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Jackson Fickle had a pretty simple life. As the Personal Assistant to the Non-Personal Assistant to the Executive Assistant to the President of Earth, nobody expected much from him. But when he takes a bite of a tunafish sandwich that wasn’t meant for him, and is sucked through a blackhole and pulled onto a Byzong Warship, he finds that his greatest adventure is about to begin. Follow along with a new chapter to the Solar Snooks Saga posted every week!

For those spending time at home, looking for a cozy adventure or bedtime story for kids, we offer this imaginative rhyming picture book, read by the author, Daniel Errico. Follow the Marmabill on her quest through the rainforest, where she meets fantastical creatures like wugs, tankadiggies, and flying fluthers. As her journey takes her from treetops to glowing underground caves, the Marmabill finds out for herself the true meaning of home. Remember, our stories for kids are here for you to read at any time. And remember, Dream Big!

Gemma is a middle grade novel that follows a curious explorer and her ring-tailed lemur, Milo, as they hunt for the “most greatest treasure in the world”. Solving riddles, battling a bell-wearing jaguar, and traveling the Eight Seas, Gemma’s adventures take her from a young girl to a brave captain, whose only limits are the stars.

While drawing in class at Stagwood School, 12-year old Cal sees a frog staring at him through the window. Stranger than that, is the fact that this frog happens to be wearing glasses.

Cal and his best friend, Soy, learn that the frog (who prefers the name Deli) has sought them out for a reason. When a school administrator named Ream reveals himself to be a dragon, the boys discover that fairytales are real, and that there is magic afoot in Stagwood. With Ream on their tail, the trio must unearth a powerful tool protected by riddles and rile (the magic that fuels nightmares) to save the fate of all fairytales past. But, before Cal can defeat Ream, he has to deal with Soy's knack for arguing with magical creatures, discover the truth about Deli's identity, and earn his place as the hero of the story. The Guardians of Lore is a middle grade novel that centers around two life-long friends, infusing humor and fantasy-based riddles into a modern fairytale.

This quirky tale is about our most infamous character of all. If you don’t have a soufflé-baking, trumpet-blaring, sleigh-riding friend, then maybe it’s time that you met Ms. McKay. Told as a monorhyme poem. “Say what you will or say what you may, you’ll remember the day that you met Ms. McKay…”


Mr. McKay is a most mischievous fellow. His hair and eyes have been known to change color with the seasons. If you ever feel a warm breeze on a very cold winter day, be sure to keep your coat on, because it may be Mr. McKay playing his trick! A light-hearted, rhyming bedtime story about keeping your coat on when it’s awfully cold outside.


“The wolves in the woods, grow as wild as trees. They do not say Thank You. They do not say Please.”

A rhyming story book about a young wolf pup unlike any other. When the moon is full and all the wolves are howling, Warren turns into a mild-mannered boy, eating sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and going to bed early. That’s because Warren is secretly a wereboy. But when the rest of his pack finds out the truth, Warren has to show them that sometimes our biggest differences are our greatest strengths.

Ages 3-8, Narrated, Read Along

Explore the ocean floor and discover the location of Orangebeard's Treasure in this series of adventure stories for kids! Each location that you visit under the sea reveals a unique story from the gnarble. Piece together the clues with reading comprehension and reasoning skills to solve the mystery!

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble is a number one best-selling ebook that has been adapted into a hardcover book and play. Through rhyming verse and engaging illustrations, the Noble Gnarble teaches kids about perseverance and determination in the face of obstacles. Dream Big!

Ages 3-5, Narrated, Read Along

One of our most popular children’s stories, this is the tale of a group of robots winding down for the night. The Robot Bedtime Book is a playful bedtime story that encourages interaction, imagination, and a fun bedtime routine. 


