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The Letter of the Day is a Sesame Street segment introduced in 2002, hosted by Cookie Monster. In 2004, Prairie Dawn appeared with Cookie Monster in the segments.

The original segments from 2002 all involved the letter written in icing on a cookie, which Cookie Monster constantly tried not to eat, but in the end, he gave in and ate the cookie anyway. Frank Oz performed Cookie Monster in some of these segments, and occasionally another character would help him, usually Grover or Prairie Dawn, as well as Ernie in an unaired segment.

Starting in 2004, when he was teamed up with Prairie Dawn, the letter presented was just a foam letter which Cookie Monster often wanted to eat. Prairie Dawn kept trying to get Cookie not to eat the letter, but Cookie Monster always managed to find a way to eat it anyway.

Some segments produced in 2005 involved "The Letter of the Day Games," a game show introduced by a very energetic off-camera announcer (voiced by Matt Vogel).

"The Letter of the Day" was a daily segment on the show until 2007. The 2004 segments with Cookie and Prairie Dawn appeared in some (but not all) episodes during that season. In season 39, new segments were made, commonly connecting to the street scene for that episode, featuring other characters instead of Cookie Monster. In season 40, Murray Monster began hosting the Letter of the Day, in addition to introducing various other show elements.


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Segments are listed in alphabetical order. To view chronologically, select the appropriate arrow to re-sort.

Season 33

Picture First Appearance Segment
A - Ernie Protects the Cookie

Cookie Monster enlists the help of Ernie to protect the letter "A" cookie. Cookie warns him that he will be very tempted, and beg and cry for the cookie (even resorting to telling Ernie's mommy), but no matter what, Ernie should not give it to him. However, Ernie does give him the cookie simply because Cookie politely asked for it.

Episode 3985 A - Safe

Cookie Monster locks the letter of the day cookie in a small safe and puts the key into the safe's top slot. It turns out that even a steel safe can't protect the cookie from a monster's hunger.

Video: Learning Letters with Elmo
Episode 4025 B - Cookie's Mother

Cookie Monster and his mother talk about the letter B. Cookie's mother tries to get her son not to eat it, but finally gives in to temptation.

Video: The Best Pet in the World
Online: (YouTube)
Episode 4004 C - Mumford's Trick

Cookie Monster asks The Amazing Mumford to make the cookie with the letter of the day disappear so that he can't eat it. Mumford tries and fails to make the cookie disappear, but Cookie Monster figures out a way to do it...

Episode 3990 D - DON'T Sign

Part 1: Cookie Monster makes a "DON'T" sign to prevent him from eating the Letter D cookie.
Part 2: Cookie Monster bites off part of the sign so it says DO, and then eats the cookie.

This segment was taped on May 24, 2001 and was directed by Lisa Simon.[1]

Episode 4000 E - Wild Animals

Cookie Monster brings out several wild animals which are supposed to "eat" the letter E cookie, until he realizes that his plan will not work out and decides to eat the cookie himself.

Episode 3997 F - Drawing

Cookie Monster plans to draw a picture of the letter F cookie so that he can eat the real one, yet still have a visual aid to teach with. He ends up eating both the cookie and the drawing, though!

Video: Furry Red Monster Parade

Episode 4011 G - Giant Cookie

Part 1: Cookie Monster discovers there is no cookie for him ("That funny--propman usually here hand it to me") until a giant one lands into his paws. Trying to sustain himself, he eats the giant cookie a few nibbles at a time.

Online: (YouTube) (Part 1)

Part 2: After eating the giant cookie, Cookie Monster has grown much larger. He burps, then starts naming G words like "gassy" and "genius."

Online: (YouTube) (Part 2)
Episode 4001 H - Hide

Cookie Monster decides to hide the letter H cookie. He then finds a place to hide it: In his tummy!

Episode 4007 I - Icing

Rather than eating the cookie, Cookie Monster decides to eat the icing instead. Doing so makes the letter disappear, allowing the rest of the cookie to be consumed.

