Travelling games for toddlers

30 Best Travel Games for Kids on Planes, Road Trips & in Hotels (2023)

When it comes to staying entertained on road trips, in planes, and during downtime in hotel rooms, there are plenty of fun travel games for kids that parents will love just as much.

We own most of these best travel games but have played all of them. I’ve included travel board games, dice games, magnetic games, strategy games, tabletop games, and classic favorites in portable versions that are popular and favorably reviewed best-sellers.

Whether your kids are toddlers or teens (or both), there’s something on this list that they’ll love to play with you.

All of the portable games recommended here are fairly cheap and easy to find so that you can stock up before your next family vacation and keep everyone unplugged from their devices.

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Car Travel Games

Minimize the “Are we there yet?” questions on repeat with some fun travel games for long family road trips.

Truthfully, many of the games on this list can be played in the car, but these have minimal pieces or road trip themes.

1. Rory’s Story Cubes

Recommended ages: 8+

Rory’s Story Cubes are one of the hottest games out there. They are, thankfully, very convenient to travel with and easy to learn how to play. The cubes for this dice game also fit neatly into a small pouch that you can tuck into a handbag or backpack.

Players roll the dice and tell a story based on the pictures facing upward on the dice after being rolled. While it’s fun with multiple players, I’ve seen kids play it independently, too. Since storytelling is the main feature, it can be one of the perfect travel games for the car, especially if you have a small tray to roll the dice on.

We like it because there are no wrong answers, it gets the creative juices flowing, and different (usually funny) tales are told every time.



Melissa & Doug Flip-to-Win License Plate Game

Recommended ages: 8+

Keep the Melissa & Doug Flip-to-Win License Plate Game in the car for family road trips (it’s made of wood, so feels solid) so kids can log all of the different state license plates they see along the way.

The board not only helps kids spot each state’s license plate design but also showcases state capitals across the United States as a form of edutainment. Travel games for kids that teach are win-win.


3. Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Recommended ages: 7+

Scavenger Hunt is a perfect family road trip game for kids. They will love keeping an eye out for items on these cards ranging from stop signs to license plates with certain letters.

The deck of cards also includes some fun “feel it” style cards designed for road bumps and unexpected things one might experience during car rides. You can play these card games with two or more players.


4. Pass the Pigs

Recommended ages: 7+

This travel game for kids crossed my radar recently. It’s wildly popular and happens to be very portable. Basically, you roll pigs instead of dice and score them by how the pigs land. It sounds crazy, but in this case, the stellar reviews also don’t lie.

Also, beware that there are lots of pig puns ahead in Pass the Pigs. Kids can play together in the backseat as long as they have a surface, like a backseat divider, to roll the pigs on.


5. Travel Spirograph

Recommended ages: 5–12

Yes! Spirograph is now in travel form! This little device comes with six wheels, pens, and its own container for making cool geometric designs on the go. Love it.


6. Travel Blurt

Recommended ages: 10+

If you like edutainment, this family travel card game is for you. It’s so fun that the kids will never know they’re learning as they play.

The cards have clues. After they’re read, other players literally blurt out the answer. The score is kept, and the person with the most points wins Travel Blurt. Ages 10+


Magnetic Travel Games

The beauty of magnetic travel games is for kids, teens, and adults is that the pieces stay in place better than their traditional counterparts do. You’ll still need to be careful not to lose the pieces. Many of these games do not come with extras, so there goes your game if one goes missing.

7. Take N Play Bingo (and Other Games)

Recommended ages: 4-8

This two-player bingo magnetic travel game means that the pieces are tough to lose. The weight of the tin is just over six ounces and 7″ square in size. It stores the pieces, serves as the game board, and can easily slip into a handbag or travel gear.

We have many Take N Play games ranging from dominos to checkers and consider them one of the best travel games for kids.


8. QuadPro Magnetic Chess

Recommended ages: 6+

Take chess on the road with you with this QuadPro Magnetic Chess set. The travel chess set folds up and stores the pieces inside for easy portability. The tabletop board game weighs less than 1 lb.

The magnetic pieces stick to the board so that they withstand car and plane movement. The board game folds out to 9.84 x 9.84 x 0.78 inches.


9. The Purple Cow Magnetic Travel Games

Recommended ages: 5–15

We also own many magnetic travel games by The Purple Cow including dominoes, checkers, sudoku shapes, puzzles, and more. These travel games for kids are very, very lightweight. Items are stored inside of the tin.


Travel Games for Toddlers

If you’re searching for fun options that entertain this age group and come with pieces big enough for them to manipulate, here are a few other ideas. (Also, The Purple Cow magnetic games mentioned above are very popular for supervised traveling toddlers who can handle the pieces.)