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  • Daniel Errico

    High-flying cover art from @vanessaballeza. #childrensbooks #kidsbooks


50 Great Books for Toddlers

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There's nothing I love more than reading to children, especially toddlers. They LOVE being read to and the joy they get from a beautiful picture book just can't be replicated by an app or an eBook. If you're looking for some great books for toddlers, then this collection is for you. These toddler book recommendations are a collection of my personal favorites, as a parent and early years educator, and the recommendations of members of our Facebook group.

I often get asked about which books are best for toddler aged children, and it's always a hard question to answer. Narrowing it down to 50 great books for toddlers was actually really hard! In fact there are so many great books for toddlers and preschoolers that it's a trick task.  I have just finished volunteering at our Kindy Book Fair, where I was introduced to even more fabulous toddler books to add to my must read (ok, must buy!) list.

I recently put the call out on our Instagram page asking for your favorite books and we had such a great response that I've decided to compile them all her for everyone to access. If you're interested in reading that post you can find it here. I've also added in a few classics, along with some of my personal favorites.

There really are no set rules when it comes to choosing books for toddlers, but some of the things that I like to look for are:

  • rhyming books
  • repetitive phrases
  • pop up books or flap books
  • board books
  • beautiful pictures

Reading to toddlers is all about developing a love of books, not about teaching them to read. Focus on enjoyment and interaction.  Ask questions, discuss the book and make it fun! You can find more about the importance of reading aloud to toddlers here. 

If you are interested in buying these books, clicking the links will take you to Amazon, one of my favorite stores to buy books. If you're not already, make sure you sign up for a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime to get free 2 day shipping on all orders. If you do shop on Amazon you can find this entire book list on Amazon HERE in my store.

50 of the best books for Toddlers

What the Ladybird Heard

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Giraffes Can't Dance

Pout Pout Fish

Guess How Much I Love You
7. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

8.Good Night Moon

The Very Cranky Bear

It Takes Two to Twit Twoo

I Love You Through and Through

Chicka! Chicka! Boom! Boom!

Down to the Sea With Mr Magee

Good Night Gorilla

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day

The Book With No Pictures

The Day the Crayons Quit

No Mater What

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Pig the Pug

Rainbow Fish

Go Dog Go!

Hugless Douglas

Harold and The Purple Crayon

Little Blue Truck

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

Where's Spot 

That's Not My Train

Dear Zoo

I Love You Stinky Face

Bear Snores On

If Animals Kissed Goodnight

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

The Goodnight Train

Commotion in the Ocean

The Wide Mouthed Frog

Welcome to the Zoo

Where is the Green Sheep

Open the Barn Door

The Very Busy Spider

From Head to Toe

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

Dragons Love Tacos

Rumble in the Jungle

ABC Animal Jamboree 

Numbers, Colors, Shapes

The Going To Bed Book 

The Very Hungry Bear

The Runaway Hug

Press Here

Do Cows Meow? 

Underwater Doggies, 1,2,3

Elmo's ABC Lift the Flap  

Danny, The Duck With No Quack 

That's Not My Penguin 

The Two Cars

I hope you enjoyed this list of 50 great books for toddlers. Narrowing down the list to only 50 was hard! If there's a book you think was left of the list, please let me know and I'll add it to our next list.

If you want to keep your toddler busy makes sure you subscribe to our weekly newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and Pinterest. You might also like to join our Toddler Facebook group. 

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Short stories for children - read online with pictures.

A famous story about two friends and a kitten whose hat fell off a chest of drawers. The boys at first thought that the hat had come to life and were very frightened. But soon the secret of the hat was discovered... The story The living hat read The hat lay on...

Dragunsky's funny and instructive story about how Denis imagined himself as an adult. The boy dreamed about how he would scold his father, mother and grandmother for misbehavior: being late, walking without a hat, talking at dinner, etc. This ...

A funny story about a boy who didn't want to eat semolina. Mom promised to take him to the Kremlin if he ate all the porridge. Deniska adds sugar, salt, water and even horseradish to the porridge to make it more…

Dragunsky's story about three guys who didn't pronounce the letter Sh. It all started when a truck with a Christmas tree drove into the courtyard of the house. Alyonka says: “Look, there are detectives hanging on the Christmas tree.” This is where it started…

An instructive story about shame, about not taking other people's things, about the fact that a misdemeanor will be punished. Read the story about Lela and Minka, who ate sweets from the New Year tree and opened gifts ... Christmas tree read ...

