Red riding hood and the wolf love

Did The Big Bad Wolf ‘LOVE’ Little Red Riding Hood? | by David Hawkins

An Interesting Angle On Today’s Concept Of Love

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is no doubt one of the most popular childhood stories of all time. We’ve all heard it, read it, or had it read to us numerous times as children.

Many of the stories and nursery rhymes we heard as kids originate from local legends, traditions, and testimonies during the middle ages; accounts which have evolved, transformed and been adapted over the years into cute, children friendly stories. The story of Little Red Riding Hood is no different, but is particularly interesting because of its persistent, timeless relevance and original moral, dating back from the late 1600s until today.

According to, Charles Perrault, and The Brothers Grimm, publishers of the “Little Red Riding Hood” story radically changed many aspects of the tale due to their graphic and explicit nature, making the story more suitable for a young audience.

According to experts, this story is one that has undergone the most transformations since its origins, these changes always having the intention of “softening” some images so that a young audience could calmly listen to it. But the truth is that with every change, we lost the original intentionality, because every story contained a doctrine, a lesson that we should all follow. And the one taught to us by Little Red Riding Hood is worth keeping in mind…

Certain images were so brutal that he changed them in order to make it suitable for a young audience. This was the first time that the story of this young girl with her red cap made its way to Europe.

In 1812, the Brothers Grimm also decided to include her in their collection. In order to do this, they drew upon a work by the German Ludwig Tieck entitled “Life and Death of Little Red Riding Hood” (Leben und Tod des kleinen Rotkäppchens), which includes – unlike Perrault’s story – the character of the hunter. They removed every trace of erotic and bloody elements and gave the story a good happy ending. Because what would a child’s story be without its customary happy ending? As you can already guess, the original story is very different from the one that children read in their books, so let us get to know it.

Regardless of the many versions and adaptations of this story, there is one common thread. A young girl travels across the woods to meet her grandmother. She is confronted by a wolf in disguise. The wolf, pretending to be familiar and friendly, coaxes the young girl to take her clothes off and get in bed with him. The rest is sad history.

It’s safe to say that this story depicts a child predator. A pedophile. If nothing else, a sexually depraved and brutal society. This leads me to the original question.

Strange question, if I might say so myself, however I think its weirdness only highlights today’s equally weird concept of love.

The wolf/predator was very, very attracted to the little girl, to the point that he pulled out all the stops to have his way with her. But did that attraction translate into love?

When we are attracted to someone, it’s common practice to say that we are “in love”. It is therefore no different to say that the wolf was in love with Little Red Riding Hood.

“What the fuck, David?! How dare you compare today’s concept of love with the creepy disordered thought process of a pedophile?!”

Yeah, I totally agree, it’s a crazy comparison, but when we get past the initial shock of disgust, and look at the circumstances for what they are, the thought processes are the exact same, and prove just how ridiculous and disturbing today’s flawed concept of love is. This same similarity is used by many to support their belief that pedophilia should be legalized.

Yeah, it’s sick.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if the wolf was an old creepy pedophile, or an acquaintance the same age as Ms. Riding Hood. Hell, the wolf could have been her own boyfriend. After all, she was willing to get naked and cuddly in bed, right? But she soon realized that everything was amiss, and the feeling in the air wasn’t actually love. She was being taken advantage of. At the expense of her own grandmother.

This is the case with so many girls (and boys) in today’s society. We see “love” plastered all over TV, movies, in romance novels and we try to copy and paste it into our relationships, only realizing after it’s too late, that “fuck, we’ve been screwed.” Literally screwed, a lot of the time.

So many people don’t realize this reality and end up in a relentless and vicious cycle of failed relationships and creepy experiences. They feel like they just can’t do the relationship thing. Many spiral into an abyss of depression and feelings of worthlessness. Others embrace the cycle and just live as wild and crazy as possible, ignoring consequences until they become very serious.

The “love” that is fed to us by society is more accurately described as attraction. Desire. Infatuation. Maybe even romance. All those things are great and feel warm and fuzzy, give you butterflies and all the things. However, without the understanding and application of what true love is, they will all come back with a bite in the ass, almost every time, like Red Riding Hood’s experience with The Big Bad Wolf.

Now for the clincher. A child predator can truly love children.


