Words rhyming with young

230 best rhymes for 'young'

1 syllable

  • Tongue
  • Hung
  • Kung
  • Lung
  • Sprung
  • Strung
  • Sung
  • Stung
  • Swung
  • Gun
  • Done
  • Fun
  • Son
  • Been
  • None
  • An
  • One
  • Un
  • Ton
  • Run

  • Rung
  • Pun
  • Dung
  • Flung
  • Slung
  • Clung
  • Junge
  • Chung
  • Ung
  • Hun
  • Spun
  • Bun
  • I'm
  • Bum
  • From
  • Some
  • Them
  • Come
  • Dumb
  • Mum

  • Drum
  • Um
  • Numb

2 syllables

  • Among
  • Foreign
  • Listen
  • Someone
  • Open
  • Reason
  • Gettin'
  • Broken
  • Person
  • Heaven
  • Women
  • Vision
  • Talkin
  • Happen
  • Human
  • Million
  • Begun
  • Given
  • Question
  • Stolen

  • Written
  • Taken
  • Smokin'
  • Lesson
  • Prison
  • Children
  • Seven
  • Thousand
  • C1
  • Golden
  • Satan
  • Woman
  • Couldn't
  • M1
  • Demon
  • Often
  • Kitchen
  • Sittin'
  • Garden
  • Common

  • Chicken
  • Jackson
  • Hidden
  • Actin
  • Certain
  • Weapon
  • Doesn't
  • Justin
  • Billion
  • Frozen
  • Fortune
  • Season
  • Lion
  • Dragon
  • Mountain
  • Poison
  • Chosen
  • Workin'
  • Fallen
  • Villain

  • Pardon
  • Jordan
  • Captain
  • Spoken
  • Leavin'
  • Button
  • Gotten
  • Ruin
  • Movin'
  • Jason
  • Beaten
  • Haven't
  • Cousin
  • Rotten
  • Driven
  • Christian
  • Asian
  • Sudden
  • Version
  • Martin

  • Ion
  • Lebron
  • Shotgun
  • Risen
  • Semen
  • Unsung
  • Samsung
  • Engine
  • Bacon
  • Tyson
  • Oven
  • Burden
  • Lyin'
  • Zedong
  • Eaten
  • Robin
  • Drivin'
  • Cannon
  • Compton
  • Treason

  • Veteran
  • Lemon
  • Cotton
  • Fountain
  • Curtain
  • Proven
  • Reckon
  • Rhymin'
  • Titan
  • Stephen
  • Urban
  • London
  • Become
  • Problem
  • Bottom
  • System
  • Freedom
  • Rhythm
  • Victim
  • Venom

  • Kingdom
  • Album
  • Awesome
  • Random
  • Welcome
  • Wisdom
  • Threaten
  • Shaken
  • Houston
  • Winnin'
  • Wesson
  • Spinnin'
  • Condom
  • Dyin'
  • Adam
  • Glisten
  • Brooklyn
  • Token
  • Dungeon
  • Shakin'

  • Causin'
  • Patron

3 syllables

  • Everyone
  • Anyone
  • Superman
  • Illusion
  • Imagine
  • Opinion
  • Religion
  • Precision
  • Decision
  • Forgotten
  • Eleven
  • Medicine
  • Alien
  • Confusion
  • Assassin
  • Mistaken
  • Oxygen
  • Heroin
  • African
  • Champion

  • Envision
  • Intention
  • Mexican
  • Division
  • Forbidden
  • Explosion
  • Forsaken
  • Conclusion
  • Indian
  • Awaken
  • Collision
  • Eminem
  • Platinum
  • Forgiven
  • Minimum
  • Horizon
  • Enlighten
  • Overcome
  • Invasion
  • Gentleman

4 syllables

  • Tv
  • American
  • Adrenaline
  • Television
  • Lyricism

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Near rhymes with youngB-Rhymes | B-Rhymes