10. Travel Tangram

Recommended ages: 3+

A tangram is a puzzle with pieces in seven flat shapes that are called tans. The goal is to put the tans together, without overlapping, to form a specific shape. The book that comes in this set contains 360 different shape possibilities of varying difficulty so that adults are challenged just as much as toddlers.

These exercises are excellent STEM activities. A pocket inside of this Travel Tangrams book neatly stores the tans. The Purple Cow, mentioned above, offers a magnetic tangrams game.


11. Wikki Stix

Recommended ages: 3+ (My daughter started playing with them while supervised at age 2.)

If there’s a travel toy or game I could not have lived without during the toddler years, it’s Wikki Stix. I always kept a pack or two in my handbag to use spontaneously.

Kids can play with these bendable sticks anywhere — on airplane tray tables, in the car, at restaurants, and more.

The individual packs come with a puzzle or shape for the kids to make with the Wikki Stix. You can also buy kits, like the Wikki Stix Traveler playset that comes with even more activities.


Travel Board Games

You favorite classics come in smaller sizes easy packing to play on laps or tabletops.

12. Hasbro Family Travel Board Games Bundle

Recommended ages: 8+

Clue, Monopoly, Connect 4, and Hungry Hungry Hippo Board Grab and Go Games come in all-in-one travel versions that also store pieces for you to play as a family when on the road.

Buy this Hasbro set of four for a constant supply of games for the whole family to play.


13. Travel Scrabble

Recommended ages: 6+

Travel Scrabble is the must-have word game that earns its recommendations on best travel games lists like this one.

Parents, grandparents, teens, tweens, and elementary school kids can earn points for creating creative words from whatever alphabet letters they pull randomly from a pouch.

There are several portable versions to choose from, but this one comes in a handy zip-up carrying case (ours is in a snap case and much less convenient — get the zippered one).


Travel Games for Hotels and Airport Lounges — Best Played on Tables

Table games can be played anywhere you can secure a flat surface, be it in an airport lounge, a hotel room, a vacation rental, or a camping table.

14. Bananagrams

Recommended ages: 7+

Bananagrams is an awesome word game and comes in a small banana-shaped pouch for easy transport. It’s similar to Scrabble but played without a board. We play it as a family and even my 95-year-old grandma enjoys it.

Gather 1–8 players around a table to make a word grid with the tiles that grows until someone runs out of tiles.

I promise it’s awesome for family game night on the road, and even teens enjoy it. Thousands of positive customer reviews can’t be wrong.


15. Spot It!

Recommended ages: 7+

Spot It! comes in various themes, and its 55 cards store well in a small circular tin. This fast-paced travel card game is best for hotels and airplane lounges as the playing cards would be easy to lose between airplane seats.

It’s a memory game with a race aspect that is a great motor skill builder. Between any two cards, there is always one and only one matching symbol. Spot it fast to win and play with 1–8 players.


16. Rummikub On the Go

Recommended ages: 8+

You’ll create sets and runs, rummy-meets-mahjong style, on the table with the goal to be the first person to use all of your tiles. The addition of jokers puts an extra spin on the fun.

Rummikub on the Go is a popular game for 2-4 players and multiple generations of family members or friends who want to play together.

You’ll definitely exercise STEM skills when it comes to recognizing patterns and strategies. This is one of the best travel games for teens and older kids.


17. Iota the Great Big Game in a Teeny Weeny Tin

Recommended ages: 8+

Add cards to a grid, making sure that color, shape, and number are either all the same or all different across the line. It sounds easy but as the grid expands, so do the possibilities. The player who sees the opportunities will seize the win during a game of Iota.


18. Kanoodle

Recommended ages: 8+ (There is also a Kanoodle Junior for ages 4+)

From 12 puzzle pieces come over 200 Kanoodle challenges of varying levels. You’ll choose a design from the included book and position the connecting beads to create 2D and 3D puzzles.

The pocket-sized carrying case makes it easy to slip into a handbag or backpack. The company is so convinced you’ll love its best-selling product that they offer a 365-day guarantee or your money back.


19. Scattergories

Recommended ages: 8+

The classic 1980s favorite comes in a card version that makes it one of the easy travel games to carry around. You’ll play Scattergories with two decks of cards: a category deck and a letter deck.

The first player to slap the “I Know” card and give an appropriate answer to the displayed category and letter gets the cards (like “dog” for the letter “d” and category “pets”). The player with the most cards wins.


20. Travel Boggle

Recommended ages: 8+

The classic game of Boggle comes in a compact travel version with a timer that snaps into the case, making it one of my favorite portable games. You can play solo or with others.

All you need to do is grab a pen and paper (or LCD writing tablet like the Boogie Board Jot mentioned above), shake up the letters, let them fall into each slot, set the timer, and then find as many words as you can.