A story about a boy and a girl who read the fairy tale Three Little Pigs and decided to build a house out of blankets and chairs. And suddenly it seemed to the boy that a gray wolf grabbed him by the leg… Entertainer's story read We and…

An instructive story about the blacksmith's son Vasya. The boy was very fond of riding a cart drawn by his father's horse. The blacksmith did not approve of this. Once Vasya took a cart and went to the forest. A branch got into the wheel and started whipping the boy…

A story about the boy Bobka, who had wonderful khaki pants. Climbing over the fence, the boy tore his pants, and his mother got angry and did not sew them up. Bobka decided to put the patch himself... The story Patch to read U...

Once Deniska and Mishka played hockey and were late for the lessons. They came up with a good reason, but never agreed. As a result, the deceit came out. A fire in an outhouse or a feat in the ice read We…

Pyotr Terentyev, preparing to go to war, received from his son a beetle, which he found in the garden, as a gift. Peter put him in a box, fed him and let him fly. The beetle went through the whole war with the soldier. Adventures of a rhinoceros beetle…

This story is about a four-year-old boy, Petya. Mom took great care of him, fed him with a spoon and dressed him. One morning, mother put Petya on his feet from the bed, and he fell. Mom was terribly scared and even called ...

A funny story about how two friends dreamed of driving a car. Once a car drove into the yard and the boys began to find out what brand it was. And then Mishka sat on the bumper and offered to ride on it... A story...

A story about Mishenka, to whom his mother promised a lollipop for his good behavior. While mom was not at home, the boy climbed into the sideboard, found a lollipop in the sugar bowl and began to suck it. Having eaten all the candy, he decided to put the sugar bowl on...

Dragunsky's humorous story about two friends, Denisk and Pavel, who met on the last day of summer. The boys ate watermelon and talked about how they spent their holidays. And then Pavel began to brag that he had been studying English all summer. Deniska…

A story about two brothers who came to Moscow with their mother to visit their aunt. When the adults left home, the boys also decided to see the city and ride the subway. Yes, but the brothers are underground...

A story about Lyola and Minka, who were visited by their grandmother. Grandma brought cakes. But Lele wanted something else and she asked her grandmother about it. The grandmother was angry with the girl, depriving her of a gift - new coins. They are all…

“Four Wishes” tells about the delights of all seasons. The boy Mitya did not want winter to end, then he really liked spring, then summer ... And all because every season is beautiful in its own way! Four desires to read Mitya ...

A short story about how dad taught Mitya to be neat. The boy quickly planed the stick and it turned out not very smoothly. Papa said that the knife was in a hurry and he had to be taught patience. A hurried knife read Mitya planed his stick, planed it...

A story about a boy, Alik, who was very afraid of policemen. Once Alik got lost, a policeman approached him, but the boy started to run. Then he was caught, but he still did not want to talk to the law enforcement officer . .. The story of the Policeman read More ...

A story about a girl Tanya, who herself grew currants from cuttings. To do this, she had to work hard: pull out the mugs, dig up the sod, plant cuttings and take care of them. But the work was not in vain. Already next year…

This section of our site contains short stories by Russian writers for children of all ages.
Small works are more easily perceived by young readers. The child can listen to short stories to the end with pleasure. A little later, he himself will begin to read these small masterpieces of literature. nine0043 Parents often do not have enough time to read long books. For example, before going to bed or on the road. In these cases, our selection of short stories will be very useful to you.
In addition, short stories will help the child learn to retell texts:
— Before reading the story, explain to the child the meaning of all incomprehensible words and situations;
- After reading a short story, ask questions to find out the degree of understanding of the text. If the child is not ready to retell the text in full, then you can start with a partial retelling. For example, you tell the text, and the child completes individual words or sentences. nine0043 - Then ask them to retell the text on their own. If difficulties arise, then your tips and leading questions will help to master the retelling!
- You can tell the text in turn. So you teach your child not only to talk, but also to listen carefully.

