Preschool number activities printables

40+ Free Preschool Number Printables

These free preschool number printables will be a wonderful addition to your collection of number activities for preschoolers! They’re all very low-prep, so you can get to the math fun quickly.

You’ll find a variety of number printables below, from calendar numbers to printable dice games. So many items you can print out and use to teach important numeracy skills to your students!

You can pair the printable number activities with a variety of manipulatives of your choosing. This will transform the two-dimensional math fun into many hands-on learning opportunities for the kids.

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Free Preschool Number Printables

While I’m not a big fan of preschool worksheets, I do like using interactive printables with the kids. They can supplement hands-on math lessons and let the children practice math skills. PLUS, number printables like those below can often be used in multiple ways. Multi-purpose and interactive is a win in my book.

I’ve broken the free math printables down into categories. This way, it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for. I plan to keep adding to this collection, so be sure to save it and come back regularly.

Each link below leads to an individual free printable. You can get access to each of the counting printables through those individual links. To get the most out of this page, follow these steps:

  • Take a look through the entire list.
  • Make note of the printables you’re most interested in.
  • Click the links to the printables you want.
  • Grab the free printables through their links. Most often, that is near the bottom of each of the printables’ pages.

Okay, let’s jump into all of the free preschool number printables!

Free Printable Number Books for Preschoolers

First, we’ll kick things off with printable counting books. I love that these emergent readers can be used to explore both literacy AND math skills with children. They each come with multiple suggestions for using the books with your students.

Keep in mind, the printable number books can also be transformed into counting mats, too! As I mentioned earlier, I love printables that can be used more than one way.

Calendar Numbers

Next up in our collection of free preschool number printables are calendar numbers. You can definitely buy calendar numbers pre-made in many teacher stores. But I’ve enjoyed making my own for a while now. In fact, I have quite a few ready to share with you as the year progresses. Below are the sets I have ready right now. They each contain numbers 0 to 35, and they’re sized to be used with traditional or linear calendars.

The calendar number cards can be used in SO many different ways, with a wide variety of materials. Kids can explore number identification, counting, number formation, and one-to-one correspondence with the calendar numbers.

Printable Number Games for Preschoolers

Dice games are a must-have when it comes to free preschool number printables. Almost every child I’ve ever worked with (in preschool, kindergarten, and at home) has loved playing number games. You can use them to teach social skills like taking turns. AND there’s all of the math – subitizing and number identification, especially. All from one little printable.

You can let the kids color directly on these number printables, or you can make them reusable with dry erase pockets and manipulatives. Either way, your students will have a blast.

Oh, and I found a few more your kids might enjoy:

  • Rainbow Roll and Cover
  • Flower Roll and Cover Math Games
  • Watermelon Math Game

Printable Ten Frames

So many math concepts can be explored through ten frames, right?! Depending on how you utilize them, you can teach number identification, counting, left to right and top to bottom progression, making ten, etc. And they’re pretty simple to turn into math games, too.

The above have been some well-loved ten frames with my students, and I have more coming later this year. So be sure to keep an eye out for those!

I couldn’t help myself – I had to go find a few more ten frames! Be sure to add them to your free preschool number printables:

  • Dinosaur Ten Frames
  • Ten Frame Gardening Printable
  • Apple Ten Frames
  • Halloween Ten Frames
  • School Bus Ten Frames

Even More Free Preschool Number Printables

I suppose this is the miscellaneous category!? These are the counting printables that are a wee bit different than the calendar numbers, books, dice games, and ten frames I’ve shared above. That doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable as tools for teaching about numbers though!

And just a few more to integrate into your number plans:

  • Number Fluency Math Printable
  • Dot Numbers 1 to 10
  • Number Formation Rhymes

Now the big question is, which of the free preschool number printables would your kids enjoy the most?

Materials for Your Printable Number Activities

One of the great things about the various printables shared in this post is that you really don’t need a lot of additional materials!