Printable Travel Games

Etsy is a fantastic place to source professionally-designed printable travel games that you can purchase once for a small fee and use it again in future travels. The quality also feels more solid if you can print on cardstock paper.

21. Printable Travel Bingo Cards

I love the design of these printable travel bingo cards where passengers can look for certain road signs, cows, motorcycles, and more until the winner gets five across for bingo. You’ll receive five different bingo cards to play on a long road trip.

22. Printable Scavenger Hunt

Here’s another inexpensive printable travel game with colorful illustrations that appeal to all ages. The first person to find all of the scavenger hunt items wins.

23. Printable Camping Scavenger Hunt

What is neat about this printable camping scavenger hunt is that some fonts, text, and colors can be customized. So, if you wanted to title it “The Jones Family Scavenger Hunt” or “Mike’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt” you can.

You’ll receive a printable scavenger hunt bag cover, a clues sheet with directions, and a sheet where participants can mark off what they’ve found.

Travel Games for Airplanes

The one thing we try to avoid on airplanes is dropping things on the floor and in between the seats. No one, especially in today’s world, wants to dig into these crevices. And, we all know what happens when a child finds out that something is irretrievable — the friendly skies become a little less so.

So, travel games for airplanes need most pieces attached, large pieces that are easy to find, or use of something replaceable, like a pen. Fun games that kids love help time fly and keep the whole family sane during flight delays

24. Mad Libs

Recommended ages: 5+ (depending on the version)

So many Mad Libs, so little time! Make sure the ones you buy for younger kids are Mad Libs Junior because the stories are more relatable to little ones.

Regular Mad Libs (Dog Ate My Mad Libs, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Mad Libs, and more) are geared to the 8–12 years old range.

Just be mindful that there are adult Mad Libs versions that you will want to stay clear of for kids. Mad Libs for kids are a great way to kill time on the tarmac, while waiting for food in a restaurant, and in many more family vacation scenarios.


25. Boogie Board

Recommended ages: Basically, if you can hold a pen, you’re good.

This isn’t really an organized game, but I’m such a fan of using LCD writing tablets for travel games that I have to mention it. The newest version, Boogie Board Jot, comes with a stylus that you write on the LCD screen with. The stylus is kept secured on the bottom of the tablet. The entire screen clears with the touch of a button.

We play hangman, and tic-tac-toe, and even use it as scratch paper for math homework. Like other game pieces, keep an eye on the stylus, which can be easy to drop. Or, pack extra styluses. Tuck it in a handbag or backpack for play anywhere.


26. The Cube

Recommended ages: 6+

Here’s a fun solo travel game to entertain while waiting for a plane to take off or to arrive at your road trip destination.

If you’re thinking of that cube, this one is different because it’s FAST. And there’s a Cube solver app for you to track and share your progress. The Cube wants you to win.


27. IQ Fit

Recommended ages: 6+

IQ Fit is a puzzle strategy game where players have to figure out how to fit the 3-D pieces flat on the game board and without holes exposed. Believe it or not, there are over 100 different challenges in this highly-rated game.


28. Melissa and Doug Flip to Win Travel Hangman

Recommended ages: 6–10

It is a wooden travel game with a dry erase board and 37 flip letters. The pen self-stores in the wood board. The fact that it has no loose pieces makes Flip to Win Travel Hangman a great travel game for kids.

The wood does make it a tad bit heavier than magnetic travel games. At least you don’t have to worry about the game pieces falling into cracks.


Free Travel Games for Kids and Adults

Fun on a family vacation doesn’t have to cost money, and this also goes for family travel games that are very easy to learn. Aside from being fun road trip games that don’t involve pieces to juggle in the car, you can play them at home or at your next party.

29. I Spy

I Spy can be played with two or more people anywhere. The game’s premise is that one person looks spies something that everyone can see and keeps it a secret for the other players to guess based on little revealed close or tips.

The player holding the secret gives clues by saying, “I spy with my little eye something that is [insert clue which could be color, shape, size, etc. ].” The other players try to guess what the secret object is. The player holding the secret responds only with yes or no. He or she will give another hint starting with, “I spy with my little eye something that is [clue].”

The cycle repeats until someone guesses correctly. That winner can then choose a secret object, and the game starts again.

30. 20 Questions

You can play 20 Questions with two or more players, but it’s best in a small group. The person who is “It” thinks of a person, place, or thing that is familiar to all players.

The rest of the players ask the “It” person up to 20 yes or no questions to figure out what the secret object is. If someone guesses the secret object correctly prior to 20 questions being asked, that person is the next “It.” Then, the game repeats itself.

31. Would You Rather

Would You Rather can also be played with two or more people and is a fun way to get to know someone. One player thinks of a question that has two possible outcomes.

It could be as simple as, “Would you rather eat ice cream or potato salad?” The person being asked the question provides the answer and asks another player a similar question.

