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Dark glossy glass alphabet - letter k isolated on dark background, 3d illustration of symbolsPREMIUM

3d render pink balloon alphabet k isolated on white backgroundPREMIUM

K golden letter logo design with circle swoosh and gold metal texture. creative metal gold k letter design vector illustration.PREMIUM

Written wording in distressed state typography found letter kPREMIUM

Realistic neon character with wires and console, vector illustrationPREMIUM

Golden glossy uppercase letter k isolated on dark background. 3d rendered alphabet. inflated ballon font with golden ribbon.PREMIUM

K alphabet letter logo design with rainbow colors suitable for a company or businessPREMIUM

K letter design with golden outline and grunge brush texture. vector illustration.PREMIUM

K letter logo made of light bulb and power cable. designed for electricity advertising, creative idea poster, technology identity, etc.PREMIUM

Alphabet k is made of felt isolated on white background. PREMIUM

Letter k on firePREMIUM

Floral alphabet - letter k with flowers bouquet composition and delicate gold geometric shape crystal. unique collection for wedding invites decoration and many other concept ideas.PREMIUM

K letter design with creative dots bubble circles and blue pink colors vector illustration.PREMIUM

Ice alphabet. capital letter k isolated on white. clipping mask included. 3d render. for design of postcards, flyers, advertising banners for seasons of summer heat, winter cold, christmas, new yearPREMIUM

Uppercase candy and sugar font. letter k. 3d renderingPREMIUM

Rainbow vector logo letter k. k letter design vectorPREMIUM

Ks company logo vector template.PREMIUM

Set of abstract k letter logo design vectorPREMIUM

Volumetric shiny metal uppercase letter k isolated on black background. 3d rendered alphabet with strong light reflections. metallic font for poster, banner, cover, logo design template element.PREMIUM

Glass font 3d rendering, letter kPREMIUM

Logo initial letter ku luxury vector mark, gold color elegant classical symmetric curves decor. PREMIUM

Simple illustration logo design initial k combine with bolt.PREMIUM

Abstract letter k guilloche frame.PREMIUM

Woman showing k letter on white background, closeup. sign languagePREMIUM

Partial view of woman showing latin letter - k, deaf and dumb language, isolated on whitePREMIUM

Letter k logo icon design template elementsPREMIUM

The logo between the letter k and letter d or kd with a certain distance and connected by orange and gray colorPREMIUM

Initial k letter logo with swoosh colored red and blackPREMIUM

Letter k of english alphabet made from ripe fresh srawberry, bright red berry font vector illustration isolated on a white background.PREMIUM

Floral watercolor alphabet. monogram initial letter k design with hand drawn peony and anemone flower and black panther for wedding invitation, cards, logosPREMIUM

Letter k logo square template designPREMIUM

Modern vector logo letter k. k letter design vectorPREMIUM

Circuit board alphabet letter k vector illustrationPREMIUM

Letter k logo icon design template elementsPREMIUM

Abstract colorful letter k logo design for business company with modern neon colorPREMIUM

Letter k minimalist logo design concept template. PREMIUM

K letter arrow vector illustration icon logo template designPREMIUM

Letter k 3d blue isolated on white with shadow - orthogonal projection - 3d renderingPREMIUM

Letter k with english words illustartionPREMIUM

K isolated golden letters with diamonds on blackPREMIUM

Letter k icon logo design elementPREMIUM

Capital letter k. from the white interwoven strips on a black background. template for emblem, logos and monograms.PREMIUM

Paper cut letter k. realistic 3d multi layers papercut effect isolated on white background. colorful character of alphabet letter font. decoration origami element for birthday or greeting designPREMIUM

A library with bookshelves a letter k. 3d render and illustration.PREMIUM

Capital letter k. overlapping with shadows logo, monogram trendy design.PREMIUM

Beautiful spring letters and numbers made of grass and surrounded with borderPREMIUM

Letter k emblem designPREMIUM

K letter from paper clip alphabet. business and education logo conceptPREMIUM

Vector icon for branding and identity illustration. letter k icon template vector illustration design.PREMIUM