  • Mouse Fairy. Incredible Escape

    Emily Byrne

    The quiet life of the worthy mouse couple Nutmaus is again under threat. A very restless guest appeared in their cozy house - General of the Royal Mouse Army Marshmaus with his jumper ... “Mouse Fairy. The Incredible Escape read 1 For Mr. and Mrs. Nutmouth from Nutmouth Hall...

  • Mary Poppins and the house next door

    Pamela Travers

    This is the last book in the series about the famous nanny. “Everyone should have their own home,” says the wonderful English writer Pamela Travers. This is a fairy tale for children who love to live in such a way that a fairy tale becomes real life, and life is ...

  • Mary Poppins from Cherry Street

    Pamela Travers

    A fairy tale story about an extraordinary nanny Mary Poppins. which appears from nowhere with the East Wind and disappears when it pleases. Table of contents: Chapter 1. East wind Chapter 2. Day off Chapter 3. Laughing gas Chapter…

  • Kitten who forgot how to ask for food

    Kipnis I.N.

    In the morning the kitten woke up and wanted to eat. He ran to the mistress, but suddenly forgot how to say it like a cat. The kitten ran out into the yard crying ... "The kitten who forgot how to ask for food" read In the morning the kitten woke up and ... -year-old friend Elizabeth Stanton from a wealthy family and a cat prince - a Russian cat, Kaspar, who, after the death of his mistress, also became an orphan. First they all met at the Savoy Hotel, after many trials...

  • Danny the world champion

    Roald Dahl

    A story about a young English boy Danny and his father William, who live in a gypsy caravan and make a living repairing cars and poaching pheasants. This is a wonderful story about the ideal relationship between father and son. Table of contents: Gas station...

  • Geruso wants to become a man

    Mateos P.

    The story of a little peddler from Geruso's grocery store, life for the first time confronts the need for a moral choice. With the help of his peers and adult friends who did not leave him in difficult times, Geruso comes to the realization that the main moral values ​​in ...

  • Geese in the polynya

    Astafiev V.P.

    A story about how a goose and her goslings got into a polynya on the Yenisei. The hero of the story and his friends saved the geese from death, they risked themselves. "Geese in the polynya" read Freezing on the Yenisei comes gradually. First…

  • Russian women

    Nekrasov N.A.

    Contents: I. Princess Trubetskaya Part One Part Two Princess M.N. Volkonskaya Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI I. Princess ...

  • Tam Glen

    Burns R.

    Ah, aunt, I ask for advice! With such a young man, I don’t have to be afraid of the fate of change. I’ll be glad of poverty, - If only I would be with me ...

  • Lines about war and love give yours in that life-creating battle that we call love. I glorify the triumph of the world, Contentment and prosperity. It is more pleasant to create one Than to destroy a dozen! nine0003
  • What's a girl to do

    Burns R.

    What's a girl to do? What shall I do, little girl? How shall I, little girl, live with my hubby? He is grouchy and sick, always dissatisfied. There is cold in his chest, ice in his hands. He grunts, ...

  • 1 - Little Red Riding Hood

    Charles Perrault

    A short tale about a trusting girl and a cunning gray wolf. Disobeying her mother, the girl turns off the road and talks to a stranger - a gray wolf ... "Little Red Riding Hood" read Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her mother loved her without memory, and her grandmother ...

  • 2 - Three little pigs

    Mikhalkov S.

    A fairy tale about three little pigs who built houses for themselves. One brother built a house out of straw, another out of twigs and twigs, and a third out of bricks. "Three Little Pigs" read Once upon a time there were three little pigs in the world. Three brothers. All…

  • 3 - Kolobok

    Russian folk tale

    The tale about Kolobok is found in Russian and Ukrainian folklore, and also has analogues in the tales of many other peoples. Our site presents a version of a folk tale in the processing of A.N. Tolstoy. "Kolobok" read Once upon a time there was an old man with an old woman. Here ...

