whole bunch of color by letter printable pages for kids that help them recognize letters while playing a game:

  1. Color by letter – A-E
  2. Color by letter worksheets – F-J
  3. Coloring by letters – K-O
  4. Color with letters – P-T
  5. Preschool color by letter – U-Z

49. Play the Missing Letter Game

Use one of our favorite preschool games, What is Missing? and use either letter flashcards or abc fridge magnet sets to create sequencing of the alphabet and then remove a letter or two.

Let’s have fun with letter recognition!


Play Alphabet Beach Ball Toss

Modify our fun sight word game with letters instead of sight words. Your beach ball can be covered with the letters of the alphabet for throwing and catching learning fun.

Games for ABC Sounds

51. Learn and sing the ABC sounds song

I love this fun song from Rock ‘N Learn that goes through the entire alphabet with sounds for each of the letters.

52. Play an online ABC sounds game

Monster Mansion is a free online alphabet match game that kids can learn the abc sounds and match them with the proper letter on the proper monster!

53. Print & Play a letter sounds game

Preschool Play and Learn has a really colorful and fun letter sounds board game you can print and play at home or in the preschool classroom. Each player will pick up a card and identify the letter and /or say the sound that the letter makes.

More Learning Games from Kids Activities Blog

  • Now that we learned out letters, don’t miss out on our number activities for preschoolers!
  • When your child is ready, we have a big giant list of sight word activities that are fun too!
  • We have some really fun games teaching kids how to read a clock.
  • My favorite massive resource of fun is our kids science games here at Kids Activities Blog.
  • It doesn’t have to be October to play some frightful Halloween games.
  • Let’s play math games for kids!
  • If you need to work out the wiggles, we have the best indoor games for kids.

What was your favorite abc game? Did we miss some alphabet activities that you do with your kids?

Interactive game - "We study sounds and letters, we teach Dunno" | Presentation for the lesson (preparatory group):



Slide captions:

Slide 1

, Kovylkino Ponikayeva N. I.

Slide 2

Look who is this? Dunno. Hello Dunno! (The child presses the left mouse button on Dunno). Dunno asks for help to complete tasks. Can we help the stranger? Let's learn sounds and letters together with Dunno so that he is ready for school.

Slide 3

Game "Songs of vowel sounds" Description of the game. The child presses the left mouse button on the picture and sings a vowel sound (the picture flashes). Slide #4. instructions for the child. Dunno asks to sing vowel sounds with him. With the left mouse button, click on the pictures in order and sing the vowel sounds. Game "1, 2, 3 vowels name" Description of the game. The child clicks on the pictures with the left mouse button and repeats the vowels (pictures flash). Slide #5. instructions for the child. Dunno asks him to repeat the vowels with him. Left click on the top picture and name the vowels. Click on the picture below and name the letters. nine0003

Slide 6

Game "Find it" Description of the game. The child names the pictures in each row from left to right and determines which sound and letter are the same in these words. Presses the left mouse button on the circle and names the letter. Slides: #7, #8. instructions for the child. Dunno asks him to play the game "Find-ka" with him. Name the pictures in each row from left to right and determine what is the same sound and letter in these words. Click the left mouse button on the circle and name the letter.

Slide 7

Find it game

Slide 9

Dunno is ready for school! Well done!

On the topic: methodological developments, presentations and abstracts

Games "Sound and letter P".

Imitation of sound. Highlighting sound against the background of a word. Guessing riddles, where the given sound is used in answers. Adding words with the sound [П] to guesses. ..

Didactic game "Sound and letter"

The game is aimed at correcting violations of the phonetic side of speech and preparing children from 5-7 years old for literacy. The game can be recommended both for a defectologist teacher, a speech therapist teacher ...

Interactive game "Sounds"

Learn to determine the place of sound in a word ....

Interactive game "Words starting with the letter A"

Interactive game " Words beginning with A"...

Interactive game "How Masha studied colors"

GCD fixing primary colors. Interactive presentation game...

Interactive literacy game "Help Dunno indicate vowel sounds"

Interactive game "Help Dunno indicate vowel sounds" is aimed at developing and consolidating children's knowledge of vowels and consonants. The game develops phonemic hearing for children...