Red light letter kPREMIUM

K alphabet logo 3d blue sphere letter blue pink vector creative company icon design template modernPREMIUM

Golden letter k vintage monograms set. heraldic monogram in coats of arms form, letter k in floral round frame, letter k in wreath, heraldic monogram in floral decoration with crown.PREMIUM

Letter k icon logo design elementPREMIUM

Letter k design, circle shape, link, technology and digital, connection vector logotype.PREMIUM

Letter k design vector template. font lines .PREMIUM

Capital letters j, k, l, m. from double white stripe in a black circle. overlapping with shadows. logo, monogram, emblem trendy design.PREMIUM

Business corporate letter k logo design vector.PREMIUM

Golden c and silver k letters logo template for your business companyPREMIUM

Letter k logo setPREMIUM

Hand drawn capital letter k in black - coloring sheet for adultsPREMIUM

Old lamp alphabet for light board letter kPREMIUM

Letter k logo icon design template elementsPREMIUM

Burning letter made in 3d graphicsPREMIUM

Fire letter k of burning blue flame. flaming burn font or bonfire alphabet text with sizzling smoke and fiery or blazing shining heat effect. incandescent cold fire glow on black backgroundPREMIUM

Ribbon typography font type with glossy gold decorative silk k letterPREMIUM

Letter k luxury logo design concept templatePREMIUM

Luxury letter k emblem wings logo design concept templatePREMIUM

Letter k logo, circle shape symbol, green and blue color, technology and digital abstract dot connectionPREMIUM

Letter k icon logo design elementPREMIUM

Floral watercolor alphabet. monogram initial letter k design with hand drawn peony flower for wedding invitation, cards.PREMIUM

Letter k logo vector set designPREMIUM

Letter k logo design concept templatePREMIUM

Close up view of the letter k made of pepperPREMIUM

Letter k. alphabet in the form of shelves with books isolated on white. 3d illustrationPREMIUM

Letter k inside royal emblemPREMIUM

Letter k - christmas tree decoration - alphabetPREMIUM

Alphabets in flame, letter kPREMIUM

Little kids form alphabet kPREMIUM

Fire letter k of burning flame. PREMIUM

Christmas font isolated on white, letter k, 3d renderingPREMIUM

Letter k in fire flame icon vector illustration.PREMIUM

K brush letter logo design. artistic handwritten brush letters logo concept vector.PREMIUM

Letter k - colorful watercolor abcPREMIUM

Floral letter k made of flowers. typographic, monogram.paper cut style. vector illustration.PREMIUM

Dots letter k logo. k letter design vector with dots.PREMIUM

Letter k icon logo design elementPREMIUM

Watercolor vector capital letter k with flowers.PREMIUM

Capital letter k.PREMIUM

Letter k logo strong elegant classy concept. creative letter k template logoPREMIUM

Red light letter kPREMIUM

Realistic letter k vector logo symbol in the colorful circle with shattered blocks on white background. vector template for your designPREMIUM

Letter k ecology icon isolated on black background. organic bio icon from green grass leaves, plants for corporate identity of the company or brand on the letter k. PREMIUM

Metal uppercase letter k under cloudy sky - 3d renderingPREMIUM

K bubble dots letter logo design with rainbow creative colorful bubbles.PREMIUM

Letter k logo icon design template elementsPREMIUM

Particle letter k icon logo design elementPREMIUM

Letter k media logo design concept templatePREMIUM

3d sparkler firework letter k isolated on black backgroundPREMIUM

Single sawn wooden letter k symbol coated with paint isolated over the white backgroundPREMIUM

Monogram design elements, graceful template. calligraphic elegant line art logo design. letter emblem sign x, k, h for royalty, business card, boutique, hotel, heraldic, jewelry. vector illustrationPREMIUM

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letter k stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symboleverglaste vanillesut-brief - letter k stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbolealphabet-serie - letter k stock-fotos und bilderbuchstabe j k l skeuomorphismus und neumorphismus ui rechteck button design von eleganten modernen 3d-effekt für logo oder app thumbnail symbol - letter k stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbolebuchstaben k und l - letter k stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbolefeuer alphabet jkl - letter k stock-fotos und bildermulti-vitamin pills and capsules - letter k stock-fotos und bilder von 40

Letter and picture code.