  • 4 - Puss in Boots

    Charles Perrault

    The tale of an unusual cat that was inherited by a younger brother from a miller's father. The young man was not very happy at first with his share of the inheritance, but the cunning and smart cat made him the richest man and son-in-law of the king ... “The cat in ...

  • 5 - Turnip

    Russian folk tale

    Turnip is a well-known fairy tale for the smallest with a large number of repetitions. The child quickly remembers the sequence of presentation and a simple plot. "Turnip" read Grandfather planted a turnip and says: - Grow a turnip, sweet, sweet! Grow big, big! A turnip has grown, sweet and big, big…. nine0003

  • 6 - A wolf and seven kids

    Russian folk tale

    The story tells about an evil wolf who changed his voice, made his way into the goat's house and ate little kids. But the mother goat will be able to save her children and get rid of the wolf. "The Wolf and the Seven Kids" read Once upon a time there was a goat with kids ....

  • 7 - The Tale of Tsar Saltan

    Pushkin A.S.

    The tale of Tsar Saltan, of his son, the glorious and mighty hero Prince Gvidon Saltanovich, and of the beautiful Swan Princess was created on the basis of the folk tale "Wonderful Sons". Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin enriched the folk work with new plot twists, ...

  • 8 - The Snow Queen

    Hans Christian Andersen

    The Snow Queen is one of Hans Christian Andersen's most famous fairy tales about love that can overcome any trial and melt even an icy heart! "The Snow Queen" read Table of Contents: The first story, which tells about the mirror ...

  • 9 - Bremen Town Musicians

    Yu.S. and Livanov V.B.

    The story of the animals and the young Troubadour who went to the city of Bremen to become street musicians. In the city they stopped in front of the royal castle. The king and princess came out onto the balcony of the palace, the townspeople ran to the square and it began ...

  • 10 - Seven-flower flower

    Kataev V.P.

    A fairy tale about a girl Zhenya, who was presented with a magic seven-flower flower. It had seven petals and could grant any seven wishes. Zhenya spent the first six wishes, but did not get any pleasure and only made her last wish...

  • 11 - Three Bears

    Russian folk tale

    Three Bears is a fairy tale about a girl who got lost in the forest and ended up in a house of bears. There she behaved very rudely: without permission, she ate from every cup, sat on every chair, lay down in every bed, ...

  • 12 - Wizard of the Emerald City

    Volkov A.M.

    "The Wizard of the Emerald City" - a fairy tale story by Alexander Volkov written in 1939 based on the fairy tale "The Wise Man of Oz" by American writer Frank Baum with some changes. In 1959, a new edition of the book was published, significantly revised ...

  • 13 - Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all

    Alan Milne

    A cheerful and beloved fairy tale about Winnie the Pooh does not obey the laws of the fairy tale genre. The tale is devoid of negative characters, the struggle between good and evil forces. The main characters of the tale are the toys of the boy Christopher, with whom funny situations happen in a magical ...

  • 14 - Geese-swans

    Russian folk tale

    Geese-swans - a fairy tale about how a boy was carried away by swan geese and his sister went to look for him. The stove, apple tree and river helped the girl save her brother. Read the fairy tale in the processing of A.N. Tolstoy. "Geese-swans" read There lived a man and a woman. At…

  • 15 - The Frog Princess

    Russian folk tale

    The Frog Princess is a Russian folk tale where the main character, Ivan Tsarevich, married a frog by the will of fate. Ivan had no idea that his wife was Vasilisa the Wise, turned by Koshchei into a frog. Ivan hurried, burned the frog skin and had to ...

  • 16 - The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

    Pushkin A.S.