  Word Pronunciation Score ?
1 swung s_wang 2361 Definition
2 won wan 2266 Definition
3 once wan_s 2266 Definition
4 one wan 2266 Definition
5 swum s_wam 2266 Definition
6 ones wan_z 2266 Definition
7 disjunct disjang_k_t 2225 Definition
8 conjunct kuhnjang_k_t 2225 Definition
9 junk jang_k 2225 Definition
10 injunct injang_k_t 2225 Definition
11 skunk s_kang_k 2200 Definition
12 punk pang_k 2200 Definition
13 pung pang 2200 Definition
14 plunk p_lang_k 2200 Definition
15 overstrung uh_uuvuhrs_t_rang 2200 Definition
16 slung s_lang 2200 Definition
17 slunk s_lang_k 2200 Definition
18 tung tang 2200 Definition
19 trunk t_rang_k 2200 Definition
20 tongue tang 2200 Definition
21 sunk sang_k 2200 Definition
22 sung sang 2200 Definition
23 stunk s_tang_k 2200 Definition
24 strung s_t_rang 2200 Definition
25 spunk s_pang_k 2200 Definition
26 sprung s_p_rang 2200 Definition
27 unstrung ans_t_rang 2200 Definition
28 hung hang 2200 Definition
29 defunct difang_k_t 2200 Definition
30 funked fang_k_t 2200 Definition
31 stung s_tang 2200 Definition
32 funk fang_k 2200 Definition
33 flunk f_lang_k 2200 Definition
34 flung f_lang 2200 Definition
35 hunk hang_k 2200 Definition
36 hunks hang_k_s 2200 Definition
37 clung k_lang 2200 Definition
38 dunc dang_k 2163 Definition
39 gunk gang_k 2163 Definition
40 chunk chang_k 2163 Definition
41 debunk dibang_k 2163 Definition
42 rung rang 2163 Definition
43 bunk bang_k 2163 Definition
44 shrunk sh_rang_k 2163 Definition
45 drunk d_rang_k 2163 Definition
46 dunk dang_k 2163 Definition
47 dung dang 2163 Definition
48 mung mang 2163 Definition
49 lungs lang_z 2163 Definition
50 among uhmang 2163 Definition
51 amongst uhmang_s_t 2163 Definition
52 lung lang 2163 Definition
53 bung bang 2163 Definition
54 monk mang_k 2163 Definition
55 liang l_yarng 2134 Definition
56 jump jam_p 2131 Definition
57 thrum th_ram 2105 Definition
58 stun s_tan 2105 Definition
59 stunt s_tan_t 2105 Definition
60 succumb suhkam 2105 Definition
61 stump s_tam_p 2105 Definition
62 sump sam_p 2105 Definition
63 ton tan 2105 Definition
64 sun san 2105 Definition
65 trump t_ram_p 2105 Definition
66 tum tam 2105 Definition
67 tun tan 2105 Definition
68 tonne tan 2105 Definition
69 unplumbed anp_lam_d 2105 Definition
70 thumb tham 2105 Definition
71 thump tham_p 2105 Definition
72 sum sam 2105 Definition
73 strum s_t_ram 2105 Definition
74 pun pan 2105 Definition
75 pump pam_p 2105 Definition
76 hum ham 2105 Definition
77 plunge p_lan_j 2105 Definition
78 plump p_lam_p 2105 Definition
79 plumb p_lam 2105 Definition
80 plum p_lam 2105 Definition
81 hump ham_p 2105 Definition
82 overcome uh_uuvuhrkam 2105 Definition
83 humph ham_f 2105 Definition
84 hunch han_ch 2105 Definition
85 punch pan_ch 2105 Definition
86 hon han 2105 Definition
87 punt pan_t 2105 Definition
88 spun s_pan 2105 Definition
89 sponge s_pan_j 2105 Definition
90 son san 2105 Definition
91 some sam 2105 Definition
92 rotund ruh_uutan_d 2105 Definition
93 slump s_lam_p 2105 Definition
94 slum s_lam 2105 Definition
95 scum s_kam 2105 Definition
96 scrunch s_k_ran_ch 2105 Definition
97 riverfront rivuhrf_ran_t 2105 Definition
98 refund rifan_d 2105 Definition
99 hunt han_t 2105 Definition

What is B-Rhymes?

B-Rhymes is a rhyming dictionary that's not stuck up about what does and doesn't rhyme. As well as regular rhymes, it gives you words that sound good together even though they don't technically rhyme.

23 common words that don't rhyme (actually rhyme)


upper limit-leaders' >

You've no doubt heard the old fact that nothing rhymes with orange . But in fact, the English surname Gorringe is like that of Henry Honeychurch Gorringe, the captain of the USS. Gettysburg - rhymes with orange . And so does Blorenge , the name of a hill in South Wales. But even if proper names such as surnames and place names are excluded, this still leaves sporang , an obscure name for the sporangium, the spore-producing part of the plant. So while it might all depend on your accent, how obscure the word you're willing to accept, and where exactly the stress falls in the word (because sporang can rhyme with orange or be pronounced "spoh- Range ”) seems to actually have a rhyme for orange .

