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List Of Objects That Start With D- Objects With D

by Luna Moncada

Objects are significant in the English language. In fact, they make up a large part of the English vocabulary. We use many objects in our daily life to communicate with other people. When we will use objects perfectly in our writing or speaking, then our confidence level will be increased.

There are various types of objects in the English language. Around us, we see many things like household items, furniture items, clothing and so more. Since these types of things Involved in our life, that’s why we seem every single person should need to know all types of the objects list.

So, we decide that in the whole article we will explain the objects list where each object beginning with alphabet D. We think if you read the whole article, then your objects vocabulary will increase than before.

Objects That Start With D:

Are you searching for some amazing and perfect object names which start with the D? or can’t find enough information about the object list? Then we just tell you that this segment is perfect for you to build your object vocabulary.

Debit CardDipDumpling
Dump TruckDraperyDogleg
Dragon FruitDrygoodsDogsled
Dyed EggsDraughtDoorstep

Sharp Objects That Start With D:
Desk cornerDog toothDragon tooth
DiamondDartsDental tools
DaggersDentist toolsDoor handle

Things That Start With D:

Furniture That Starts With D:
Dinner TableDeskDollhouse
Dinning TableDrawersDiwan
DoorknobDay BedDevan
DavenportDog BedDeskchair

Clothing Names That Start With D:
Dress SuitDerby HatDillards
Denium JacketDenimsDiaper
Derby HatDenimsDunce Hats
Dress ShirtDashikiDiaper
Dinner JacketDungareesDuds

Electronics That Start With D:
DesktopDroneDoor Opener
Digital ClockDoorbellDrones
Digital CalculatorDisc PlayerDiodes
Digital PhoneDreamcastDock
Digital RadioDrum SetDynamo

Household Items That Start With D:
DeodorantDoor KnobDusche
DishesDoor StopDumbbell

Words That Start With D:



We hope that you understood why objects are significant and why we will learn the objects list. And we are also sure that these topics have given you enough data about objects starting with D. Using these words you can build your English writing and speaking skills.

Luna Moncada

Hey, I’m Luna Moncada. I’m an English Instructor at Dhaka University. I Completed My Master’s in English at Dhaka University and Working 8 Years as an English Instructor. So, In This Website, I Try To Share Huge Resources Of Vocabulary and English Related Things.

Words That Start With D For Kids

How do you like to compile your vocabulary lists for students? There are many ways to approach this all-important topic. If you want to go letter by letter, we've prepared an extensive list of words, grade by grade. Check out over 50 words that start with D for kids, as well as several interactive letter D activities.

d words for kids example of dog


Preschool D Vocabulary List

Do you remember the sense of accomplishment you felt when you spelled your first word? It was probably something like dog. It's a special moment in every student's life. Set your little learners up for success with this list of D words for kids.

  • dab - a quick touch or pat
  • dad - your father
  • den - a small, cozy room in a house
  • did - the past tense of the verb "do"
  • dig - to break up, remove, or unearth
  • dip - to put into a liquid and then take out
  • do - to perform an action
  • dog - a four-legged animal often kept as a family pet

Trace the Letter D Printable

Learning the alphabet in preschool and kindergarten serves as an important foundation for all the learning to come in later grades. It starts with learning how to print the letters in the first place, so we've provided a tracing worksheet below for printing the letter D. Download and print a copy for all your little learners!

View & Download PDF

Kindergarten D Vocabulary List

Once kindergartners have mastered the Dolch sight words, they can move on to longer D words. These words include consonant blends that help students with basic phonics skills. Incorporate these short words that start with D into your everyday vocabulary lessons.

  • damp - slightly wet
  • dance - to move in a rhythmic way to music
  • dart - a small pointed missile
  • date - the day of the month
  • deal - an agreement between people
  • dear - precious or highly thought of
  • deep - at a great depth
  • dent - an indentation in the surface of something
  • dirt - earth or garden soil
  • dish - a container used for holding and serving food
  • dive - a headfirst jump
  • dock - a pier for boats

Matching D Words Printable

Kindergartners who need a bit more practice with D words benefit from matching images to words. Take a look at this printable worksheet with six vocabulary words that start with D for kids. You can assign it as classwork, small group practice or homework.