    The tale of a poor fisherman who caught a golden fish in his net. The old man took pity on the fish, released it into the sea. For this, the fish promised to fulfill his every wish. The old man did not ask for anything, but when he returned home, he told about…

  • 17 - Masha and the Bear

    Russian folk tale

    Masha and the Bear is a fairy tale about a girl who got lost in the forest and ended up in a bear's hut. The bear did not let Mashenka go home, however, the girl came up with a way to return to her grandparents. "Masha and ...

  • 18 - Hen Ryaba

    Russian folk tale

    Hen Ryaba is the first fairy tale-parable that mothers read to their babies. Children quickly grasp a simple plot and remember it by heart. Hen Ryaba read Once upon a time there was a grandfather and a woman. And they had a Ryaba Hen. The hen laid an egg, yes...

  • 19 - The Fox and the Crane

    Russian folk tale

    The Fox and the Crane is a fairy tale about friendship between a cunning fox and a clever crane. The crane could not eat the semolina porridge, which the Fox smeared on a plate. He invited her to his place and treated her to a delicious okroshka, which he put ...

  • 20 - Thumbelina

    Hans Christian Andersen

    The fairy tale about Thumbelina is loved by children all over the world. A tiny girl born from a flower goes through many trials on the way to her happiness. Fate rewards Thumbelina for her kind heart. The swallow that she had rescued earlier endures…

  • 21 - The Little Mermaid

    Hans Christian Andersen

    A touching tale about the Little Mermaid's strong love for the prince. The little mermaid is ready to give up everything that is dear to her for the sake of the human soul and the love of the prince ... The fairy tale formed the basis of the plots of many films, cartoons and musicals. Little Mermaid read In the open…

  • 22 - Crocodile Gena and his friends

    Uspensky E.N.

    Tale about a lonely crocodile Gena. Coming home from work from the zoo, he was left alone and bored. Crocodile Gena decided to make friends with someone. He wrote an announcement that he was looking for friends, hung them around the city and…

  • 23 - Sleeping Beauty

    Charles Perrault

    A fairy tale about a beautiful princess who was cursed by an offended fairy on a holiday in honor of her birth. The old fairy predicted the girl's death from a spindle prick, but the good fairy was able to commute the sentence. The girl did not die, but fell asleep on ...

  • 24 - Ax porridge

    Russian folk tale

    Ax porridge is a short fairy tale about a witty soldier. The greedy old woman did not want to feed the soldier, but he outwitted her and got porridge with butter ... Read porridge from an ax The old soldier went on a visit. Tired of…

  • 25 - The Ugly Duckling

    Hans Christian Andersen

    A fairy tale about the miraculous transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. The duckling was born unlike his brothers, the inhabitants of the poultry yard disliked him for his dissimilarity to the others. The duckling had to leave the house and go through many trials before he…

  • 26 - The Princess and the Pea

    Hans Christian Andersen

    A short story about how a prince wants to marry a real princess. One day, a girl knocked on the gate, who was soaked to the skin, but assured that she was a real princess. They let her in for the night, and the old queen arranged for her to be tested ......

  • 27 - Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka

    Russian folk tale

    Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka is a fairy tale about how the younger brother disobeyed his sister, got drunk turning into a goat. .. Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka read Once upon a time there was an old man and an old woman, they had...

  • 28 - Bean seed

    Russian folk tale

    The cockerel and the bean seed is a Russian folk tale about a rooster who was always in a hurry when pecking at the seeds. The hen warned him all the time and asked him to peck more slowly. One day he choked on a bean seed and fell down. But the chicken…

  • 29 - Fear has big eyes

    Russian folk tale

    Fear has big eyes — a short fairy tale about the fact that from fear you can see what was not really… (from M.M. Serova’s collection) fear eyes are great to read Once upon a time there was an old grandmother, a granddaughter-laughter, a hen-klokhtushka and a mouse-leaf. Each…

  • 30 - Teremok

    Russian folk audio fairy tale

    Teremok is a short fairy tale for kids about a house that sheltered many animals. However, the tower could not accommodate a huge bear and broke.

