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Giant Harold and the Purple Crayon Mural

I have wanted to explore the book Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson for a long time. Round 2 of the Preschool Book Club was the perfect opportunity! One of my favorite aspects of the book is how Johnson makes the reader feel like you are jumping right into the each scene with the boy and his purple crayon. I wanted to take this feeling and create a Giant Harold and the Purple Crayon Mural. Come jump in with us!



roll of white butcher paper
purple crayons
purple paint
clear packing tape


verbal development
artistic development
fine motor development
gross motor development
color exploration


Begin by taping large pieces of white butcher paper to the wall. I made mine about 8 feet long and used two pieces to make the mural approximately 5 feet high. When I think of Harold and the Purple Crayon I immediately picture the simple window with the moon. I used these objects as a drawing prompt on our mural.

After reading Harold and the Purple Crayon I invited my children to create their own Giant Harold and the Purple Crayon Mural. “Mom, is that Harold and the Purple Crayon? Do WE get to draw on it?” I had them search our home for every purple crayon we own (great lesson in different hues of one color) and then my five year old, Quinn, thought it would be great to mix some different shades of purple paint. We got out our red, blue and white and got to work mixing. Now it was time to create our mural!

I love the large scale of this mural. My kids had to stand on their tip toes, crouch down and get chairs to explore the different parts of this mural. They had so much fun!

Keeping this mural focused on the process versus the end product made this project feasible for multiple age groups. While my son focused on a city scape, my daughters were more interested in the sensory experience and the broad brush strokes they are working on.

I was in awe of the enormity of the scale of our mural I can only imagine how large this seemed to a 3 year old. If I had a classroom I think it would be amazing to cover all the walls in butcher paper to make a full classroom mural.

My kids are so proud of their Giant Harold and the Purple Crayon Mural. I know this is a book they will not forget!

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