Video: Learning Letters with Elmo
Episode 3993 J - Jumpin' J

Cookie Monster jumps along with a jumping cookie with the letter J on it. Upon "tiring" the cookie out, Cookie Monster promptly eats it.

Online: (YouTube) (15:48)
Episode 3989 K - Train

Cookie Monster sends his K cookie away on the letter K train so he won't eat it. Unfortunately, it returns a few moments later.

Episode 3981 L - Singing

Cookie Monster thinks that singing can help stop him from eating the "Letter of the Day" cookie.

Episode 3984 M - Disguise

Cookie decides to disguise the letter M cookie in an effort to not eat it.

Episode 4005 N - Letter Cookie Eating Prevention

Part 1: Cookie Monster tries to figure out how to not eat the cookie with an N on it.

Online: (YouTube) (Part 1)

Part 2: Super Grover tries to help keep Cookie Monster from eating it, but proves himself unsuccessful.

Online: (YouTube) (23:45) (Part 2)

In a rare instance of switching performers within the same segment, Frank Oz performs Cookie Monster in part 1. In part 2, David Rudman plays Cookie, while Oz performs Super Grover. Additionally, Eric Jacobson dubs Super Grover saying the word "nap."

Episode 3983 O - Package

Part 1: Cookie decides to send his cookie away so he can't eat it.
Part 2: Grover (from Federal Impress) takes Cookie's package to deliver it. The mailing address ends up being Cookie's. (Grover: I do not think he understands the concept of the postal service.)

Video: Sing It, Elmo!
Online: (
Episode 4003 P - Blindfold

Since P begins the word "Prairie," Prairie Dawn does not want Cookie Monster to eat the letter of the day, so she puts a blindfold on him and leaves. While Prairie is gone, Cookie Monster smells the letter P cookie and eats it, remarking "Piquant." When she comes back to check, Prairie Dawn sees that the letter P cookie is gone. Cookie Monster burps and covers his mouth; then an annoyed Prairie Dawn remarks "Pathetic."

Episode 3982 Q - Missing Part

Cookie Monster eats the little stemmy part off a Letter Q cookie, and Prairie Dawn thinks it’s the letter O. She worries that the viewers will be confused, urging Cookie Monster to "do something quickly. " He responds by eating the rest of the letter cookie. When Prairie Dawn groans "Oh!" Cookie Monster corrects her: "No, Q." Prairie ends the segment by announcing, "I quit!"

Episode 3995 R - Rap Song

Cookie Monster sings a rap song about the letter R, naming R words and singing about how he shouldn't eat the letter of the day while singing the song, but then he finishes the song (and after that, he finishes the cookie).

Video: All-Star Alphabet
Online: (YouTube) (31:59)
Episode 4006 S - Super Plan

Super Grover has a super plan to keep Cookie Monster from eating the letter of the day. He puts the cookie into a basket, and pulls it up with a rope. However, Cookie Monster pulls down on and eats the basket, sending Super Grover flying.

Video: The Cookie Thief
Episode 4023 T - Hat

Cookie Monster makes a hat from a letter T-shaped cookie. Unfortunately, he's so hungry he could eat his hat.

Episode 3994 U - Rocket

Cookie Monster puts the letter of the day, U, on a rocket and sends it away, but it comes back.

Episode 3987 V - Bricks

Cookie Monster carries a heavy load of bricks in an effort to not eat the letter V cookie. However, after he falls down, he eats it anyways.

Episode 3992 W - Naming Words

Cookie Monster decides to take his mind off eating the letter of the day cookie by naming words that begin with W. Prairie Dawn shows up, but Cookie Monster is too deep in thought to notice her. When she finally gets his attention, he eats the cookie.

Online: (YouTube) (40:35)
Episode 4018 X - X-Ray

Cookie Monster eats the cookie with the letter of the day before he can introduce any words beginning with X ("Oh, me feel tremendous guilt. "), so an Anything Muppet doctor puts an X-ray machine in front of Cookie Monster; he reveals the monster's insides, with a still-intact X floating around to complete the word "X-ray."