View & Download PDF


Early Elementary: D Vocabulary List

First, second and third graders can advance from those three-letter words to something more substantial. It'll be fun to share new sounds like the "nk" sound in words like drink. Here's a healthy start to your early elementary D words for kids.

  • dangerous - potentially harmful
  • dash - a small amount of an ingredient
  • data - facts or figures
  • dawn - the first light of a new day
  • decay - the state of rotting
  • deed - an action performed intentionally
  • defend - to protect or guard
  • deny - to refuse to admit something
  • describe - to give details about something or someone
  • device - a tool or technique used to do a task
  • digest - breaking down into parts that are easier to use
  • discover - to learn something new
  • distant - separated or far away
  • doze - to be half asleep
  • dragon - a mythical flying reptile creature that breathes fire
  • dread - extreme fear
  • drift - to be carried away by currents
  • drink - a liquid made for swallowing
  • drowsy - a feeling of being sleepy, tired, or not fully awake
  • duty - something required by one's religion, job, or position

Create Index Card Sentences

Work on basic sentence structure with your students.

  1. On 10 index cards, write basic subjects (using your vocabulary words), such as "The dragon," "David," or "The drink."
  2. On another 10 cards, write sentence predicates in a different color ink. You might write "eats chocolate," "built a treehouse," or "tastes like watermelon."
  3. Ask students to pick index cards from the "subject" pile and the "predicate" pile.
  4. If they can read, ask them to read the sentence aloud. If they can't read yet, you can read the sentence aloud and wait for the chuckles to unfold.


Design Delightful Compliments

Practice parts of speech and focus on the letter D at the same time. Have students come up with a list of adjectives that start with D for more inspiration! They can write complimentary cards to each other during a focus on kindness, or craft messages to their parents for Mother's and Father's Day. You can use these positive words that start with D for more inspiration.

Upper Elementary D Vocabulary List

Vocabulary words start to balloon in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades while reading and comprehension skills continue to blossom. Take this time to introduce the complexities of these D words for kids.

  • dashboard - a panel under the windshield of a vehicle
  • dawdle - to waste time or move excessively slowly
  • daybreak - the beginning of day; dawn
  • debate - a formal discussion between opposing sides of a specific subject
  • deceitful - intentionally untruthful
  • decline - a lessening
  • decrease - to become smaller or fewer
  • dedicate - to devote to a specific purpose
  • delegate - to assign a task to someone else
  • desolate - unhappy or bleak
  • detect - to uncover or sense something previously hidden
  • diagram - a graph, chart, drawing, or plan that explains something
  • difference - features that make one thing distinct from another
  • difficult - hard to understand or do
  • dignity - the personal quality of being worthy of honor
  • disappointed - missing hope, desire, or expectation
  • discuss - to talk about and consider all aspects
  • distaste - to dislike or displease
  • develop - to grow or become more advanced
  • distribute - to divide, scatter, or hand out
  • document - a piece of paper containing information
  • documentary - a nonfiction film that shows a story or situation
  • dormant - inactive, sleeping, or quiet
  • drama - a story or situation which presents some sort of conflict


Draft Distinctive Poetry

Use your vocabulary words to develop topics your students can write about. Say you choose the word disappointed. Maybe they'll write about a disappointed puppy. Or, how about dormant? How does a dormant garden sound? You can open up the floor to any variety of poetry. Perhaps you'll require a certain rhyming pattern or allow free verse.

Work on Alliteration

Once students have experience with writing poetry, they can identify alliteration in other written works. Use these alliteration examples for kids to teach the value of repetition and sound devices in literature and poetry. Incorporate the repeated D sound to focus on the letter of the week.