  • 31 - Twelve months

    Samuel Marshak

    Do you know how many months there are in a year? - Twelve. And what are their names? — January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. As soon as one month ends, another immediately begins. And…

  • 32 - Sivka Burka

    Russian folk tale

    Sivka-Burka is a fairy tale about the adventures of Ivan the Fool and his gallant horse. Sivka Burka read The old man had three sons: two smart ones, and the third Ivanushka the Fool; day and night the fool is lying on the stove. The old man sowed wheat, and it grew ...

  • 33 - Baba Yaga

    Russian folk tale

    A fairy tale about a girl who was able to get out of the clutches of Baba Yaga, thanks to the advice of her own aunt and kind cat … Read Baba Yaga Once upon a time there was a husband and wife, and they had a daughter. The wife fell ill and died. Grieved, grieved ...

  • 34 - The tale of the priest and his worker Balda

    Pushkin A.S.

    The tale of the stingy priest and resourceful worker Balda. Somehow Balda was hired for the service for three clicks on the forehead of the priest. When the time of reckoning was approaching, the priest decided to give Balda an impossible task in order to get rid of him. But Balda…

  • 35 - Little Humpbacked Horse

    Ershov P.

    There was an old man in a village who had three sons. They grew wheat and sold it in the market. But then someone got into the habit of trampling wheat in the field at night ... Table of contents: Part one. The fairy tale begins...

  • 36 - Alice in Wonderland

    Carroll L.

    A fascinating story about a girl Alice who met a talking White Rabbit and ended up in amazing worlds where she met very unusual characters . .. Chapter 1. Down the rabbit hole Alice got bored of sitting with her sister idle on the shore…

  • 37 - The Little Prince

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    A fairy tale about how a pilot, who remained a child at heart, met the Little Prince in the desert, who arrived from another planet. Table of contents: Dedication Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter…

Vitaliy Bianchi's story, read online

Vitaliy Bianchi

Musician - Vitaliy Bianchi's instructive story for children. The author tells about an old bear cub who really wanted to become a musician, for this he even played the violin. But the melody turned out clumsy and unsightly. A random collective farmer gave advice to the bear cub to stop playing the violin, it is better to hunt the bear. The negligent musician followed the advice of a passerby, but his opinion changed from what he saw in the forest. The Musician's story with an unusual ending will cheer up all family members. nine0003

Reading time: 2 min.

An old bear cub was sitting on a mound and chirping on a violin. He was very fond of music and tried to learn to play himself. He did not do well, but the old man was pleased that he had his own music. A familiar collective farmer passed by and said to the old man:

— Throw down your violin, grab your gun. You're better off with a gun. I just saw a bear in the forest.

The old man put down his violin and asked the collective farmer where he had seen the bear. He took a gun and went into the forest. nine0003

In the forest, the old man searched for a bear for a long time, but did not even find a trace of it.

The old man was tired and sat down on a stump to rest.

It was very quiet in the forest. Not a knot will crack anywhere, not a bird will give a voice. Suddenly the old man heard: "Zenn! .." Such a beautiful sound, like a string sang.

A little later again: "Zenn!.."

And from the forest again: "Zenn!. ." - yes, so loudly, affectionately.

The old man got up from the stump and cautiously walked towards where the sound was coming from. The sound was heard from the edge. nine0003

An old man crept up from behind a Christmas tree and sees a tree broken by a thunderstorm at the edge of it, long chips sticking out of it. And a bear sits under a tree, grabbed one chip with its paw. The bear pulled the chip towards him and let it go. The sliver straightened up, trembled, and there was a sound in the air: "Zenn! .." - like a string sang.

The bear bowed his head and listened.

The old man is also listening: the chip sings well.

The sound ceased, - the bear again for his own: he pulled the chip and let it go.

In the evening, a familiar collective farmer once again passed by the hut of a bear-cub. The old man was again sitting on the mound with the violin. He pulled one string with his finger, and the string quietly sang: “Dzinn!..”

The collective farmer asked the old man:

— Well, did you kill the bear?

“No,” the old man replied.

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