Video: Alphabet Songs
Episode 3988 Y - Suitcase

Cookie Monster locks the letter Y cookie in a suitcase so he won't eat it, but the suitcase has no bottom. "Me wonder how that happened."

Episode 3986 Z - Great Wall of Cookie

Part 1: Cookie Monster avoids eating the "Letter of the Day" cookie... for now.
Part 2: Cookie Monster builds the Great Wall of Cookie to separate him from the "Letter of the Day" cookie.
Part 3: Cookie Monster smashes through the Great Wall of Cookie, and then eats the letter Z cookie.

Season 35

Picture First Appearance Segment
Episode 4064 A - Aggravating

Prairie Dawn encourages Cookie Monster to think of words that begin with "A. " She can't successfully keep him from eating the letter in question, though, much to her "a"ggravation.

Episode 4106 C - Cookie

Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster introduce the letter of the day. While he doesn't intend to eat the letter, Cookie Monster does note that "C" stands for cookie... eventually leading him to do just that.

Online: (YouTube) (2:25)
Episode 4061 E - Pretending Letter E is a Cookie

Prairie Dawn begins to introduce the Letter of the Day segment, when Cookie Monster comes in, saying the green letter E is a cookie. Prairie tries to correct Cookie, and is relieved when Cookie says he pretending. He cites "Eat," "Egg," and "Elephant" as E-words. Prairie compliments him, saying that it's "Excellent." The cookie Cookie imagines has chocolate chips, delicious sprinkles, and vanilla icing. Cookie's eats the letter E, stating "Me have good imagination. " Frustrated Prairie Dawn says "I'm going to imagine this never happened."

Episode 4097 H - Role Reversal

After Cookie Monster promises not to eat the letter H, Prairie Dawn retorts that he will eat it: she mimics his typical speech and behavior in these segments, even eating the H herself after losing control.

Episode 4067 K - Kowabunga

Cookie Monster teaches Prairie Dawn a new K word, "Kowabunga."

Video: Sing It, Elmo!
Episode 4069 M - The Sound of Mmmm

Prairie Dawn convinces Cookie Monster that the letter M is not a cookie, but is for "Mmm-Monster" and other M words. Cookie Monster says that "Mmmm" is the sound he makes after eating a cookie. He proceeds to demonstrate by eating the letter "M," which Prairie Dawn declares "Mmm-Messy. " "And educational!" Cookie Monster adds, as he "Mmm"'s off the stage.

Video: Good Night Sesame, TV Episode Fun Packs: Volume 2
Episode 4059 N - Horn of Dilemma

Prairie Dawn tells Cookie Monster that the letter N is not a cookie, but Cookie Monster finds himself on “horn of dilemma” and eats the letter N.

Online: (YouTube)
Episode 4070 O - Oh

Prairie Dawn assures Cookie Monster that the letter O is not a cookie and does her best to intervene, but he eats it anyway as a means of "making sure." Oh!

Episode 4063 T - Tasty

Cookie Monster looks intently for cookies, but according to Prairie Dawn, there are none in the vicinity. He eventually comes to the same conclusion, but only after eating the letter "T. "

Episode 4082 Z - Cookie Distraction

Prairie Dawn decides to give Cookie Monster a plate of cookies so he doesn't eat the letter Z, but alas, as Prairie lectures, Cookie Monster eats all the cookies and then proceeds to eat the Z.

Season 39

Picture First Appearance Segment
Episode 4169 A - Vote

Elmo, Zoe, and a letter A Muppet vote to see a film about the letter A.

Episode 4173 B - Back

In a parody of The Tonight Show, Big Bird introduces Snuffy, who will present the letter B on his back. However, Big Bird sees no B, until he spots Slimey on Snuffy’s back, wearing a hat with a B on it.

Episode 4166 C - Magician

While Chris washes the counter at Hooper's, Elmo shows up as a magician. He makes the letter C appear, then "disappear."

Episode 4177 D - Dance

Abby and Big Bird watch as Maria and Luis continues to dance. They receive a knock at their door from the letter D, who has come to dance with them.

Episode 4178 E - E in the Mail

Big Bird finds the letter of the day, E, in his mailbox, which transitions into the next segment.

