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J is one of the least used letters in English, so when it does begin a word, it's worthy of note. It is often a reminder of the roots of English, standing in for the Latin initial I and even the Old English rune ger. This list of J words for kids is designed to engage students with these unique words.

Preschool/Kindergarten Words That Start With J

Preschoolers and kindergarteners are just getting started with understanding letters and the alphabet. Therefore, when you think of vocabulary words that start with J for kindergarten and pre-K, start with simple words, sight words and words they are familiar with. Letter J activities can start with CVC words and simple object recognition, pointing out or drawing jackets, juice or jets.

  • Jab: To poke or thrust
  • Jacket: A short coat
  • Jar: A glass container, usually round
  • Jaw: The two hinged bones that hold the mouth and teeth
  • Jet: A powerful stream of liquid or gas, or an airplane powered by such a stream
  • Job: One specific work project, or what someone does for money
  • Jog: To run at a medium pace
  • Join: To connect together
  • Joke: Something said or done to be funny
  • Joy: Deep happiness
  • Jump: To move up suddenly so your feet leave the ground
  • Junk: Trash or useless items


Easy J Words for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

When students are just starting to recognize words, it can help to start with words they are familiar with. Try out these J words and names when students are just starting to recognize the letter J and its sound.

















Trace the Letter J Printable Worksheet

These simple J words are a wonderful way to make the all-important link between spoken sound and a written symbol. We've created a trace-the-letter exercise with that in mind.

Printing letter j worksheet

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Match the J Words for Kids Worksheet

Keep your kids entertained with this fun worksheet where you match the word to the picture. They can even color it when they are done.


J words for kids matching activity

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Early Elementary Words That Start With J

Most of the entries in our 1st and 2nd grade J words list are concrete rather than abstract. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to get extra lessons with their vocabulary. There are many verbs and active words in this list of words with J. This can be an opportunity for students to get physical.

  • Jabber: Speech that is fast and hard to understand
  • Jealous: Wanting something someone else has, so much it makes you angry
  • Jewel: A precious stone
  • Jingle: The sound of a small bell, or a short piece of music, often used in advertising
  • Jinx: To give someone bad luck, or something that causes bad luck
  • Jitter: To shake or fidget
  • Joint: A place where things are joined, especially on the human body
  • Jolt: To shock, bump or move suddenly
  • Jostle: To shove, push or run into
  • Journal: A book of a person's thoughts and memories
  • Journey: A long trip
  • Judge: To decide or form an opinion, or a person whose job is to make legal decisions
  • Juggle: To throw and catch multiple balls or other objects at the same time
  • Jumble: A mess of scrambled-up parts
  • Jungle: A tropical forest
  • Jury: A group of people brought together to make a legal decision
  • Just: Just can mean fair or right, or it can be a synonym of "only"


Get Active With Words That Start With J

If your space allows, give students the chance to act out the meanings of "jitter" and "jolt. " It's a wonderful way to spend some of that youthful energy and create a strong kinesthetic association with the words.

Printable Jungle Journal for Things That Start With J

J word activities help students build a sense of context around the words they're learning. Use visual aids that help them, for instance, learn the major joints in the human body. Better still, download and print the jungle coloring sheet below! The PDF also encourages young learners to take a "jab" at adding to their jungle "journal."

Jungle journal worksheet

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Things That Start With J: Upper Elementary List

J words for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade often have a story to tell. Engage your students with the context surrounding these words as well as the vocabulary itself. Activities should engage students with the context and larger significance of the words on this list.

  • Jag: A sudden hard projection in an object
  • Jaguar: A large spotted predatory cat from Central and South America
  • Jasmine: A flowering garden plant used for perfume and tea
  • Jazz: A style of music with complex arrangements and improvisations, usually featuring horns and drums
  • Jeans: Pants made of denim
  • Jell: To come together, to begin to make sense or become whole
  • Jellyfish: A marine invertebrate with a floating bell and often stinging tentacles
  • Jersey: A pullover sweater, and by extension the pullover shirt worn by athletes
  • Jester: A professional comedian from the Middle Ages
  • Jiffy: A moment, a short time
  • Jig: An energetic folk dance from Britain and Ireland
  • Jigsaw: A power saw with a vertical blade, or a puzzle made with that kind of saw
  • Jive: To talk in an exaggerated or insincere way
  • Jumbo: Unusually large
  • Juniper: An evergreen shrub with pointed leaves that yields oil used in flavorings
  • Jupiter: The chief god of ancient Rome, and the fifth and largest planet of the solar system
  • Justice: Fairness and doing right, especially in terms of law
  • Justify: To provide an explanation for something
  • Jut: To stick out from an object


Add Context to J Vocabulary Through Media

Playing jazz recordings or showing videos of jellyfish provides both vocabulary and context. Those experiences will help your learners connect with these words, and connect these words to the wider world.