Modern games for speech therapy room

  • Poor Little Dragon

    The game of correlating the vowel sound and letters. Sounds like a vowel, the child must repeat it and refer to the desired letter. AT settings, you can add a chest for non-speech sound to make the child better represented the difference between speech and non-verbal sounds. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Two Princesses

    Game for working with vowel sounds. AT settings you need to select vowels and, listening carefully to syllables or words, distribute sounds-beads between Princesses. Did you hear PA? This is the princess letter A on the dress. Did it sound? it Princess bead with the letter O.

    Number of players: 1

  • nine0076 Correct banana

    Four funny characters are arguing which one them pronounce the word correctly? Khartuk or an apron? Behemoth or Gibemote? Dispute Only an attentive child will allow. The game is suitable for practice and phonemic hearing tests.

    Number of players: 1

  • Marksman

    This game develops speech attention and the ability to produce sound analysis words. The task of the well-aimed Shooter is to choose the one a picture that does not contain the specified sound. To do this, he names the pictures and chooses which one to target. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Resourceful letter

    Game to determine the place of the consonant sound in a word. Choose a letter in settings and start the game. Where is the sound in this word: at the beginning, in the middle or at the end? The child names the word, analyzes and selects the correct schema.

    Number of players: 1

  • Piggy bank

    In the picture there are three pigs with painted vowels. Letters are selected in the settings. The child should listen to the syllables or words and choose which pig will fly sound coin.

    Number of players: 1

  • Wolf and sheep

    Interactive version of the game "The Fifth Extra". In four pictures of sheep in words has a chosen vowel, and the fifth sheep picture without this sound. The child needs pronounce words, find an extra picture and expose the Wolf hiding under sheepskin. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Who is extra?

    Everyone knows the game "The Fourth Extra". The child is asked to name all four pictures and choose the “extra” one, justifying own choice. Lexical material is selected so that the choice of the "extra" picture is far from unambiguous. The winner of the game, at the end, a well-deserved award.

    Number of players: 1

  • nine0075

    Fairy bug

    Heroes of popular fairy tales are depicted in unusual conditions. Lisa has no nose Kolobok, but Cheburashka. Three piglets “lost” their brother, etc. A task child - find a mistake, correct it mouse click, and remember the name fairy tales and name its characters.

    Number of players: 1

  • On the market

    One bucket - but a lot of what? Buckets or buckets? One nest, but a lot of what? The specialist records the answers of the child, his errors in matching the numeral and object in the genitive case. it grammar exercise contains a choice from many words, simple and complex. The game is great for testing grammatical structure of speech and work on its correction. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • What's first?

    There are three pictures in front of the child. Necessary put them in the right order and write a short story. Enough offer two or three versions of the story, to understand if the child has difficulties with drawing up proposals for the picture and with the ability to articulate their thoughts, did he make up a story on his own or needs hints. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Pets

    This is an interactive painting farm animals. All animals voiced. The game is suitable for communication with kids, and for talking with older preschoolers. The main thing is right formulate a problem. Children can “voice” animals, or they can name them babies and what they eat.

    Number of players: 1 nine0003

  • Can you do that?

    The game is suitable for examination motor skills of the child, and for carrying out physical minutes for individual and group classes. child or professional choose the character to follow repeat movements. Poems and music will help to introduce an element into such classes logarithmics.

    Number of players: 1

  • Shall we buzz? nine0077

    To check the level sound pronunciation, you can offer repeat the words to the child images. Can you imitate sounds? funny characters of the game "Buzz". Such exercise will allow you to talk silent and will be the first step on the way to pure speech.

    Number of players: 1

  • Hiking backpack

    Cheerful tourist collects in a backpack various items. The child must follow his instructions objects behind the closet, under the table, to get out of backpack. It is desirable that the child could not only follow instructions, but say aloud where he puts the object, using the preposition correctly. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Sweet tooth

    If the child memorized all the letters, then Sweet tooth can play great making words out of three letters two or three syllables. Settings will help choose the appropriate level of play child's current knowledge.

    Number of players: 1

  • Slab houses

    The windows of the forest hut are filled with syllables. First you need to read them, and then combine into words. Three or two syllables in a word - chooses a specialist, in depending on the readiness of the child reading.