In fact, although they often end up on lists of notoriously non-rhyming words, all of the words listed here have rhymes in English—assuming bizarre dialectal words and obscure scientific jargon are allowed.

1. Caustic rhymes with epacrid (in some pronunciations) the name of any plant of the genus Epakris , most of which are found in Australia.

two. worry partially rhymes with both phalanx meaning "in line" and grateful an old word meaning "to give thanks".

3. Beige is pronounced more like the first syllable of Asia than similarly spelled words such as age , measure , scene , and 07 rage , and 07 rage . But this does not mean that there is no rhyme in it; there are also gray , the name of a dull color in an undyed fabric.

Four. Bulb rhymes with Culb , an obscure 17th-century word for objection or harsh response.

5. Chaos rhymes with naos , the name of the innermost part of a Greek temple, and Speos , an Egyptian tomb built into a cave.

Samuel L. Jackson hold on to your

6. Circle rhymes with rumble , an old dialect word meaning "pull arms and legs towards the body", as well as both heterocercal and homocercal , two zoological terms describing fish tails that are either asymmetrical or symmetrical respectively.

7. Circus is a homophone, cercus , which is the name of an appendage on the body of some insects, and therefore rhymes with cysticercus , another name for a tapeworm larva. If it's too obscure, why not try rhyming it with the word cloudy is a 17th century word meaning "lack of thumb".

8. Concierge is a direct borrowing from French, so the number of English words it can rhyme with is already limited. But there is half-virgin , another French loanword used as an old-fashioned name for a virgin young woman - or as Merriam-Webster explains: "a girl... who utters obscene or obscene words and usually promiscuous caresses, but retains virginity". It literally means "half-maiden".

9. Stupid rhymes with hit , a dialect word for flattened, pounded meat or a sudden strong blow, among other definitions.

10. False rhymes with false , which is an alternative name for waltz, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

eleven. Film rhymes with film , an old Southern English word for dust or fine powder.

12. Mud rhymes with both shed which is the amount lost in spilling the drink (or the spill itself) and plowing which means toil or labour.

13. Gouge rhymes with curse which means "crowd or lament". In 19th-century college slang, cursed was also a long, boring, or difficult lesson or job.

14. bay rhymes with both sera , which is another name for flax toad plants, and hunt , an old Southwest English word for loose feathers coming out of pillows and cushions.

what is the rarest gem in the world

fifteen. Music rhymes with both old and dysgeusia , both of which are medical words describing, respectively, a complete or slight impairment of a person's taste sensations.

16. Violet rhymes with Hirple which means "to limp" or "embarrassing to walk" and curly , an old Scots word for a leather strap that goes under a horse's tail to secure its saddle (this also more broadly meaning "buttocks").

17. Replenish rhymes with both irritate which means "remove furniture" and Rhine which means "pertaining to the river Rhine".

18. Rhythm rhymes with the English place name Litham as does Smitham , an old word for fine malt dust or powdered lead ore.

19. Silver , after purple and orange , is the third of three English colors, presumably without rhyming. But there is child , an old dialect word for lamb.

twenty. Wasp rhymes with both cosp , a clasp for fastening a door or gate, and Knosp , an architectural ornament resembling a tree bud.

how did magnum pi die?

21. Width rhymes with width , an English dialect word that is variously used to refer to the length, depth or width of something - or literally the length of one side.

22. Window rhymes with tamarind , a Spanish-American drink made from boiled and sweetened tamarind fruit.

2. 3. Women rhymes with both Timon , an old word for a ship's rudder, and dim , meaning "to grow dim" or "to set like the sun." Woman however has no rhyme at all. (Probably.)

A version of this list was first published in 2015.

10 early symptoms of schizophrenia not to be missed

January 18, 2021 Likbez Health

Take extra care of yourself if you are 20-30 years old: people of this age are at increased risk.

Another 1.5 million people around the world will fall ill with schizophrenia next year. True, not all of them will understand this immediately.

Why schizophrenia is dangerous

The insidiousness of the disease is that its victims sincerely believe that they are healthy and refuse to visit a doctor. Meanwhile, the mental disorder progresses and it becomes more and more difficult to treat it.

The ending is so-so: a schizophrenic's behavior changes, he loses friends and support, often remains without work, forgets how to do elementary household self-service. And in the end, it becomes simply dangerous for others and oneself. "Voices in the head", which can order to open the gas in the apartment and bring a match to the stove, or, for example, take revenge on the seller who allegedly sold poisoned bread - this is about them, about schizophrenics.