Draw Things That Start With J Activity

Open up students' minds with the context of these words. Share and encourage them to draw pictures of jaguars in their native jungle, or discuss how "jersey" went from an island chain to a sweater to a sports uniform. It can also be fun to allow them to create stories with images from their J words.

The Book of J

J is a rare letter, but it's vital to the English language and learning. It represents a synergy between the two main influences on English — German and Latin — and appears in words that make English what it is. Learning J words from our list will help enrich students' understanding of the language as a whole. If you can't get enough J words, WordFinder's list of words that start with the letter J is a great next step to building your own vocabulary list. Just use the advanced search feature to find words that start with, include or end with the letter J. For more enriching vocabulary featuring a relatively underused letter, take a look at our words starting with K!

Letter J Words for Kindergarten & Preschool Kids

As we know that there are 26 letters of the alphabet. Sometimes you get a plethora of word examples to teach children about the sound and spellings. Today we would be checking some simple words that begin with letter ‘J’.

This list consists of daily used words and things we see around to help you excel your vocabulary skills to a new level. It is the right time to exceed your limits and shine. It will also help kids in knowing some words.

Following is a list of easy words that start with letter j and useful for teaching kindergarten and preschool kids.

  1. Jacket: I wear red jacket
  2. Jam: I love eating jam
  3. Jump: I jump daily in the morning
  4. Jar: I have a big jar
  5. Jellyfish: I love watching jellyfish
  6. Jeans: I wear blue jeans
  7. Jug: I fill water in the jug
  8. Juice: I drink juice everyday
  9. Jeep: my father has a black jeep
  10. Jet: my father drives a jet speed
  11. Job: I got a job to clean my garden
  12. Joker: I became a joker in my school
  13. Jaguar: jaguar runs fast
  14. Jupiter: Jupiter is very bright planet
  15. January: January is the coldest month
  16. June: june month is very hot
  17. July: july month is warm
  18. Jungle: we visited jungle to watch wild animals
  19. Japan: I visited japan with my parents
  20. Jolly: my friend is jolly in nature
  21. Joke: I joke with my friends
  22. Japan: japan is a beautiful country
  23. Jolt: I got a jolt when I hit my cycle
  24. Jean: I wear jean
  25. Join: I wish to join my brother
  26. Jump: I will jump in the pool
  27. Jeep: I have a jeep
  28. Java: I like java bike
  29. Just: I just said hello to my mother
  30. Junk: I hate junk food
  31. Jack: I love my friend jack
  32. Jill: I and jill went to the market
  33. Jet: the name of my cycle is jet
  34. Job: I got a job to clean my room today
  35. Joy: I dance with joy
  36. Jay: jay is visiting my home
  37. Jab: I jabbed on his face
  38. Jazz: I like jazz music

There are a lot of words in the English dictionary that start with ‘J’ and can be used for teaching kindergarten or pre-school kids. Therefore, you must carefully select words that are easy for kids to read and comprehend.

Here are some worksheets to practice:

  1. Letter J Recognition
  2. Cursive J Tracing Sheet
  3. Letter J Pictures Coloring Book


It would be crazy for you to know that j words makes for only 0.7% words of the entire English Dictionary. You can easily read through easy words and impress yourself.

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English ABC. Letter J

English alphabet. Letter J

English alphabet. Letter J (Letter J)
The alphabet of the English language. Letter J.
Learning the letter J (Letter J).
The material was collected for studying the English ABC together with the child. Here you will find interesting tasks for learning the letter J (Letter J), coloring pages and poems about the letter J (Letter J).

Tasks to be completed:
1) Color the letter J (Letter J), color the pictures and connect them with a pencil with the letter.
2) Try capitalizing and small-cap letters J (Letter J).
3) Find and circle all letters J (Letter J).
4) Read the words starting with the letter J (Letter J).
5) Write the letter J (Letter J).
6) Listen to poems about the letter J (Letter J) and guess Riddles.

Letter J (Letter J)

English, several answers will be given and you will need to choose the correct one.
- tasks in English, looking at the pictures, the names of which will begin with a certain letter of the English alphabet, you will need to write their names.
is a copybook with the letters of the English alphabet with coloring pages and interesting tasks that help develop the child's fine motor skills and prepare the hand for writing.
- amazing and interesting tasks for each letter of the English alphabet, English poems and children's songs for each letter of the alphabet, puzzles and rebuses
English ABC for Children.

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22 words starting with the letter O for children at the beginning of a word pictures

22 words starting with the letter O for children at the beginning of a word pictures. How can I make school easier for my child? And what if you start learning letters in advance, if the kid can learn the alphabet while still a preschooler, then it will be much easier for him to learn on his own. If basic knowledge, such as reading and counting, is fixed as skills and will be automatically applied by a person, he will not have to be distracted and strain once again, remembering what letter it is. To help your child with this, start learning one letter at a time. In this article, we will help you learn the letter O.