32. The Alphabet Game

Younger kids, older kids, and adults can all play the alphabet game together on car trips. All players need to do is look out the window to spot things that start with each alphabet letter in sequence from A to Z.

Finally, don’t forget to arm yourself with a huge arsenal of knock-knock jokes for kids and car games for kids that are also very handy for lightening the mood on the go. I also now have a list of road trip activities and gear for kids.

What are your favorite fun travel games?

15 Travel Games for Toddlers & Preschoolers

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We’ve been traveling full-time with our toddler since he was 14 months. Now he’s finally old enough to play travel games, so we created a list of our favorite travel games for toddlers.

We have long-haul flights to Costa Rica and Portugal in the next few months, so we wanted to have some fun travel games for toddlers. Travel toys are great, but we like to play games on flights

Disclosure: “Please note that some of the links below may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase.” “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” Click here for the complete disclosure statement.

We’ve noticed our toddler stays focused more when interacting as a family, and games are a great way to keep your toddler entertained while flying.

Plus, I love playing board games. Growing up, I spent a lot of time playing board games with my siblings. Although our little guy doesn’t have siblings (yet), board games are a great way to bond as a family.

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Airplane Travel Games for Toddlers

We spend a lot of time flying with a toddler.  One of our favorite ways to keep him from getting bored is games.

Playing games with our toddler on flights is a lot of fun and keeps the tantrums at bay (if he isn’t tired). It’s a screen-free activity that helps to pass the time, especially on long-haul flights.

These games are especially great for flying with toddlers because they do not make noise.

If you are a competitive family, I recommend only two-player games when flying. Save the competition for road trips, where you can be as loud as you want.

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Disney Matching Game

The Disney Matching Game is a fun memory game for toddlers. It’s the perfect travel game for 3-year-olds.

There are different classic Disney characters/movies to choose from, including Raya, Toy Story 4, Frozen II, Doc McStuffins, Minnie Mouse, and more.

You can control the game’s difficulty by adding or removing tiles. There are over 70 tiles to help your little one develop their memory, focus, and critical thinking skills.

The tiles are the perfect size for little toddler hands. If your little one struggles to play face-down, you can flip them face-up and still have fun.

What I love about this game is that it promotes solo play; while also being a fun game for families with kids of all ages.

Disney Matching Game Price

Melissa & Doug Classic Card Games Set

We love everything about the Melissa & Doug brand. Our travel toy guides have at least one toy, game, or activity from their brand. From quality to variety, they get it right.

The Melissa & Doug Classic Card Games Set is a fun collection of our favorite games from childhood.

This set includes Go Fish, Old Maid, and Animal Rummy. The classic card games we loved as kids, with better illustrations.

These cards are bigger than regular playing cards, so they can be found easily when your toddler drops them on the airplane or in the car.

The surface wipes clean, so your toddler can draw on these cards with a dry-erase marker, and they will wipe clean.

If you have a rough toddler (like us), these cards can withstand being bent by your little one because the card stock is thicker than other cards.

Melissa & Doug Card Games Price

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Game

Our son LOVES the very hungry caterpillar book. He asks us to read it to him twice a day, once before naptime and again before bedtime.

At this point, he knows it by heart and usually resites it to us. It is one of the few toddler books that travel the world with us.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Game is a fun compliment to the popular preschool book.

It’s a fun way to reinforce numbers and help your toddler learn the days of the week.

Kids as young as three years old can play this card game. The objective is to help the caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly.

Up to four players can play, so get the family involved; the more players, the more fun.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Game Price

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My First Bananagrams

My First Bananagrams is a fun travel game for preschoolers that helps them develop their reading skills and vocabulary.

The tiles have lowercase letters to help reinforce reading skills. Included are combo tiles to help your little ones build words.

The step-by-step instructions make it easy for your little ones to learn the game as they progress to play the full version of Bananagrams.

Indicators on the tiles distinguish letters such as b,d,w, and m. What’s great about this game is it grows with your toddler.

As your little one’s vocabulary and reading skills develop, they can still play this game.

My First Bananagrams Price

UNO Junior

UNO is my all-time favorite card game. Every Christmand, my mom got my siblings and me a different version of the game as a “family present.”

Things got interesting when the electronic version first came out and shot cards at you. Those are some of my best memories from my childhood because we didn’t take many vacations.

Now that I’ve walked memory lane, I’m excited to play UNO Junior with our son now that he is older.

UNO Junior is a simplified version of the game for toddlers as young as 3-years-old. Even if your little one is still learning their numbers, they can match their characters from the Paw Patrol movie.

It’s a fun travel game for toddlers learning numbers and colors.

One rule remains the same. Your little one has to say “UNO” when they have one card left.