What does a book look like through the eyes of a computer? | The world around us

Recognized or typed text on a computer is a vector format. Roughly speaking, these are lines, as on a graph described by some formula. But it is in this case that it is probably more appropriate to call it a code, because the pictures of the lines themselves in the form of tiny drawings are recorded separately and their role is not significant, because with each new letter, based on its code, the same drawing is displayed. That is, in order to display all the letters "a" in the text, the computer uses one small drawing of the letter "a" itself. One for all letters (if its format is the same).

And the letter itself is written as a very short code in the form of zero and ones. For example, the letter "a" in such a code will represent the following sequence of signals: "11010000" in the ISO 8859-5 encoding. One, as you know, is the presence of a signal, and "0" is its absence. It turns out that for the computer to understand one letter, 8 signals are enough for it.

Now let's analyze bitmap (dots) pictures. Here already, in order to display exactly the picture of the same letter “a”, you need a whole array of dots. If the image is black and white, then black and white dots arranged in a certain order, which will be the “drawing” of the letter. Moreover, for each drawn point, the same 8 signals will be required. But not for the whole letter, but only for one point. Naturally, drawing the letter “a” with one black dot will not work. And what is the minimum number of points needed to draw a letter, imagine for yourself (100 bits instead of 8). But the fact that not one or two or three is obvious. Therefore, the pictures weigh so much.

In addition, unlike the code, in which the computer seems to know that this is one letter or another, in the case of a picture, it absolutely does not care what is drawn. That is, he can no longer operate with a letter as a letter, but simply blindly copies the image, transferring each point. If in the first case all the letters in the text seem to be the same, then in the second one you have to constantly draw each new letter. Even if it is identical to the previous one - "a", and draw everything around the letters. It turns out that if in a regular text (typed in a Word) there are, for example, 2000 letters “a”, then only one drawing of the letter itself is used (constantly repeated and does not take up space). By the way, the number of letters in such a text can be seen in the statistics.

But if the similar text is drawn (not recognized), then all 2000 letters “a” will be drawn again and again, and for each of them there will be 2000 pictures instead of 1. They themselves take up much more space, and besides how to display them on the screen, you can’t do anything with them right away (no text search, no statistics, no wiretapping). For a computer, this is just a set of black and white dots, and not a specific character code. It can display any image on the screen. But the picture can be blindly reflected dots of different colors or a specific character on the screen that is different and understood by the computer.

That's why it's impossible to work fully with pictures of text, and they take up ten times more space. Because of what, if possible (if the book is saved as a picture), I translate it into text. After that, the text can be listened to, and it is convenient to make bookmarks, and highlight something, etc.

But not all books can be correctly translated into text. Since even the best text recognition programs, unfortunately, will probably require adjustments for a long time. Many texts contain pictures, formulas that are difficult to recognize. Therefore, you have to save the text along with the image.

Of course, it was possible to simply recognize the image of the text and save it, leaving the picture as well, but working with such two documents is inconvenient. It is convenient when you can read something in one document by making a bookmark or listening to it and see the picture on the same page.

Now briefly on formats.

Format is, figuratively speaking, a way to save text or a picture as a file. There are a lot of ways to save, therefore there are also many formats and programs that work with these files.

To save text and pictures in one file, two formats are mainly used - djvu and pdf. These are the most common.

Many people love the djvu format. But I strongly do not recommend using it to save books. Yes, of course, it is tempting that the photo (which often is djvu) has a small size. Many books in this format that have fallen into my hands are just wasted time and pointlessly spent work. Because, in general, the image in this format loses its quality forever and the letters are sometimes not visible, and sometimes they cannot be recognized.

Of course, this format is rapidly developing and already allows adding both links and recognized text. And many users have already learned how to make excellent books in this format. Books that have good image quality, recognized text, and may even have hyperlinks.

However, I have yet to come across a program for this format that could easily add notes, notes, and more. Like, for example, PDF-Viwer or Foxit Reader for a similar format - pdf. Therefore, I still do not recommend saving books in djvu format, because the capabilities of such files are currently still at a very low level and are more difficult to work with. Although the places of the book in djvu format take a little less than in pdf.