If a predator truly wanted to love children, he/she would recognize and acknowledge his/her urges, control them, and get the help needed to make sure that he/she does no harm to those children, effectively converting from a predator to someone with care, concern and respect. That takes courage. That is work. But then again, true love is hard work.

In the same way, if a guy is truly in love with a girl — or vice versa — he won’t be doing everything possible to get in her pants as quickly as possible. He will put forth the work. The hard work that goes into building a strong relationship based on care, concern, trust, empathy and respect. The sex is an added bonus that will strengthen a loving relationship, not break it apart once the excitement is gone like so many relationships today suffer.

Did the big bad wolf love Little Red Riding Hood? NO. But he probably thought he did.

Do so many people in relationships today really love each other? NO. But they probably think they do.

Is it possible for everyone to love? SURE. But they have to learn how to.

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I know this is a rather controversial take on the concept of love, but I’m never one to shy away from controversial topics just because they’re touchy. I’d be extremely interested to hear and discuss your take on this subject, so let’s.

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A wolf fell in love with the little red riding hood - Chapter 1

A wolf fell in love with the little red riding hood


The wolf came upon Little red riding hood were He fall in love to her.. but their Fate are Impossible .. based on a story the wolf is the Bad Character.. but in this story.. The wolf is the one who is good guy..

by YukiharaSakura


We all know that the story of  the "little red riding hood " was a story for children

 but this story I made was rather different 

This story is also for the ones who love fate & Destiny :)

The Story of A wolf fell in love with the little red riding hood. .

   Once.. there was a little red riding hood lived in a little house on the middle of the forest , 

Her grandmother was very old and sick  that she gets worsen day by day by the illness

little red riding hood was worried and  decided to find some medicine for her grandmother..

little red riding hood went to town to ask the villagers.. 

While she was walking through the road there was an old lady carrying a bunch of apples that she can't handle very well.

She rushed into the old lady and helped her. .

Old Lady: " Thank you very much, " For your kindness I shall help you a direction through the destination of yours.."

" Direction through the destination..? what do u mean..? said the girl

Old lady : " You know young girl , I am a good witch... I help people when they are good to me and I will help you for your kindness you did today.

 but one day I lost my book , so my powers are weak now but I can still able to help u even if it is just small. 

Little red riding hood "Oh..I see... can you tell me where can I find a medicine that can cure my grandmother's illness. .? "

Old Lady : "Of course young Girl .. Then I'll Tell you ...    In the middle of the Dark forest there was  a Fruit called  "blue berry " , It can cure any illness of this world... But there are lots of monsters living there.. so be Careful on your way in there...

Little red riding hood: " Thank you old lady..! which direction I should go to? "

Old Lady : " In south , there you can Find the Dark Forest " 

Little red riding hood thanked the old lady and waved her hand to say goodbye as she went to the south where the Dark forest is .

As she walk long enough. ..

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Little Red Riding Hood, or what a wolf needs for happiness

Snow, the first (or already the last?) fell in the morning. He touched the soul with a light feather, an invisible, almost childlike feeling of a weightless holiday. But (naturally, as for May!) By the end of the day, it melted. Rare puddles on the pavement smelled of clean, melted water. But even stronger was the smell of young, powerful May greens. She has already covered everything around. She created her galleries and bridges, nooks and amphitheatres. And the drops of melted snow on this bright May beauty looked especially ridiculous. Like children's tears. And yet, stronger than greenery, the earth, warmed by these children's tears of the last snow and the first sun, smelled.

Mila loved to give herself into captivity to this land. She loved to dig into her, and she answered her with gratitude. She breathed like a living being, put her back, tired from plowing and winter sleep, under Milina's fingers, and enjoyed it like a cat being scratched behind her ear. Mila also loved the earth because it had a wonderful property - to hide other people's traces. Thousands of pairs of feet trampled on her sensitive skin every day, and she pretended to remain unfailingly virgin. Some strangers trampled on the tracks of other strangers. And the earth kept purity and modesty.

On days like today, Mila felt just the same physiological need to leave the pavement pale with dust for urban masochists and touch her wise ancestor. Therefore, she left everything and, under the pretext of her grandmother's illness, rushed to the village.