UNO Junior Price

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Road Trip Travel Games for Toddlers

Playing games on road trips is one of the best ways to pass the time. I am usually driving, so sometimes my wife sits in the back seat with our toddler to play some of our favorite toddler travel games.

What I love about these games is that we can be as loud as we want without disturbing anyone.

Some of these games also have small pieces we do not want to get on an airplane, but they’ll eventually be found in the backseat when we clean the car.

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Pass the Potato

One of the ways we like to give our toddler a break when taking a long trip is by having fun outdoor activities when we make a stop. Most rest areas have a grass area or picnic tables for us to release energy.

Pass the Potato is a fun road trip game for toddlers when you pull over for a break. This new and improved game of hot potato is a fun way to stretch your legs and get everyone moving.

Throw the plush toy (like the game hot potato) as fast as you can; you do not want to be the one holding it when the timer goes off.

There is a sensor inside the toy to recognize the difference between a tap, toss, and shake. These gestures prompt over 30 funny phrases.

I’m sure parents will love how easy this plush toy is to clean. All you need to do is remove the sensor and throw it in the washer.

Pass the Potato Price

Found It! Travel Edition

Found It! Travel Edition is a fun interactive travel game for road trips with toddlers. There are different versions for different occasions, including camping, indoor, and outdoor.

This scavenger hunt-style game lets your preschooler learn on the go. It’s the perfect way to peel your kids from their screens and focus on their surroundings.

Each player has to yell ‘found it” after they spot the object. This toddler travel game makes the time on a long road trip fly by, especially if you play as a family.

There are 50 cards, so you can keep the fun going or use it on multiple road trips without getting tired of the same clues.

Remember, the first one with seven cards wins the game, so keep your eye peeled.

Found It! Travel Edition Price

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Connect 4 Grab and Go

Connect 4 Grab and Go isn’t a game for toddlers, but my wife and it play it all the time.

It is one of the travel games that we keep in our carry-on for long-haul flights. You can only watch so many movies or do so much work.

Our 3-year-old likes to pretend to play with us, so it’s fun he wants to get involved. Although this isn’t a game for toddlers, it can be a fun game for preschoolers or young school-age kids to play.

Connect 4 Grab and Go Price

I Spy Dig In Game

I Spy Dig In Game is one of the best road trip games for busy toddlers. If your little one can’t sit still, this game will challenge them.

Race the clock to find the six objects on the card. It may be a little challenging because you not only need to find the object, but it has to be the right color.

If you have a competitive family or siblings close in age, this is a fun game for a long road trip.

Everything you need comes in the game, but having a clear container may make the game easier for younger toddlers.

If your little one is still learning their colors, they can look for the objects and disregard the color.

I Spy Dig In Game Price

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I Spy Games


Briar Patch I SPY Original Bingo Game (6108)


I SPY Memory Game

University Games I Spy Spooky Mansion (6102)

Last update on 2023-01-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Storytime Card Game

Storytime Card Game is a unique toddler travel game that requires a little imagination.

The purpose of the game is to create a story using the cards. It’s a great way to develop your preschooler’s vocabulary, help their reading skills, foster creativity, and increase their vocabulary.

here are different cards to help develop the story. You can start with the character cards and then move to the scene cards before inserting object cards to make the story more interesting.

For readers, there are good manners cards to help reinforce nice words.

This story game is a great way to interact as a family and tell funny stories.

Storytime Card Game Price

Travel Games for Toddlers at Hotels or Airports

One of the things that can quickly bring a vacation to a halt is rain, especially if you are on a beach vacation.

We’ve traveled to over ten countries, and our plans have been canceled many times because of unexpected rain.

Another unexpected, uncontrollable, annoying occurrence when traveling is delayed/ canceled flights.

Being stuck at an airport with a toddler is the worst, but having a few travel games can help the time pass and keep you from losing your mind.

Here are some of our favorite travel games for toddlers to play at your hotel, Airbnb, or during a long layover.

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Yahtzee Jr.

Yahtzee Jr. is a preschool version of the classic game Yahtzee. There is no reading required, so it’s perfect for toddlers.

Toddlers as young as 3-years-old can play this game with some help. Instead of keeping score, you can use tokens to keep track of whose winning.

All your little one needs to do is roll the dice and try to match as many Spidey friends as possible. The more characters they match, the higher the score.

If you have fond memories of playing Yahtzee with your parents or even grandparents, then this is the perfect toddler travel game to play at your hotel during a rainy vacation day.

Yahtzee Jr. Price

Zingo Bingo

Zingo Bingo is a twist on the classic game Bingo. This travel game for toddlers has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 25,000 reviews.

Up to six players can get in on the fun, making it perfect for a family game night.

There are different versions to help your early school-aged kids learn how to spell and recognize words. Kids of varying ages can play this game.