    Number of players: 1

  • Inattentive artist

    A game for big and small. kids will be able to determine where the artist made a mistake. One click of the mouse, and the error is fixed. Older children can already compose suggestions for corrected pictures. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Tricky questions

    The heroes of this quiz Vasya and Vasilisa know a lot. Are they telling the truth or wrong? It's up to the young members intellectual quiz. The main thing, listen carefully and choose an answer: yes or no.

    Number of players: 1

  • Riddles of Lesovichok

    Old man - Lesovichok cooked for the guys many different mysteries. Those who already know how read, read them themselves and choose correct answer. Children who are not yet know how to read, listen to the riddle and choose one answer out of six pictures on the screen. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Visiting the bugs

    Meet the Beetle family. Each of them busy with their work. Let the baby close eyes, listen to sounds and guess who what is he doing. The game perfectly develops the ear and sound attention.

    Number of players: 1

  • Wind and beetles

    Harmful bugs sit on a tree and chew the bark. We will blow into the microphone and blow away pests! Toddlers are fun and interesting, and during the game muscles are perfectly strengthened cheeks and lips. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Wizard

    The Wizard's Room is full of surprises! He waved his magic wand and objects come to life. great opportunity be surprised, smile and come up with you made a magic wand.

    Number of players: 1

  • Wild animals

    As a rule, the first conscious sounds the child publishes, imitating animals. Choose in the settings real or imitating sounds, listen and repeat. With such animals, the child quickly croaks, and then speaks. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Riddles of sounds

    One who is good at distinguishing sounds usually starts talking quickly. In this the game the child must name all the objects and choose the one that "sounded". Excellent hearing guaranteed!

    Number of players: 1

  • cat and sausage

    While the cat is sleeping, the mouse should steal from him sausage from under the nose. For this you need rhythmically repeat any sounds into the microphone or words - what the baby has better it turns out. From repetition speech will grow stronger, and the mouse will be able to enjoy delicious sausage. nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Who said MU

    This is the favorite game of all children! After all, in the window animals and birds hid, voices which must be guessed. listened to the voice and Guess who it belongs to? Then feel free to press the "I know" button and check your guess.

    Number of players: 1

  • Lost tail

    Our animals and birds have lost their tails! An inquisitive kid must see on the picture and choose for each character suitable tail. Development attention starts with simple games! nine0003

    Number of players: 1

  • Snowflakes

    In this game, the baby not only develops breathing and strengthens the muscles of the lips, but also learns determine who lost their things. To whom give a bone, a girl or a dog? it gotta figure it out! Let the baby do it himself, do not rush to suggest.

    Number of players: 1

  • Tick tock sounds

    Even a two year old can do it pronounce simple combinations of sounds - tick-tock, ding-ding, etc. good speech starts with simple repetitions. The main thing, go back to repeating those sounds more often!

    Number of players: 1

  • Cake with candles

    We prepared a microphone, chose a cake, lit candles on it and began to play. Let the child blow out the candles one at a time. short air jet. Then when it will turn out better, you can blow out all the candles. nine0003
  • Helicopter

    We prepare the microphone and draw air into lungs! For the helicopter to take off into the air and the pilot waved his hand to us, it is necessary purposefully blow on the propeller. Our speech is built on good breathing, therefore this exercise will improve breathing and lip muscles.

  • Disco

    Grammatically correct speech is very important. In order to properly match words in sentences, you need to know the gender nouns. My table or my table? My cloud or my cloud? If a child will play "Disco", then errors in speech no longer. nine0003
  • Captain's riddles

    The best time to get to know letters and syllables. In the game the child is much will quickly master the basics of reading, because together with the captain is easy and simple to remember and look for paired syllables. In the settings you can choose a different degree of difficulty of the game. We focus on the knowledge of the child!

  • Music school

    How many interesting musical tools! With many of them baby meet in this game for the first time - learn how domra, harp and oboe sound. Maybe this game will start interest in music and help with the choice favorite musical instrument! nine0003
  • Engines

    Know how to distinguish a vowel sound in a word - very important, because it depends on further literate writing. master the science of vowels, along with trains, is very fun and interesting. In the settings you can choose, for starters, three engines. If everything turns out well, then the game is necessary gradually become more difficult.