Contents of the article:

  • How easy is it to remember the letter O for a child of 3-4 and 5-6 years?
  • How to explain to a child why learning letters?
  • Why do pictures in front of a word help me remember the letter O?
  • Words starting with the letter O for children at the beginning of a word — 22 pictures
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  • 90 About a child at 3-4 years old and at 5-6 years old?

    According to Maria Montessori, a child has an absorbing mind like a sponge. In order for a person to better remember the letters, it is most effective to introduce him to him at the age of 0 to 6 years. In this case, you should check whether the child is ready to learn letters. Some children show interest in letters as soon as they begin to speak, and if parents during this period invite them to study them, then the child can quickly and easily memorize all the letters. It is important that parents create positive reinforcement in doing so, that is, they are very happy the very first time the child begins to show interest in them.

    Make sure your little one is active enough that he has the same interest in physical training to develop his brain and learn to master his body dexterously. Provide him with conditions for climbing, crawling, walking up the stairs - so that he develops large motor skills, and can also make movements with his fingertips using: modeling, drawing, sorting out small objects - develop fine motor skills. If the child already knows how to do all this well, then by the age of 5-6, he will be hardy enough to learn new knowledge, including letters.

    I believe that everything can be done simultaneously and in parallel, following the wishes and interests of the child. From my personal experience, I was convinced that you can easily learn letters even at an earlier age of 1.5-2 years. At 3-4 years old, a child usually already has enough vocabulary to keep up a conversation with an adult. If your baby is just like that, then start learning the letters now.


    More details on the page: https://academy.multi-mama.ru/product/multi-offer/

    It is very important to support your child and try to consider his interests so that he can develop his talents. Start learning letters as early as possible in the game. When talking with a child during a walk, look with him what looks like the letter O: a round lake or a car wheel? Plate? Fishbowl?

    How to explain to a child why to learn letters?

    If a child has positive emotions at the moment of learning letters, he will continue to want to remember and recognize them. The child is always glad that it is the parents: mom or dad pass on their knowledge to him. Tell us why people need letters at all. When he learns the letters, he will be able to read himself, easily determine which street he is on, and find a cartoon to turn on and watch it for himself.

    Each person can perceive information from different channels of perception (from one or several):
    ● auditory (by ear),
    ● visual (picture),
    ● kinesthetic (by touch)
    ● digital (scheme, algorithm).

    Which particular channel of perception is developed in you can be determined with the help of tests. In my opinion, it's great if they all develop at the same time, so that a person can then choose which way it is easiest for him to learn. To do this:
    - say the letter aloud
    - show an image - a picture
    - let him touch an object in the real world
    - draw a letter with his hand or let him paint a picture

    Why do pictures in front of a word help me remember the letter O?

    Letters for a child are something incomprehensible, an abstraction. If, in addition to the letter O itself, he also remembered its image - a picture. We all remember our first alphabet, there was a picture next to each letter. It is even better if the child has a real-life example. For example, our card has the word Lunch. During dinner, point out round plates that look like the letter O.

    Does your child like to look out the window? It is also on O. All people wear Clothes. Does anyone in your family wear glasses? When you go to the store or the zoo, are there queues? The zoo has Monkeys, Donkeys, Eagles. If you go on vacation, stay at the Hotel and fly over the Ocean. Or maybe in the summer you like to relax in your city or village? Is there a lake there? And there are perches in the lake!

    A cactus grows on the window - Opuntia, and to taste the letter O, you can eat Cucumber - it grows in the garden in the garden or is sold in the store. Small Russian-made cars “Oka” drive through the streets - boys are especially interested in learning about technology. Do you play classical music for your child? Is there an orchestra playing at the concert or maybe an organ?

    What else do you associate the letter O with?

    See also: Letter O pictures for kids - 38 pictures and fun games to learn the alphabet

    Words starting with the letter O for kids at the beginning of a word - 22 pictures memory. See what pictures we have selected for our children.

    In the magazine you will find words with the letter O: Dinner, Oval, Monkey, Clothes, Queue, Hotel, Father, Orchestra, Glasses, Ocean, Window, Danger, Lake, Organ, Cucumber, Orange, Opuntia, Eagle, Donkey, Oka , Perch.

    Flip through the magazine and learn words that start with O.

    Please wait while flipbook is loading. For more related info, FAQs and issues please refer to DearFlip WordPress Flipbook Plugin Help documentation.

    Pictures for coloring with the letter O

    Creative work with the letter O will help you remember the letter O even better. If the child himself paints the letter O, he will remember it better. Print ready-made stencils and color the letter O with your child!

    A cartoon about the letter O from Aunt Owl

    You can also show cartoons with pictures to your baby if you have absolutely no time to read to him on your own, but remember that live communication is most effective and preferable when communicating with your baby. When you tell something personally, parental authority and your relationship with the child are strengthened, which is an undoubted contribution to the future. And you can watch the video together!

    Tale about the letter O