All you need to do is slide the Zinger, make a match, and the first to fill their card wins.

There is a reason this is one of the most popular games for preschool and early school-age kids.

Zingo Bingo Price

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Monopoly Junior

Like most kids in our generation, I grew up playing Monopoly with my mom and siblings. Every few years, for Christmas, we received an upgraded version of the game.

I remember coming home from college, and there was an electronic version with debit cards instead of cash. No, thank you!!! I want the old-school version, and I am the banker.

After another stroll down memory lane, I am excited to play Monopoly Junior with my toddler.

I can tell you now; it’s going to be a fight to be the banker because he likes to hold all the money.

This version of Monopoly is simplified to help preschoolers understand the rules before playing the full version of Monopoly.

I love that this version is faster, so your little one doesn’t get bored while playing. There are up to four players, so it’s fun for the entire family.

Monopoly Junior Price

Monopoly Junior Editions


Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition Board Game, Kids...

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Junior: Bluey Edition Board...

MONOPOLY Junior: Disney Princess Edition Board. ..

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Spot It! Finding Dory

Spot It! Finding Dory is a fun matching game that’s easy for toddlers to learn and play.

Our son loves playing this game. It is one of our favorite games to play on an airplane or at our Airbnb because it is quick to set up and easy to clean up.

This game has 30 unique symbols, but there is one that makes another card. The images are different sizes, but there is only one match.

It’s great because you can play again and again without getting bored.

Spot It! Finding Dory Price

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Candy Land – Unicorn Edition

Another classic game I played growing up was Candy Land. Today, there are different versions of the classic game, with Candy Land – Unicorn Edition being the most popular.

This fun travel game for preschoolers lets their imaginations run wild as they guide their unicorns to Rainbow Mountain.

No reading is required, so your little one can follow the pictures along the magical path to win the game.

Rainbow Mountain comes to life with a pop-up feature that makes the final destination 3-D.

I recommend taking this on your next family vacation, just in case there is a rainy day and you are stuck in your hotel room.

Candy Land Price

Classic Games

Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Disney Princess Edition...

Hasbro Hi Ho Cherry-O Game Disney Mickey Mouse...


Hasbro Gaming Chutes and Ladders: CoComelon...

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Useful games with children on the road and on vacation

The long-awaited summer has come, the season of trips, travel, and recreation. To keep a child busy on the road, to avoid whims and fatigue, to spend meaningful time on the road, we suggest remembering simple games that not only help diversify leisure time, but also contribute to the development of children.

"One Letter", "Word for Word", "Good-Bad", "Tales Inside Out", "What Happened Then?", "I Know Five Names" - a description of these and many other games that will allow you to have fun and spend time productively with your child, read on these pages. nine0003

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We wish you a pleasant stay and an exciting game!

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We develop speech


Players take turns naming cities or words on a given topic, such as the names of animals. Each player comes up with a word starting with the last letter of the previous one.


In a simple variant, players name words one after another in such a way that each new word begins with the last letter in the word named by the previous player. Only common nouns in the singular are used. It is forbidden to repeat the words mentioned earlier. For complication, you can choose a topic - for example, "transport", "animals", "food". nine0003

I know five names…

The child must name five items on a given topic. In the classic version, a ball is used, which, when naming each object, bounces off the floor once. If conditions do not allow playing with the ball, you can choose any other action accompanying naming that will rhythmize the child’s speech (for example, you can clap your hands or stamp your foot).


Participants must take turns naming objects on a given topic, by a given letter or syllable, by a given picture, etc. nine0003

Non-existent word

Narrator: “ I came up with some new words. Each of these words consists of two words that you know well. Tell me what are the words hidden in my new ones. The leader calls his “words”, while the children must guess what words the leader made up of.

Match the concept (word) to the definitions. For example: yellow, warm, bright Answer: the sun.

Magic word

First, you should agree on what words are considered "magic". “Magic” can be considered words starting with the letter “M” or any other letter (then the game will simultaneously develop the child’s phonemic hearing), or it can be words denoting birds, pets, etc.

You tell a story or say any words in a row. When pronouncing the “magic words”, the child must give a signal: to hit the table with his palm (raise his hand up or stand up).

Speaking poem

While reading the poem, say the underlined words together with your child.

A cow was grazing in the meadow - "Moo-oo, moo-oo."
The striped bumblebee flew - "Z-z-z, z-z-z."
The summer breeze blew - "F-f-f, f-f-f."
The bell rang - "Ding, ding, ding."
A grasshopper chirped in the grass - "Tr-r-r, ts-s-s. "
The prickly hedgehog ran - “Ph-ph-ph”.
A little bird sang - "Til-l, til-l."
And the angry beetle buzzed - "Wh-wh, w-w-w."