Here are some items I recommend when preparing printables for the classroom (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Dry Erase Pockets
  • Stapler

And if you’re looking for some math materials to pair with the free preschool number printables, I’ve got you covered:

  • Washable ink pads
  • Buttons
  • Pompoms
  • Crayons
  • Dry erase markers
  • Unifix cubes
  • Dice

Let me know what you and the children think after trying some of these printables!

Done-For-You Preschool Math Activities

If you love the free preschool number printables, be sure to check out the math resources Preschool Teacher 101 has to offer. These are fully-developed packs we created to make your teaching life easier. They cover a variety of early math skills and keep the kids engaged and learning. Click on the images below to check them out:

Fine Motor Alphabet with DotsRoll and Cover Math GamesColor By Code Math PracticeNumber Fluency Strips

You can also find us on Teachers Pay Teachers. Be sure to check out The Pack from Preschool Teacher 101 (and grab a free set of lesson plans while you’re there).

Numbers Printable Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Printable Activities > Numbers [en español]
Themes/Crafts > Numbers

Come and have fun with printable activities to learn numbers and early math concepts, an extension of numbers preschool activities and crafts. These numbers printable materials are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.


Coloring Pages

Domino Math
Printable dominoes & addition worksheet

Connect the Dots

Flash cards
Print twice for memory, matching, concentration games

Letter C Caterpillar Circles, Colors and Numbers 1-9

Letter C Centipede Circles, Colors and Numbers 1-9
Coloring pages with suggested activities to count & identify numerals.
Related theme: Clowns Theme

Five Fish in a Bowl Numbers 1 to 5 and Colors
Related themes: Pets · Fish
Helicopter Activity Worksheet
Skills: pre-writing skills, tracing lines & numbers, count, match the shapes & number, coloring
Related themes:
Air Transportation · Helicopter

Ice Cream Cone Numbers 1-10 and Colors

Related themes:
Colors · Ice Cream · Nutrition · Summer

Numbers Handwriting Worksheets
Practice writing numbers, number words, counting small objects & addition

Patterns Activity Worksheets
Snowflakes 1 - 10, Square Shape and Tree Activity
Related themes: Winter > Weather · Shapes · Snow · Trees
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Printable activities to learn cardinal & ordinal numbers 1 to 12
Writing Paper
Lined writing paper to numerals, number words
Available in portrait & landscape orientation.

Printable Activities or Themes >

90,000 plan for accident

I approve:

Head of MDOU "Kindergarten No. 38"

S.I. Taganova

Work plan

for the prevention of child road traffic injuries

Kindergarten No. 38

for the 2022–2023 school year


Event name



Organizational and methodological work


Organization of a developing object-spatial environment in groups for teaching children the rules of the road (acquisition of safety corners)


ref. groups


Replenishment of the methodical cabinet with safety materials (methodological literature, demonstration material, board games).

during account. year

Art. resp.


Update (correction) of the road safety data sheet.


Art. resp.


Registration on the website of the preschool educational institution of the section: "Road safety".


Art. resp.,

resp. for site


Control over the organization of work with children on the topic of CTI prevention.

according to control plan

Art. resp.


Instruction with caregivers:

- prevention of child road traffic injuries.

2 times a year

Art. resp.

Working with children


- conversations with children,

- didactic games,

- role-playing games,

- outdoor games,

- reading and discussion of art. literature, etc. on the formation of safe behavior skills on the streets and roads of the city (groups of preschool age),

- Pedestrian traffic monitoring,

- traffic control,

- productive activity,

- watching animated films, presentations on traffic rules.

systematically 1 time per month (with reflection in the work plans in the "Safety" section).

ref. preschool groups



"Green light" - junior, middle age;

“Children are supposed to know the rules of the road” - older age.




Art. resp.


Exhibition of joint creativity of children and parents "Children, road, car!"


Art. resp.


Excursion with children of the preparatory school group "Safe Road to School".


Art. resp.,

ref. preparation gr.


Target walk with older children "Crossroads".


Art. resp.,

ref. Art. gr.


