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  • This song was written by Black Pumas lead singer Eric Burton, who at the time was leading worship at a Presbyterian church, but wasn't feeling a lot of the music he was tasked to play. "I was trying to figure out how to write a song that explains the plight of someone who is spiritual trying to find their truth," he said in a track breakdown. "'Colors' was my attempt at writing something from my highest self."

  • Musically, the song started with the acoustic guitar part, which Eric Burton came up with when he had just started learning how to play. "I woke up from a nap on my uncle's rooftop in New Mexico and I was just playing note after note, whatever sounded good," he explained. "It worked out because I was able to find the bar chords to go to the chorus later on. "

  • Black Pumas is the duo of Burton and guitarist Adrian Quesada, who is also their producer. They met in Austin, Texas, and formed the band in 2017 - just a few years earlier Burton had been busking in California. They released their first single, "Black Moon Rising," in 2018. Their self-titled debut album was released the following year with "Colors," which got a music video in November 2019 and got added to lots of playlists.

  • The song was inspired by church, so Black Pumas made sure it has a gospel feel, with an organ, hand claps, and mighty background vocals by two female singers: Lauren Cervantes and Angela Miller.

  • "Colors" got a lot of attention when it was nominated for the Record Of The Year Grammy in 2020. It didn't win, but Black Pumas got to perform it on the show and earned plaudits from host Trevor Noah, who said: "Ever hear a band for the first time but feel like they've been your favorites your whole life? That's what we feel tonight. "

    This was the group's second trip to the Grammys: They were nominated for Best New Artist in 2019.

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Black Pumas Perform Colors on ‘The Late Show’: Watch – Rolling Stone

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Track appears on Austin duo's Grammy-nominated self-titled debut

Black Pumas performed their Grammy-nominated track, “Colors,” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday, January 19th.

To complement the song’s psychedelic soul, the Austin duo, their backing band, and a trio of singers delivered the track on a soundstage done up to recall the sets of music performance shows from the Sixties and Seventies. With some monochromatic, Mondrian-esque squares and rectangles floating against the beige backdrop, Black Pumas frontman Eric Burton crooned in his falsetto, “All my favorite colors/My sisters and my brothers/See ’em like no other/All my favorite colors.”


“Colors” appears on Black Puma’s self-titled debut, which arrived in 2019. The record’s deluxe edition, which dropped last year, was recently nominated for a handful of Grammys. “Colors” is up for Record of the Year and Best American Roots Performance, while the deluxe version of the album was nominated for Album of the Year.

Black Pumas have kept busy on the virtual performance circuit during the pandemic. They recently played “Colors” during a Biden-Harris’ pre-inauguration event, as well as a pair of songs on CBS This Morning. Last September, the duo delivered a three-song set for Rolling Stone’s In My Room series.


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Marie Rossi: "Singing is my way and my life"

Komsomolskaya Pravda


October 13, 2009 4:00

On October 23 and 30, one of the youngest talented singers will perform for the first time in the Concert Hall of the Khabarovsk Regional Philharmonic Generations, Muscovite with Italian roots, Marie Rossi

For many Far Eastern fans of classical music, the singer is still a mystery. Our correspondent managed to talk with Marie even before her arrival in the Far East. nine0004

- Hello. Tell me, what is Mari Rossi like outside the stage, at home? Please tell us about your home, your family, pets, if any?

- I am different and completely unpredictable. Especially in recent years, I want to live in harmony with myself. I listen to what my soul demands and follow its desires. I have many friends, although we rarely communicate, I get tired. Being a public person is not easy. I want to be in silence. My house is cozy, it smells of bread, there are many flowers. Green, purple, blue, fuchsia are my favorite colors. I don't keep animals in the house. Firstly, it is the responsibility for those whom we have tamed, and I, by virtue of my way of life, do not have the right to this, and secondly, in my understanding, animals should live in freedom. Birds in cages do not sing, and if they do, they do not sing joyful songs. nine0004

- Who is your closest admirer of your talent?

- My whole family. And she's big and friendly.

- It is said that the strength of your voice breaks chandeliers, and for some listeners your singing relieves physical pain. This is true?