  • Make the barbel laugh

    Prepare the microphone and choose a mustachioed hero. A strong wind must lift the whiskers and improve mood. When a child blows directionally, work is going on with breath and strengthen important muscles. Everybody this contributes to good pronunciation. nine0003
  • Hand ghosts

    How important is motor skills in child development? all parents know. funny ghosts from the magic castle is asked to perform hand movements with them. The child has not doing very well yet? Then Let's play and practice!

  • Princess Rescue

    The Evil Dragon imprisoned the Princess in a dungeon. But the brave knight is already in a hurry to help! The task of the child is to disassemble the brick wall, naming the letters and collecting them in pairs. The task is not easy, because time goes fast, the stopwatch is ticking. But the reward will be Save the beautiful princess! nine0003
  • The detective is on the trail

    It's time to say "hissing" well sounds. Travel with the Investigator and dachshund on the trail, perform funny tasks, and by the end of the game all the children will already be excellent "hiss" and "buzz"! clean, correct speech is the main goal of our games.

  • Wolf learns letters

    Great game for kids who already know letters. Our Wolf wrote some letters wrong, help him fix it errors. The game refines the image of the letter, which help the child to avoid writing errors. nine0003
  • How to read it?

    What happened to the words? They all got stuck in one lump. This lump must be read untangle, and separate the words. Interesting, useful, and most importantly, this game will help child to write correctly in the future.

  • Fruit-vegetables

    The game is suitable for toddlers and children, studying the lexical topic "Vegetables and fruit". It is necessary not only to connect correctly halves of the fruit, but also to call them. nine0003
  • Runs and lies

    Mastering the verb vocabulary is the most important language development engine. Watching over game characters and voicing their actions, the child learns to comprehend and understand Verbs. Depict what you see in the picture movement is another fun element of this games for kids.

  • Game sounds

    Language learning always begins with repetition of sounds that surround baby. A set of simple, fun and emotional speech sounds will help children learn to listen and imitate the characters games different sounds. nine0003
  • Myshkin breakfast

    It's time for lunch. The task of the baby in this game - find for each animal its own food. To do this, you must first get to know what animals eat and birds. The game will help to consolidate the received knowledge.

  • Mother's bouquet

    Rhythm game. Suitable for both automation of delivered sounds in words and syllables, and for working with the syllabic structure of the word. The task sets specialist, and the child plays: rhythmically blows or repeats suggested sound complexes. nine0003
  • Who is behind whom

    Working with prepositions is an obligatory part any program with preschoolers. This the game allows you to make sentences with prepositions, using funny stories with fairy tale characters.

  • Tricky halves

    Dividing a word into a syllable and a picture facilitates the child's learning process reading at the first stage. In the same time, choosing the "correct" syllable, from the child requires attention and skill syllable from sets of letters similar to the desired syllable. nine0003
  • Extra syllable

    If the child already has the ability to read syllables, then this game will allow exercise visual attention and reading comprehension. Choosing in word settings of two or three syllables, the child “cuts off with scissors” an extra syllable in a word and confirms the correctness actions of the appeared picture.

  • Merry fishermen

    Two fishermen positioned themselves with fishing rods on riverbank. Their fish are not simple, but sound. Choose a pair in the settings "difficult" sounds and train in pronunciation of close sounds L and R, C and Z, W and F, etc. The catch will be pure speech child. nine0003
  • Well, hare, run away!

    Adventure game for automation "whistling". Everything is very simple - you need help the Hare escape from the Fox. For this need to perform different tasks and call syllables. Side effect of the game syllable reading practice.

  • Table fingers

    Fun lessons at Ghost School continue! For precise performance movements, you need to put your hands on the table and repeat what Ghosts do. Not does it work right away? Gotta practice! nine0003
  • Mischievous breeze

    Game for training visual memory and attention. Forest berries stand in in a certain order. The child must restore the sequence how the mischievous Breeze violated it.

  • Five Chinese brothers

    This wonderful game helps the child develop your speech ear, teach identify the first vowel in a word memorize vowels. nine0003
  • Space Rangers

    The names of the space rangers are very similar. The child needs to concentrate remember the main character's name. Then he easily find his name among similar ones letter combinations.

  • Elephant trap

    Wild mice want to be caught and roasted poor elephant. To save him, baby you need to remember the spelling of the word, and then collect it from scattered letters. nine0003
  • Chatterboxes

    A set of tongue twisters will help children improve speech quality. Parallel auditory attention develops some heroines of the game pronounce misspelled phrases. The child is listening and repeats only the correct option.