In addition to djvu and pdf, books that do not have a large number of pictures and with well-recognized text are better to simply save in the Word document format (as plain text in Word). This is the most convenient format for editing and listening to text. When exporting from a fine reader, it is often possible to automatically establish hyperlinks from content to text. That is, the program itself places links, and by clicking on the table of contents, you can go to the corresponding section in the text.

I often have to save recognized books even in three different documents: 1 — pdf — Acrobat reader; 2 - docx - Word; 3 - txt - a plain text document, opened with notepad. The third format occupies a trifling size and is very convenient for listening to books on a smartphone. Although its disadvantage is the complete absence of pictures and any formatting.

I hope that my article will benefit the society. And books in poor quality with skewed, unrecognized pages, thrust together with a spread in djvu, will be less and less. There are a lot of articles on the Internet on how to correctly recognize and save a book with a fine reader or ClearScan in pdf format (text under the image with hyperlinks added to the content) or in Word. Therefore, I will not dwell on these points for now. Although it is worth noting that even the best text recognition program to date does not always cope, for example, with complex chemical formulas and bulky tables. Because of what it is necessary to save initially scanned pictures over the texts. Nevertheless, this program perfectly recognizes simple texts that can be saved to Word. Saving in the future both time and disk space.

In general, there is still work to be done. Books, in any case, need to be recognized for full-fledged work, even if they are poorly recognized and the recognized text has many errors.

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Photo letters wedding letters

Letters for the wedding will help create a certain style and mood of your event. And we don’t just mean props for photo shoots in the form of words made of plastic, wood or balloons, but we want to tell you about a fresh idea: using a photo alphabet that we have collected around the world in the decor of your wedding.

Our letters are photographs of monuments, buildings, bridges, elements of urban infrastructure, architecture and the environment, which with their outlines resemble the letters of the Russian and English alphabets. From such letters you can make an inspiring word, names, surnames, even a date. You choose images and design from the numerous options in our constructor.

How to use letters is to create a newlyweds last name from a photo. The surname from the photo can be used for a photo session of the newlyweds, guests, decorating the photo zone or the table of the bride and groom.

In addition, such a photo word can become an unusual and beautifully designed book of wishes. Guests will be able to write their wishes on the photo mat, take a picture with the name of the newlyweds. Such a wish book will decorate your home for many years.

If you want to decorate the house with wedding photos, photos of friends, family, then such a picture - surnames from a photo of a letter - your happy story can begin. The photo-picture will become the basis for decorating the wall with photographs and a stylish addition to the entire interior, as well as a pleasant reminder of a bright day.

Photo letters can be of different colors. Black and white and sepia colors will fit perfectly into a vintage, retro, classic, monochrome wedding, and colors will become a bright accent or addition to the tone of your event. We have not only wedding letters, but numbers from photographs that can be used in your seating cards and table numbering.

Photo letters can be cute wedding invitations. Together with you, we can create an encrypted invitation message from letters, which you sign in a special field - and you're done!

In addition to this photo letters can be issued in the form of a postcard - they will be a great compliment for your guests. Sign the cards with warm wishes, words of gratitude for the fact that the guests shared this day with you, seal them in envelopes in the style of your event and hand them at the end of the evening or put them under a plate.

Photo attributes, windmills, letters and inscriptions are very popular now, which can decorate your photos and make them more creative. You can use photo letters as props - place them on a special table, and the guests themselves will be able to compose words, their own or your names, parting words, wishes. You will get funny photos that will capture not only emotions, but also messages for you from guests.

From photo letters, you can make garlands with the names of the newlyweds, the date of the event, or just classic phrases, such as: "Just Married", against which guests will be photographed. Also, you can order classic garlands with inscriptions from various fonts, examples of which can be viewed here.

Photo letters in the form of garlands can be used not only to decorate the photo zone, but also to decorate the entire event as a whole.

From photo letters you can make the word HAPPINESS, LOVE, TENDERNESS and other inspiring and sweet wishes.

Learn more