- Perhaps this is somewhat exaggerated, although such facts took place. I'll tell you. At one of the concerts, a crystal chandelier shattered to smithereens, fortunately no one was hurt. True, I had to stop the concert for a while and deal with the fragments. I assume that this came from the direct vibrations of the sound, and not at all from the strength of the voice. Well, anyway, who knows? As for getting rid of physical pain... Five years ago, all my concerts were attended by two ladies, one of them was terminally ill and came to the concerts in order to relieve pain. Every time she thanked me for being her morphine. The second migraine disappeared for a whole month. My opinion on this matter? I don't want to seem immodest, but during the concert I give my all, maybe that's why people feel better. Or maybe from the great power of art? nine0004

- Gypsy, Jewish, Russian and Italian blood flows in you. And how many foreign languages ​​do you speak?

- I don't like national questions. I speak Italian, Russian, German. I sing for everyone. I give preference to the Russian language for its versatility and incomparability.

- In one interview, you said that your grandmother ran away from home, falling in love with a gypsy. Would you dare to do something like this? Are you adventurous?

- My grandmother was madly in love with her grandfather. Not every girl dares to do such an act, especially in our time. I want to add that her family was fabulously rich, and her grandfather had nothing but youth and love for her grandmother. I also think that the greatest value in life is love. Even health can be supported with money. And if the heart and soul do not reciprocate, what can be done about it? As for me, I am a big adventurer. My guardian angel has hundred meter wings. He does not sleep, guarding me. "Marie, you can't live without adventure" is a favorite phrase of my loved ones. nine0004

- You sang in front of Queen Elizabeth in the Kremlin. For you, such a noble person is different from ordinary viewers, is there any special feeling on stage or before a performance. And before which other famous people, politicians, did you sing?

- I have sung in front of many noble people. But I'm not a snob and I don't have any special feelings. It doesn’t matter to me who is in front of me, the main thing is that they listen to me. I can sing to one person, I don't care.

- About two years ago in one of the newspapers you told that you were going to participate in a DJ opera? Is it a tribute to modern fashion or do you really like the classics in processing? Did you manage to bring the idea to life? nine0004

- Something turned on inside and I lit up. The idea will come true on January 10, 2010 at the House of Music in Moscow.

- Getting sick for an opera singer is a special test. Have you ever had a cold before performances, lost your voice and so on? How do you deal with such ailments? And what in general can become an obstacle to your performance: a bad mood, poor health, bad conditions for performing, etc. ?

- Everyone gets sick, I am no exception. But I proudly carry the word “professionalism” on my shoulders, so for me the word “no” does not exist. Once, on my way to America, I fell ill with bronchitis. With difficulty, she brought down the high temperature and did not cancel concerts at Carnegie Hall, at the UN, at the Russian Embassy. The worst disease for a singer is the lack of professionalism, that is, the lack of a singing school. All bad moods, depressions, negatives - all later. After the performance, you can show off. nine0004

- How do you select your repertoire? Do you take into account the wishes of the fans?

- I used to be selfish and sang only what I liked. Now, first of all, I think about the people who came to me (almost to visit), and I must follow the rules of hospitality, that is, treat my dear guests with something very tasty, which means their favorite dishes. Therefore, I make a careful selection in my program, inserting only 2 or 3 unknown works there for review. Another thing is a monographic or educational concert, where the audience goes to get acquainted with new works. But with all this, I sing only that from which the soul burns. nine0004

- Pop stars usually have rather difficult riders: luxury rooms, richer cars, etc. Are you demanding enough in this regard?

- One thing is important for me - to get enough sleep before the concert in silence. Everything else is fluff and doesn't matter to me. I spent most of my life in Europe, America and saw how millionaires put on the simplest clothes, drove modest cars, ate in cheap cafes and the main thing for them was an idea. For me, the “Russian stardom” of one-day artists, whom no one will remember in the future, is not at all clear. Barbra Streisand or Al Pacino have never called themselves "stars", although who will deny that these are great people. nine0004

- Do you think that interest in opera is being revived in our time, or the classics will always have their not very wide circle of true fans and connoisseurs.

- Opera is an elite art. The great Edith Piaf bowed before Maria Callas and complained that she would never reach her heights. Why is singing to a phonogram valued in Russia? And how funny the inscription on the poster “live concert” looks like. What else should the concert be like? Classical singers always work live, almost always without a microphone and do not write on posters that the concert is "live". They do what any singer should do. Who loves and understands high music, he certainly soared above the world and fuss. Well, and who has not yet tuned in to high vibrations, he always has a chance. By the way, returning to the DJ opera, I am determined to promote it. Let the youth better hear the great masterpieces in modern processing than not hear at all. nine0004

- Have you already toured Russia, performed both in large and not so big cities? Where did you get it better?