  • Week train

    Children have difficulty remembering days weeks. With the help of a cheerful driver and his trains you can remember these days much faster. nine0003
  • Ghost Walking

    Ghosts like to walk at night. As they move from object to object, they tell their travel story. The teacher asks the child to tell about the night walks of the mysterious characters.

  • White-flanked magpie

    This game develops logical thinking child, auditory attention, and expands vocabulary. Magpie names only general concepts, The child needs to choose only those items, that fit this concept. nine0003
  • Ali Baba's Labyrinths

    Hear and distinguish similar sounds syllables are no easy task. Ali Baba will help children to train their hearing, and at the same time find a way out of the insidious labyrinth.

  • Parrot

    Automation of sounds in speech - process slow and tedious. With a parrot Dormidont repeating words is more interesting and more fun. The result is also significant. will accelerate. nine0003
  • Adventures of Pinocchio

    Multi-way rpg game for children who have already learned to pronounce sound R. To reach the finish line, Pinocchio must overcome many obstacles: solve riddles, repeat to say the words correctly.

  • Adventures of Kolobok

    Kolobok runs across the field, reading syllables on the go and doing various interesting tasks. AT such a game a child, imperceptibly to himself, reinforces the sound L in speech and learns to read. nine0003
  • Composing on the go

    The game allows the child to compose your story by choosing your favorite heroes. We must not only come up with a story, but also to retell it correctly.

  • Mushroom pickers

    Mushroom pickers got lost in the forest. To them heard and found, they serve different unusual sounds. If the child can repeat combinations after mushroom pickers vowels, he has excellent hearing. nine0003
  • Who does what

    Cheerful heroes live in a forest clearing. AT this game young children will learn observe and describe actions by choosing different characters.

  • Working tool

    In many professions without special tools are indispensable. The purpose of the game is introduce children to workers tools for many professions.

  • Sweet home

    Words have hard and soft sounds. Funny characters will help you tell them apart heroes - Caramel Joe and Marshmallow Melania. Tasty and healthy.

  • Dancing with Papuans

    Every thing has its purpose. To funny Papuans began to dance, it is necessary give the correct answer for what different items.

  • nine0075

    Guess the profession

    The game is designed to introduce children to the species different professions. Describing activities each character, the child remembers features of each profession and learns choose what interests him.

  • Scarlet flower

    The magic seed will turn into lovely flower if its right water. Choosing words for watering, child learns to pronounce clearly "difficult" sounds, to distinguish close in sounding consonants. nine0003
  • All votes

    The game is multifunctional - the child is not only repeats phrases with the R sound, but also learns to distinguish who said the phrase - mom or dad, grandfather or grandmother.

  • Do not wake up until spring

    The game develops auditory attention, skill remember the number of sounds and choose corresponding icon.

  • nine0002

    Mysterious painting

    Game to automate "difficult" sounds and guessing words from descriptions. Children have the ability to repeat many words on selected sound, and then compose a story according to the picture that will appear after guessed words.

  • Vernissage

    The artist has painted many paintings and is preparing to the exhibition. Choosing and hanging pictures for the opening day, the child pronounces words with the sounds Sh and Zh, which contributes fixing these sounds in speech. nine0003
  • Figure skating

    For phonetic analysis of a word, be able to find the place of sound and letter in word. The game contains many words for sound-letter analysis and excellent trains speech.

  • Accident

    The patient's stories about the incredible stories are saturated with simple sounds P, B, T, E, K, D. The child learns to understand, memorize and retell history, simultaneously practicing his diction. nine0003
  • Grandmother's basket

    The game is full of items with the sounds R and Pb. Saying that the granddaughter will take grandmother, the child repeats many times words with a "difficult" sound. In this way, sound gradually enters into active speech.

  • Santa bag

    The game is full of items with whistling sounds. The more the child calls items in the game, the faster will enter into speech sounds C and Z. nine0003
  • I want yum yum

    Babies in strollers make simple sounds "Am!", "Yum", etc. At the initial stage learning to read this game will help kids learn to find by a given sound corresponding signature.

  • All the way around

    Reading words backwards is interesting and useful activity. It requires additional attention and ingenuity. That, whoever masters this game will easily cope with reading ordinary words.

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