Participation in the action "Attention, children!".

1 time per quarter

Art. resp.

Working with parents


Creation of visual information in the parent corners of groups, recreation of preschool educational institutions.

1 time per quarter

ref. groups,

Art. resp.


Information on the website of preschool educational institution

Safety Lesson,

"Clothing that gives security",

"Road traps".

1 time per quarter

Art. resp.


Conducting group parent meetings (including consultations, conversations on this topic).

2 times a year




Art. resp.,

ref. gr.

Creation of conditions for improving the quality of health-preserving and correctional and developmental activities with preschool children through the organization of joint events with parents

teacher-speech therapist of the highest qualification category

MADOU "Kindergarten No. 373", Novosibirsk

Children should live in a world of beauty, games, fairy tales,

music, drawing, fantasy, creativity.

children must surround this world even when we want to teach them to read and write.

Yes, how the child will feel,

climbing the first rung of the ladder of knowledge,

what he will experience, depends on his entire further path to knowledge.

V.A. Sukhomlinsky

In a preschool institution, a speech therapist teacher often encounters a low level of motivation for speech therapy classes in children with speech disorders and reluctance of parents to be involved in the correctional process. This arises for several reasons: the unwillingness of the child himself to do the speech therapist's homework or the unwillingness of the parents to provide him with this assistance due to insufficient awareness of the consequences of such "inattention".

Thus, a speech therapist teacher needs to create such conditions in order to motivate children in a playful, unobtrusive way to take classes to correct their speech defects. The effectiveness of these classes depends on the activity of parents and the presence of a developing environment. The conditions created by the speech therapist teacher will help show parents the importance of the assistance provided to the child in overcoming speech disorders and achieving speech correction and development of mental processes.

The most favorable situation is a combination of unobtrusive pressure from parents and a high saturation of the environment with motivating factors, including the organization of joint events with the parents of pupils. The purpose of joint events with the parents of pupils is to create conditions for improving the quality of health-saving and correctional and developmental activities with preschool children through the organization of joint events with parents.

In my teaching practice, I actively use the Talking family holidays, which have become traditional for children of middle or older groups to introduce parents to a variety of corrective exercises used by a speech therapist teacher in class.

To participate in the celebration, I invite pupils - artists from senior groups, as the main characters who need help. During the holiday, children are happy to perform speech exercises and various tasks, which in an unobtrusive form contributes to the development of speech and motor skills in pupils.

Parents play an important role at the festival: spectators and active participants. Together with the children, parents perform articulation gymnastics, organize a theatrical performance: they stage a fairy tale and, in conclusion, participate in the train game.

Holidays are organized with children of senior and preparatory groups, which are a presentation of joint creative activities in various areas of speech development. This academic year, together with educators, specialists and parents, the projects “Magic Flowers”, “Merry Alphabet”, “Bread is the Head of Everything”, “My First Alphabet” were organized and implemented, reports on which were holidays with the active participation of parents. The participants of the holidays were awarded with diplomas. Project materials became winners in various All-Russian competitions.

The Literary Lounge “Visiting a Fairy Tale”, which was held in the preparatory group and the demonstration of fairy tales “Why the tiger cub growl” and “Zyushkina hut” by the children of the Cherry preparatory group helped each child to realize their artistic abilities.

In the fairy tale "Why would a tiger cub growl" the main character could not growl correctly, but had to learn it by performing various speech exercises. The audience helped him in this: children and parents, who had to actively support the heroes of the play, performing all the speech tasks.

The "Reciting Competition" among children of preparatory groups has become traditional, which activates the work of parents on their children's speech and their own. This year, poems told by pupils at the reading competition at the preschool educational institution were presented at the All-Russian video competition "Children read and write poetry."

Organizing and conducting individual speech therapy open classes for parents "Journey to Rechovaya Polyana" on a fun train also contributes to the development of motivation for overcoming their speech shortcomings in preschool children. The trailers of each child are filled with flowers, showing the effectiveness of work on sound pronunciation.

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