- I respect and love my audience very much and they pay me the same, regardless of the city where I perform.

- Young talents from the provinces are now making their way onto the stage, exposing their creations on the Internet or participating in competitions such as "People's Artist" and so on. And how did you get through at the time? And what about those young talents who sing in the classical manner? nine0004

- Be proud of bringing great art to the world. To believe that talent will always be noticed and heard by people. Isn't that why they chose the classics? This path is difficult and thorny. Personally, I laid a lot of sacrifices on the altar of the Great School of Singing, but I didn’t think for a second that I regret it. This is my path and my life.

- Are you in Khabarovsk for the first time? How are you going to visit us? What have you heard about our city? Where would you like to visit?

- I have long wanted to visit the Far East, so immediately, without hesitation, I agreed to the offer. I know that during the years of repression many intellectuals were exiled here. I look forward to meeting you and looking forward to a long lasting friendship. nine0004

PS.: On October 28, Marie Rossi will sing in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, in the Palace of Culture of Aircraft Manufacturers.

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Sings and draws, reads and embroiders, composes poetry and songs . And it is not surprising that she has many hobbies. It seems that the beauty of her inner world extends to everyone around her. A simple village rural woman who worked all her life in the Zavety Ilyich SHPK, even in her school years she loved to read poetry. But fate so decreed that in the post-war years she was left to work on a collective farm, where there was an acute shortage of workers.


– We had a poultry farm on our collective farm, and during the holidays I worked there every year. Then, after the 7th grade, she got a permanent job. Unfortunately, I could not continue my studies, - the veteran of labor bitterly recalls.

We lived like everyone else, work, family, work, how we managed - still wonders.

– In 1969, the third congress of collective farmers was held in Moscow. I was sent there as a delegate. Our collective farm was a leader, all production indicators were good, it's nice to remember, - says L. Efimova. nine0004

Together with her husband Mercury, they raised five children. But in 2008, suddenly her husband passed away. She didn't know how to deal with grief. Sleepless nights began, inside - emptiness.

And then she pulled herself together. She began to write poetry and compose songs.

- In that harsh winter, my pink phloxes froze. I think everything in life is interconnected: I lost my husband and my favorite flowers. And she wrote a song about it, - says Lyudmila Isaevna.

And so it began. I remembered my childhood years - I wrote a poem, I saw a starling that arrived in early spring - again I was drawn to the lyrics. She dedicated several poems to her mother Alexandra Stepanovna Agakova, who never found out about her passion for poetry. nine0004

– When I started to write poetry, I made a special trip to Baldaevo to see the local history poet V. Muravyov. He read my poems and said: “Write. You succeed. Do not stop. Create,” I forever remembered these words. It's a pity that he passed away early.

Seeing the beauty around is a kind of gift. He looks at the dog in the yard - he will draw as if in reality, and then embroider with a stitch. He draws a cow with a calf with love and embroiders again. Favorite topics: children, nature, kind people. Thus, they all "move" to the walls of the house in the form of paintings. Leafing through the magazine, liked the cover, you should definitely try to translate this image onto the canvas. nine0004

Lyudmila Isaevna also embroidered images of her daughters: Tatyana and Venus. They were delighted, of course. One lives in the Tver region, the other in Moscow. Pictures-embroideries hang on the walls of the native house - and this is no coincidence.

– In my free time, I like to read the Yadrinsky regional newspaper Znamya Truda, thanks to which I keep abreast of all events. I subscribe to the newspaper in the Chuvash language, - says Lyudmila Isaevna. Favorite page is a corner of poetry.

Lyudmila Isaevna is a patriot of her land. She makes sure that her native street is beautiful and well-groomed. nine0004

– If a house in a village is empty, this does not mean that nettles, wormwood, etc. should grow there. So, we, the neighbors, need to mow, keep order, - the worker notes.

The most important thing is that 78-year-old Lyudmila Isaevna makes new plans, dreams of embroidering new images.

Librarian Lukina

Nadezhda Bundina When we hold big events, we definitely invite her.

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