Deliberate Determination Gets the Deed Done

With deliberate determination, you can help your students embrace a lifelong love affair with words. Let the learning begin as you not only introduce new words to your students but also allow them to find new ways to implement them into their everyday lives.

When you're ready for more D words to use with students, head over to WordFinder's list of words that start with the letter D. Simply fill out the advanced search tool to find words with the correct letters and length! If you're enjoying these letter-by-letter vocabulary lessons, keep going through the alphabet with words that start with E for kids.

Staff Writer

A word starting with the letter "D"... Or rain at a wedding : : 2 comments


Frantic December is behind us. A month in which finding time to sleep is difficult. I am generally silent about writing articles.
But now I got enough sleep!) I hope you do too. And ready to write, share ideas and thoughts. Because the most important summer of our lives is ahead.
In the summer of 2017, we planned our wonderful, amazing, unique, mind-blowing, uuuuuh what a wedding!!! (according to my fiancee, of course)

Earlier I described our preparation plan. See the article
And as a result of that article, I received a lot of questions regarding rain in a personal message. They all come down to the following wording:

“how to remain cool and accept the St. Petersburg elements with dignity? And, ideally, have fun. And what would the guests be satisfied with?


The D-word… or Rain at the wedding

The topic of rain is really very serious for Peter. And the most prosaic thing in this matter is that the people we are supposed to rely on in this matter cannot help us in any way. Of course I'm talking about meteorologists.
In my practice, for the summer of 2016, only 30% of weather forecasts converged. I would make this ratio: 50 to 50 - Either there will be sun or rain. It seems that there are no other options)

And it was the rain that I decided to highlight this article.
But, with all my heart I wish you and Us an exceptionally clear sky over your head at the wedding!

I made a selection of those chips that will help you meet the elements with dignity. If you have interesting ideas, share them in the comments. Let's get ready for bad weather together ;)
1. Umbrellas, of course. Something that will serve you well. But you need to prepare for such a question in advance. There are companies that rent out various useful things for rent. What do we have to do? Find a company and book umbrellas with them (1 umbrella for 2 guests, and personal for young people and witnesses). When booking, they will ask for a deposit, approximately 1000 for all umbrellas. If the weather is clear, the pledge will burn. But if it rains, we send the most sober witness after them.
So, when planning, this question will not torment you. If needed, umbrellas are always at hand.
2. Bright boots for the bride and bridesmaids. Again, look for suitable ones in some store. For a photo session and exit registration, it’s better not to come up with. And a vivid memory of the wedding is always on your feet.
3. Water and dirt repellent. Have you seen an ad in which wine is poured on a T-shirt and it just drips onto the floor? Well, this tool really works. What you need for a costume.
4. If you are planning on-site registration, then prepare a plan B. And talk it over with the organizer or restaurant administrator. It needs to be conveyed that they can move the registration if it rains. And that, for this, you will not swear at them.)
But even if there is no possibility to transfer the registration, it's okay. Umbrellas in hand, smiles on faces. Everything is beautiful - everyone is happy!
And these are not just words, everything has been tested at live weddings. This summer we did an exit registration in the forest. During the preparation, there was no rain, except for a little dribble. By the beginning of the registration began a real downpour! The organizers - well done, did not lose their heads. Musical equipment was hidden under covers, photos and videos under raincoats, and guests under umbrellas. The bride's makeup was also made taking into account the rain (waterproof mascara and other lotions). And it turned out to be a real drive. The bride and groom charged everyone with their energy, danced under a wall of rain. And even the grandmother did a few curtsies, but with such a smile on her face that she conquered everyone!

And another example: on the day of the wedding it was raining from the very morning. It will calm down, then it will intensify. And it doesn't seem like it's going to stop. At 12 we call the bride, what should we do? She says that no matter what, we are registering under the sky.
So what? At 15:30 the rain stops. And exactly at 16:00, when the newlyweds said the cherished “Yes” to each other, the sun came out and did not set again. Miracle! )
5. Have fun! Rock out! Dance in the rain! If the newlyweds are happy and playful, then all the guests will support this mood. And what kind of photos and videos are obtained in the rain. Simply beauty!
6. Good specialists will always create the right atmosphere. For example, in 2016 I had 3 weddings that were soaked to the skin. And it was so cool that words can not convey!