Developing attention


The host and the children have a dialogue, instead of “yes” you need to say “no” and shake your head, instead of “yes” and nod.

Don’t say yes or no, don’t take black and white any other colors/qualities, etc.).

Be careful!

Moderator: “If I name something that or who can fly, you clap your hands once, but if it’s something else, then you can’t clap.” You can also clap your hands when you see a certain object. nine0003

Catch a fish

The facilitator holds one arm bent at the elbow - this is the sea.

The second hand represents a fish. If the fish emerges from the water, the child must catch it - clap your hands. Then we make the game harder. Add additional actions:

  1. if the leader removes his hand behind his back (the fish hid behind a pebble), you need to stomp your foot;
  2. if the host calls the word "seagull", the child should say in response: "Fly away. "

Developing visuospatial functions


The child draws the flight path of the fly at the command of the leader: left, right, up, down, diagonally right, etc.


Looking at objects in the environment, comparing them with each other.

Drawing with two hands

Attach a piece of Whatman paper to any vertical surface (door, wall, closet), give the child a pencil or felt-tip pen in each hand and invite the child to draw circles with both hands at the same time:

  • both hands draw circles from left to right, both hands draw circles from right to left,
  • the right hand draws from left to right while the left hand draws from right to left at the same time,
  • The right hand draws from right to left, while the left hand draws from left to right at the same time.

Developing memory


The player needs to remember a combination of two words, both suitable in meaning and not.

Remember and repeat

The host thinks of several movements or a sequence of words. The players repeat.


Inventing unusual visual images to memorize words.

Developing thinking

We are going on a trip

“Let's imagine that we have a long and long journey ahead of us. What to bring? The question that arises in front of every traveler. Name, without interrupting each other, the things necessary for the journey. The winner is the one who names the last one of the most necessary things on the journey. nine0003

Notes: It should be noted that this game can drag on for an indefinitely long time. And all because the guys “took on a trip” not the most necessary things at all: electric stoves, beloved dogs, bicycles, TVs, even grandmothers, etc. Don't play!

3 liter can

Any letter can be selected. All players in turn begin to list words (nouns, in the singular, nominative case, without diminutive suffixes) for the selected letter, but at the same time such that they can be “put” in a three-liter jar. For example. We chose the letter "C". Words such as “matches”, “straw”, “sulfur” can “fit” into it ... But you cannot put “table”, “knock”, “chest”. Also, you can not "put" the drawn objects. The game seems easy at first, but after a while it gets harder and harder. The player who does not find more of the right words is out. The one with the most words wins. nine0003

Number game

If you are driving a car or walking down the street, you can play number games with a child of any age:

  • Learn numbers by looking for cars with certain numbers in the numbers;
  • Learn the alphabet by choosing cars with certain letters of the alphabet;
  • Learn to compare - find cars with 2 duplicate or consecutive numbers;
  • Learn to count - add up the numbers in the number plate in front of the moving car or look for cars with a certain value of the sum of all the numbers. nine0103

Guessing game

Guess an object that is in the children's field of vision. The rules are the same as for the game above. Participants ask probing questions about the characteristics of the item that can only be answered with “yes” or “no”.

Sea battle, tic-tac-toe are well-known and popular games. All they need is paper and pencils.

Developing vocabulary

One letter

An adult asks the children to look around the room and name all objects that begin with the letter "K" (or any other letter). The winner is the one who is the last to name the word with the letter "K". (cubes, paints, books, cat, cornice…”

Word by word

The adult defines the topic, for example, “Birds starting with the letter C”. First player starts: bullfinch (or other bird). The child repeats this word and adds his own: for example, bullfinch, tit ... The next player repeats these two words and adds his own: bullfinch, tit, magpie. The game continues until someone fails.

Only funny words

The leader determines the topic. It is necessary to call in turn, for example, only funny words. The first player says: "Clown". The second: "joy", the third - "laughter", etc. The game continues until the words run out. You can change the subject and name only green words, only round words, only spiky ones, etc. nine0003


An adult introduces a child to some phenomenon (object, image), say, rain, and asks him to answer the question: what is good about rain?

Children express their opinion (for example, “he feeds the earth”, “I like to look at him”, “he washes away dirt and dust from the roads”, etc.

Then the adult asks: what is wrong with rain?

Children speak out: “no one goes for a walk”, “it gets cold and you can get sick”, etc.

An adult might also ask this question: How do we decide if rain is good or bad?

Or this: rain is good for whom and what?

Rain is bad for whom and what?

In this game, you can also use controversial images (Barmaley, fear, illness).

From bad to good

An adult offers children to play transformations: make good out of bad, good out of evil, strong out of weak.

He writes or pronounces a word, for example, “angry” and suggests gradually, choosing words, to turn the word (for example, “angry” - “angry” - “displeased” - tolerant - sympathetic - "attentive" - ​​"caring" - "kind"). nine0003

You can try such transformations with any pair of antonyms.