By the way, Mila really had a grandmother still alive. Her small white house, as if sprinkled with moon dust, stood on the outskirts of the forest. And she adored this ancient construction and its resident, dear, and the same little old woman. In childhood, it was the grandmother who introduced Mila to the earth, told a thousand tales about her past, present and future. And also, grandmother always gave Mila milk, which smelled of meadow lavender, and fed homemade bread from a real oven, with May honey. Well, would some smuggled Polish sausage and a piece of moldy cheese from the store shelf be able to replace this delicacy? However, Mila did go to the supermarket before leaving. It was necessary to buy pies for my grandmother. Don't laugh, with liver. Grandma loved this stuff. Perhaps the pies were a vivid memory of her youth, who knows? Mila had yet to reveal this secret.

Enjoying the languid smells and mysterious sounds of the forest, Mila slowly walked from the bus stop to her grandmother's house. She knew all the paths and paths, all the corners and all the clearings. Her funny red cloak (by the way, a gift from her grandmother) fluttered like a scarlet sail among the trees. Oh, how she hated that cloak! To a seventeen-year-old girl with excellent delicate taste, he seemed like a meter of sheer absurdity! But she, driven by something mysterious, always put it on when she was in a hurry to visit her grandmother. Maybe trying to please the old woman, or maybe guided by some intuitive premonition of something bright and unearthly, which was bound to happen in her life. And this something was invariably associated with a fabulous cloak.

"If long, long, long,

If long on the track,

If long on the path

Stomp, ride and run...”,

sang in childhood cartoon Little Red Riding Hood. Mila, succumbing to a joyful mood, began to hum funny lines under her breath. But suddenly ... she felt that someone was watching her closely. The girl looked around. In the darkest corner of the forest, where sunlight never penetrated, someone was. It was from the thicket that rustles were heard, and suddenly ... Mila saw huge yellow eyes that looked at her point-blank. The girl was frozen in a daze. She had never seen a single living creature in this forest. Unless, of course, you count squirrels and birds. Who is it? Animal or human? Monster or good sorcerer? Or maybe an elf who just now came to hide his treasures, and she so unsuccessfully violated all his plans?

Huge yellow eyes looked into Mileena's very soul. They seemed to be studying her inner world, burning through her heart. And there was something so mysterious, magical, bewitching in those eyes. Something that kept Mila captive, did not let go further, tied to the place. The ground hummed underfoot. She, glorious, seemed to encourage: “Do not be afraid! Everything will be fine!".

The wolf, and it was he who owned the huge yellow eyes, took a step towards the first. He slowly approached Mila. She already felt his breath, his smell, saw the grin. But there was no fear. There was something unearthly about this wolf. And she wasn't afraid of him at all.

And the predator, yielding to an intuitive feeling, approached the girl and put his head on her hand. With puppy tenderness, he clung to the man, as if he was not a thunderstorm of these places. Mila gently touched his fur. Stroked with trepidation on the head, neck. I hugged you. The yellow eyes of the wolf and the timid, brown eyes of Mileena met again ...

Everything went dark around. A thunderstorm and a squally wind tore a forest clearing out of the systematic flow of nature. The sun disappeared and the earth sank into the murky waters of night. But Mila saw in front of her only amber wolf eyes and felt his velvety, soft fur. She didn't let him go. She didn't open her arms.

... In a second, everything around was quiet. The birds sang again, and the sun shone quiveringly, like May, in the azure sky. But the wolf was gone. Instead, a handsome man stood holding the girl tightly to him. Mila did not know him at all, but her heart was beating already with his heart in unison. He was silent. What to say? Who in the 21st century will believe in the story of sorcerers and magicians, in the story of the miraculous transformation of a wolf into a prince? Little Red Riding Hood smiled. She didn't even need an explanation! Love doesn't need them!

Love? Did she say that word? She, Mila, who seemed to be laughing for all 17 years at the languid passions of her friends and philosophically, with the knowledge of an old woman, said: “Yes, she does not exist! Your love! Trifles and falsehood all! Now she wanted to hold her strange Wolf by the warm hand and never, either in a dream or in reality, never let go. She wanted to spend hours looking into the huge amber eyes and silently talking to him with her heart. She wanted to go with him to his magical, unreal world and become his Wolf.