The main thing is you! And rain, at all times, was considered the element of life! And just as its drops make nature breathe, so your family under it will grow stronger and grow!

And there is always a chance to see a rainbow - and this is already a miracle! =)

Ten words starting with D: rider3099 — LiveJournal

Ten words starting with D: rider30 10 words starting with the letter "D" .

1. Daughter is the first thing that immediately came to mind, which is completely natural. I am proud of my daughter, she is my closest friend. It so happened that we were not friends with my mother and I always wanted real trust to exist between me and the child. And so it happened. My Nadia is an amazingly talented and bright person. Well, a beauty, of course!

2. House . No one needs to explain how important home is to each of us. I don’t know what you mean by this concept, but for me it’s not just a separate building or apartment, consisting of residential and non-residential premises, but also a feeling reliability , warmth , comfort and peace of mind comfort . There does not have to be sterile honesty and exemplary order, although it would be desirable, of course, but a feeling of peace and happiness is obligatory.

3. Welcome . Many years ago there was one pop singer, whose name was ShurA. Terrible in appearance and nightmarishly untalented. I don't know what else he sang, except for the song, where there were such words: "Do good on the whole Earth, do good to others for the good..." Probably, in fact, there are ideal people who can only do good deeds. I don't get it all the time, but I try to at least do no harm. And I also remembered: we had one uncle at work, a former security officer, a vile type in his essence. But on New Year's Eve, he sent congratulations to everyone from the phone list of his mobile phone with a single word-wish: " Dobra !" And it was great fun.

I found the song about kindness ! Who wants to remember, watch the video. But I warn you that Shura looks disgusting

3. Dacha . As a child, I terribly did not like to go to the country. I dreaded the weekend in all seasons of the year, except for winter, because my parents forced me to go there. Now my dacha is associated exclusively with the joy of meeting of my favorite girls!

4. Money . I recently read a sensible idea from someone that a person does not like money, he loves what you can buy for them . It's about me. True, there are probably lovers who just like to rustle in the evening with large bills or pour gold from handful to handful. But I am not one of those.

5. Nine - I love this number. True, I still love 7 and 13 .

6. Dignity . My grandmother used to say: "Remember that in any situation, even the most scandalous and unpleasant , you need to keep the dignity of ". In deep childhood, this word meant little to me, but over the years it has become understandable and important.

7. Perfume . I have three strong but stupid passions. It's perfume , bags and sun glasses . This is not the entire collection, if that. And none of my favorites!

6. Rain . As a child, it rained very often on my birthday . I was very worried that none of the guests would come. And then I fell in love with the rain, especially summer, of course. With thunder and lightning. After moving to California, I generally began to adore him. Because rain is life for plants, animals and all of us.

7. Jazz . I love it, but not fanatically. And I also love rock. And in general, good music . Everything is in the mood.

8. Jeans . I got my first real jeans when I was a 1st year student at the university. In those days, they cost absolutely crazy money, but dad and mom decided to please me. I was completely happy because I dreamed about them for a long time. Young people, of course, cannot appreciate this, but older people will understand me. Since then jeans - favorite clothes . I can't even count how many of them I have now.

9. Diet . Even in my youth, I realized that "dieting" is not suitable for me. I don't like to limit myself to certain types of products. Therefore, I decided that I would eat everything, but in small quantities. It really works. Especially if you add moderate physical load to this type of nutrition .

10. Divo . I love life, which almost daily throws up events, phenomena and plots that one can be surprised . And in general, Bodia and I believe in miracles !

Olik and Bodya were with you. If you want to continue the game, mark in the comments. I will give you a letter.

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