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9 Fun Versions of the Alphabet Song to Sing with Kids

Learning to sing the alphabet song is an important part of the process of  learning letter recognition on the journey to reading and writing. While I am pretty sure we all know the traditional alphabet song, these super cool versions are lots of fun and fabulous for bringing the letters of the alphabet to life for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary/primary aged children.

The Alphabet Song by The LMNOPs: An upbeat, groovy version of the classic song.

The Alphabet Song by Super Simple Songs: The most traditional version of the song in this collection with a great animation with plastic letters, great for encouraging kids to follow along.

Elmo Sings a Rap Alphabet Song: So Sesame Street has to have the most fabulous of all video alphabet resources, right?!! I’ve featured a few here, including this fun version with Elmo rapping.

ABC Disco with Grover: Now this is classic Sesame Street. In fact, I am pretty sure I first saw it in the 70s when I was a child! You just can’t go past disco!

Sesame Street’s Outer Space ABCs: A more classic song version from Sesame Street with a cool, space themed animation.

ABC Song by Debbie Doo: Debbie sings a catchy jazz version of the classic alphabet song.

The ABC Song by StoryBots: A fun robot animation with cool robotic singing voices.

ABC Phonics Song by The Learning Station: Teaching the alphabet through different musical styles! Love the rock version.

Animal Alphabet by Key Wilde: An fun alphabet story told through a song about fun animal antics with gorgeous illustrations. I can see this inspiring some great alphabet animal drawing with older children.

Have fun singing the alphabet! Do you have a favourite version?

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Alphabet Songs for Kids - PreKinders

By Karen Cox | Affiliate Disclosure | Filed Under: Alphabet

Here are some fun songs for teaching the alphabet with young children! These songs are great for Pre-K, Preschool, and Kindergarten.

This is a curated list of songs from YouTube.

I often use Alphabet song videos in my classroom because I believe that music (especially with movement) is the best way for kids to learn! Here are some I’ve tried.

Basically the entire Super Simple ABC’s YouTube Channel is fantastic, but I’ll list some great ones.

ABC Dance Song: You’ve Got to Learn It, by The Kiboomers

Super Simple Phonics Song A-I

Super Simple Phonics Song J-R

Super Simple Phonics Song R-Z

ABC Phonics Song, by The Learning Station

Act Out the Alphabet, by Jack Hartmann

Letter Sounds Workout, by Jack Hartmann

ABC Disco, by Jack Hartmann

Alphabet Workout, by Jack Hartmann

Hands Up for Letter Sounds, by Jack Hartmann

Rap Our Letter Sounds, by Jack Hartmann

Animal Alphabet Song, by Jack Hartmann

Lowercase Letter Formation Workout, by Jack Hartmann

Learning Letter Sounds, by Jack Hartmann

Alphabet Zoo, by Jack Hartmann

What Letter Is It?, by Jack Hartmann

Rock Out and Learn About the Alphabet, by Jack Hartmann

Let’s Learn About the Alphabet, by Jack Hartmann

This playlist has a song for each letter. Songs are out of order, but includes A-Z.

ABC Phonics Song, by The Kiboomers

I’ve Been Working on My Letters, by The Kiboomers

Alphabet Boogie Song for Kids, by The Kiboomers

Uppercase Letters – Super Simple ABC’s

Catchy tunes and introduce letter sounds along with words that begin with the letter.

Lowercase Letters – Super Simple ABC’s

Turn and Learn – Super Simple ABC’s

These Turn and Learn ABC videos are highly engaging for preschoolers! Actually, these are not songs to sing (there’s background music), but my class last year was so involved in trying to guess what the pictures were. Very interactive.


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Curriculum Review

Your child will participate in each of these activities throughout the day with us at Pre-K!


  • Increasing phonemic awareness
  • Play games with words and sounds (identify initial, final and middle sound; mix and segment words, syllables and phonemes)
  • Identify and create rhyming words
  • Sing songs (eg ABC songs) and read nursery rhymes.

Literacy groups

  • Letter matching games
  • Draw and describe pictures
  • Bingo letter/sound
  • Game memory
  • Concept varieties (e.g. fruit/non-fruit)
  • Practicing tracking/reading predictable texts

Story time

  • Read various children's books
  • Read books several times to develop understanding
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Answer questions to understand what is going on in the story
  • Play other people through characters in books


  • Plan: Children tell teachers and friends what they will do.
  • Do - children are allowed to play in the classroom with different materials. nine0006
  • Review - children tell teachers and friends what they did after they finished