Although, this was not required. The wolf himself wanted to listen to Mila for hours and walk hand in hand wherever his eyes looked. Thanks to Little Red Riding Hood, who so unexpectedly appeared at his abandoned lair, he became the happiest wolf in the world!

... Grandmother, as always, met her beloved granddaughter with fresh bread, milk and honey. She ate her favorite pies and winked conspiratorially at the wolf, whom she seemed to have known for a long time. Granny was glad that her own granddaughter had met her first, ardent and true love!

Read the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood online

The fairy tale of Charles Perrault Little Red Riding Hood is one of the undoubted leaders of fairy tale characters all over the world. The story that happened to the girl is short, but it teaches a lot. The love for Grandmother, fearlessness, kindness of the Riding Hood is put at the ready of the evil of the wolf, who lives alone in the dark forest. The fairy tale is perfect for reading at night, many parents choose this fairy tale as the first fairy tale for their child.

Once upon a time in a village there was a girl of unprecedented beauty: her mother loved her without memory, and her grandmother even more.

Once a grandmother sewed a red hat for her beloved granddaughter, and the girl liked it so much that she did not want to take it off. She went everywhere in her cap, and therefore they began to call her Little Red Riding Hood.

Once a mother has baked pies and says to her daughter:

— Go and visit your grandmother, she is not well. Yes, take her pies and a pot of butter. Look only in the forest, do not stop and do not talk to anyone.

Little Red Riding Hood was an obedient girl, she immediately packed up and went to her grandmother, who lived in another village.

She is walking along a forest path and then a wolf meets her. The wolf wanted to eat it, but was afraid, because the sound of woodcutters was heard nearby. So he asks:

— Where are you going, Little Red Riding Hood?

The poor girl forgot that it is dangerous to stop in the forest and talk to wolves, and answers him:

— I am going to my grandmother; I bring her pies and a pot of butter.

— Does your grandmother live far away? the wolf asks.

- Very far away! - answers Little Red Riding Hood: - over there behind that mill that can be seen at the edge of the forest; and there will be the first house as you enter the village.

“You know,” the wolf says to her, “I’ll go and visit your grandmother.” - I will go this way, and you go on that one: let's see which of us will reach faster.

And the wolf rushed with all his might to run along the shortest road, and the girl wandered slowly along the longest. Along the way, she collected bouquets and sang songs.

The wolf ran first to the grandmother's house. Knocked:

- Knock, knock.

Who is there?

- It's me, your granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood, - answered the wolf in a thin voice: - I brought you pies and a pot of butter.

Grandmother was lying in bed because she was a little unwell, and shouted from there:

— Pull the rope, the door will open by itself.

The wolf pulled the rope, the door opened. He rushed at the old woman and swallowed her at once, because he had not eaten anything for more than three days.

Then he locked the door, lay down in his grandmother's bed and began to wait for Little Red Riding Hood, who after a while reached her grandmother's house and knocked:

— Knock, knock.

Who is there?

Hearing the rough voice, Little Red Riding Hood was frightened at first, but thinking that apparently her grandmother's voice was hoarse due to illness, she answered:

— It's me, your granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood, who brought you pies and a pot of butter.

The wolf called as loud as he could:

- Pull the string, the door will open by itself.

Little Red Riding Hood pulled the string, the door opened. When the girl came in, the wolf wrapped himself tightly in a blanket so that she would not recognize him, and said:

- Put somewhere a pie and a pot of butter, and go lie down with me, rest after the journey.

Little Red Riding Hood lay down next to her and asked:

— Grandmother, grandmother, why do you have such big hands?

— This, granddaughter, to hug you tighter.

— Grandmother, grandmother, why do you have such big ears?

— This, granddaughter, to hear you better.

— Grandmother, grandmother, why do you have such big eyes?

— This, granddaughter, to see you better.

— Grandmother, grandmother, why do you have such big teeth?

— And this is to eat you!

And with these words, the evil wolf rushed at Little Red Riding Hood and swallowed her. It is good that at that time woodcutters worked in the forest. They heard a noise and ran into the house, where they immediately rushed to the wolf. They freed Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother. Both were whole and unharmed.

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most popular fairy tales, not only among the fairy tales of Charles Perrault, but also among the fairy tales of all authors all over the world.

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