This mental disorder cannot be completely cured, but it can be corrected so that it does not reduce the quality of life of the affected person. And the sooner you start, the higher the chance of success. The main thing in this matter is not to miss the earliest symptoms that indicate the development of a mental disorder.

10 early symptoms of schizophrenia

You need to look at yourself already in your youth.

Contrary to stereotypes, schizophrenia is a disease of the young.

The most insidious decade of life is between the ages of 20 and 30: it is at this age that most patients are first diagnosed with this mental disorder. In people younger than 12 and older than 40 years, the onset of the disease is rare.

The early signs of schizophrenia are very varied. But there are a few general points.

1. Change in hygiene habits

For example, in the past a person always brushed his teeth twice a day, but for some time now he remembers the brush only from time to time. If he remembers at all. Or he kept track of the freshness of his clothes, and now he regularly “forgets” to change his socks.

Lethargy is also a bad symptom. Suppose someone had a habit of taking a shower for 5-10 minutes, and now the same procedure is stretched for 20. This is also worth paying attention to.

2. Indifference to the opinions of others

Most often, the ability not to depend on the opinions of others is even a useful trait. But not always. If a person does not care so much about those who are nearby that he does not hesitate to pick his nose in front of people, or bite his nails, or flaunt his unwashed head for weeks, this is not a good sign.

3. Changing social habits towards self-isolation

This symptom is the easiest to recognize. A person who used to be an extrovert and easily made acquaintances suddenly begins to avoid contacts and tries not to leave the house. And if he left, he hides his eyes and tries to return as quickly as possible.

Sometimes the desire for social self-isolation is manifested in a passion for religion or philosophical currents.

4. Hostility, suspicion, aggressive reaction to criticism

A person "does not trust anyone." Everyone around “thinks only of themselves”, and “wish evil” to him. His convictions are categorical, and any counter arguments are accepted with hostility - up to insults and physical aggression. This is how mental disorders often manifest themselves.

5. Inappropriate emotions

For example, during joyful events, a person may express indifference or even cry. On the contrary, in tragic moments, he giggles or behaves unnecessarily lively.

Another option is that emotions completely disappear. A person becomes like a robot, by which you can’t understand whether he is happy or suffering, whether he likes what is happening around him or not. Sometimes impending schizophrenia also manifests itself in a complete loss of empathy: the sick person can calmly look at the scenes of torment of animals and people.

6. Loss of expressiveness of gaze and facial expressions

This symptom can be characterized by one phrase - "boring face".

7. Sleep disorders

In any form. For example, a person may suffer from insomnia or, on the contrary, begins to sleep all day long.

8. Problems with attention and concentration

It becomes difficult for a person to concentrate on one task. His attention is constantly scattered, he easily jumps from topic to topic.

9. Occurrence of strange or irrational statements

For example, a person suddenly begins to firmly believe in conspiracy theories. Or he regularly gives out maxims like “the boss was late for work today - this is probably because he drank a lot yesterday” or “we won’t hand over the report tomorrow, because the sun is setting in a cloud, and this is a sign.”

It is useless to ask on what logic these statements are based (see the fourth point).

10. Disorganized speech

Common signs of disorganized speech include:

  • frequent use of neologisms - invented words that have meaning only for the one who created them;
  • persistence, that is, the repetition of the same words and statements;
  • love to use rhyming words despite their meaninglessness or offensiveness;
  • inability to keep up a conversation on a given topic without going into memories and lengthy reasoning.

What to do if you notice symptoms of schizophrenia in yourself or loved ones

All of the above symptoms do not necessarily indicate the development of schizophrenia. They can be the result of stress or a special way of life circumstances. Or maybe you just misunderstood. And, let's say, a person became a recluse and stopped washing his hair simply because he switched to freelancing, where he almost does not have to leave the house, and that's not all.

Still, the symptoms are worth watching. If there are more and more of them, they are aggravated, it is highly desirable to talk about this at least with a therapist. Better yet, see a psychotherapist to help determine what caused the change in lifestyle and thinking.

If schizophrenia is caught at an early stage, it may be possible to correct it therapeutically - without the use of drugs. In more severe cases, you will need to take antipsychotic medications.

How not to get schizophrenic

But this is a difficult question. Scientists have not yet fully understood the mechanisms of the development of the disease. It is assumed that several factors provoke it at once - in particular, a genetic predisposition that is superimposed on some traumatic events.

Learn more