General word

The leader pronounces the first syllable. All other participants in a circle add one letter at a time so that the word is beautiful, unusual, not much like anything else. If one of the participants feels that there is no need to add anything, that the word is ready, he says “Stop!”. The word is repeatedly pronounced, sung, whispered, so that everyone can think what it could mean, and everyone gives his own version of the meaning of the word. nine0003

For example: Livefuravia is rain in the tropics; this is a fairy planet.

Fairy tales inside out (based on D. Rodari)

An adult invites children in a well-known fairy tale to swap the main characters in places, i.e. to make the good ones evil, the brave ones cowardly, etc. For example, let the children invent and tell a fairy tale "Teremok" so that the teremok collapsed not because of the bear, but because of the mouse.

What happened next?

An adult invites children to come up with a sequel to one of the famous fairy tales. For example, he tells or reads the fairy tale "The Snow Maiden" and asks: what happened then, after the Snow Maiden turned into a cloud and rose into the sky? nine0003

Another great "fallback" option for keeping the kids entertained on the road is to let the kids offer you their games. They love it very much.

10 games to turn the road with your child into a fun trip

Gulnaz Sagitdinova

The road is the best time to play short thinking games with your child. Here are the games that will help you with this:

  1. Backwards game. When you are driving in a car or flying in an airplane, play this game with your child. Take a word and ask the child to say it backwards. For example, "CLOUD" would sound like "OKALBO". Children will find this game very funny. If you are not too lazy, then you can encrypt, in this way, the whole message! “Ym mitel an erom!”, for example. The child will have to strain his brain very actively in order to read such mirror words and phrases. nine0103
  2. One letter - many words game. Name nouns in turn starting with one of any chosen letter. Whoever runs out of words loses.
  3. Book-eater game. In this game, you need to match descriptions to objects that begin with the same letter. For example, you saw a cat. We are looking for a description with the letter K - "The cat is sneaking towards the box." Or you saw a fly, so we are looking for a description with the letter M - "Masha's mother washes the car. " This game is great for playing in the car and stimulates the mental processes. nine0103
  4. The game "Encrypted word". The game is that you choose a word, for example "table", and come up with a sentence with the child, the words of which begin with letters from the invented word. So: "Trunk of the Poplar Very Brittle" or "Blue Fog Enveloped Leningrad". It turns out very funny.
  5. Game - "Spy message". Each word of the alphabet is assigned a number: A - 1, B - 2, C - 3, D - 4, D - 5, E - 6, E - 7, F - 8, W - 9, I - 10, Y - 11 , K - 12, L - 13, M - 14, N - 15, O - 16, P - 17, R - 18, C - 19, T - 20, Y - 21, F - 22, X - 23, C - 24, H - 25, W - 26, W - 27, b - 28, S - 29, b - 30, E - 31, Yu - 32, I - 33. You think of a word or phrase, and your child guesses. For example, the word BOOK will look like this: 12 + 15 + 10 + 4 + 1. You can write encrypted messages to each other (for example, "17 + 16 + 18 + 1" "19 + 17 + 1 + 20 + 30"), do numbers in your secret language. This game is fantastic for developing math skills. To play this game on a plane or train, you can prepare a card with letters and corresponding numbers in advance. nine0103
  6. 6 words game. Talk to each other in such a way that the sentence contains 6 words, and they must make sense: “Today we will finally go to the circus! ".
  7. The game "The missing letter". Imagine that some letter is missing, just disappeared. For example, K . You need to talk to each other, avoiding the letter K in words. So: “Come on, let's go to the theater or the museum? - With pleasure. I suggest the Moscow Art Theater. “Great idea, let’s run for tickets!” Etc. Firstly, the game makes you think hard, and secondly, it develops vocabulary, because. the child sorts through the words in memory, looks for synonyms, selects different solutions. nine0103
  8. The best day exercise. Remember yesterday in detail. You will be surprised how mechanically we live. It is very difficult to remember the day in detail from morning to evening. Questions can be: what did you eat for breakfast, what did you drink, what color socks did you wear, what color was your father's shirt, what was your mother's hairstyle, how many children were absent from school, what fairy tale did you read in the garden, etc. All these questions stimulate memory and increase awareness of life.
  9. Game "Minute". nine0016 This game requires 2 or 3 players and is suitable for the whole family to play. One sets the topic, for example, "Nature", and the second must tell everything he knows about nature in a minute. There are no restrictions, you can say whatever comes to mind, the main thing is not to stop for exactly 1 minute. For example, “Nature is everything that surrounds us. However, we are accustomed to call nature some special place, away from the city and next to the forest and water. Once we went to nature with the whole class.

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