Episode 4165 F - Firefly

Chris realizes that he forgot to show the letter of the day, and the fireflies help him out by forming a letter F.

Episode 4181 G - Laundromat

Chris planned on showing the view the letter of the day, but it was dirty so he’s washing it. In lieu of that, he shows the viewer the letter G in the washing machine.

Episode 4170 H - Birthday Present

Baby Bear opens one of his presents, and finds the letter of the day, H, inside, which transitions to the next sequence. ..

Episode 4180 I - Vest

Telly shows Baby Bear his new vest, which has letters all over it. On the back is the letter of the day, I.

Episode 4167 J - Vest

Telly shows Baby Bear his new vest, which has letters all over it. On the back is the letter of the day, J.

Episode 4163 K - K Sold at a Nest Sale

Big Bird and Snuffy host a nest sale. Rosita comes rushing in, looking for the letter of the day, K, and finds it in Big Bird's nest.

Episode 4161 L - Laundromat

Still at the laundromat, Murray Monster displays the letter of the day, L, and asks Gordon to give some L words. Gordon does so, even though he's busy with his load of lots of laundry.

Episode 4176 M - Stuck

At the Laundromat, Leela asks Horatio to help her show the letter of the day, M. However, he gets stuck in the entrance way.

Episode 4186 N - Blocks

Gina shows the Letter of the Day block to Marco; the block says "N."

Episode 4164 O - O in the Mail

Big Bird finds the letter of the day, O, in his mailbox, which transitions into the next segment.

Episode 4171 P - Talent Show

Big Bird and Snuffy present the letter of the day, P, who displays its talent by making its own sound.

Episode 4172 Q - Spaghetti Stain

Gina tries to eat her lunch, a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, in the garden, but is spooked by the cheerleaders, leaving a Q-shaped stain.

Episode 4184 R - Book

Big Bird finishes reading a book about a dinosaur to Connor and Tiffany, and picks up another book: the "Letter of the Day" book. He opens it, revealing the letter R, and sees the next segment...

Episode 4162 S - Shoes and Socks

Gabi reveals the letter of the day, S, by showing what she wears on her feet: a sneaker, a sandal, and socks.

Episode 4183 T - Laundromat

Chris planned on showing the viewers the letter of the day, but it was dirty so he’s washing it. In lieu of that, he shows the viewers the letter T in the washing machine.

Episode 4168 U - Book

Big Bird finishes reading a book about a dinosaur to Connor and Tiffany, and picks up another book: the "Letter of the Day" book. He opens it, revealing the letter U, and sees the next segment...

Episode 4179 V - Transform

Leela jogs by and runs into the letter V, who tells her that he’s playing Hide and Seek with Rosita. His way of hiding is to split in half and become the number 11. Once Rosita leaves, he becomes a V again.

Episode 4175 W - Digging Dirt

Slimey and Oscar watch as Dirty digs a letter W in the dirt.

Episode 4174 X - X Sold at a Nest Sale

Big Bird and Snuffy host a nest sale. Rosita comes rushing in, looking for the letter of the day, X, and finds it in Big Bird's nest.

Episode 4185 Y - Robots

The Alpha-Beta Bots introduce the letter of the day, Y.

Season 40

Picture First Appearance Segment
Episode 4197 A - Rap

Murray and the kids rap about A words.

Episode 4194 B - What's on Me That Starts with B?

Murray and the kids play plays "What's on Me That Starts with B?" Kids identify the B words Murray wears.

Episode 4196 C - What's on Me That Starts with C?

Murray and some kids play "What's on Me That Starts with C?" Kids identify the C words Murray wears.

Episode 4190 D - What's on Me That Starts with D?

Murray and some kids play "What's on Me That Starts with D?" Kids identify the D words Murray wears.

Episode 4188 E - What's on Me That Starts with E?

Murray and the kids play "What's on Me That Starts with E?" Kids identify the E words Murray wears.

Episode 4189 F - Bring Out Your F

Murray plays "Bring Out Your F" with some New York citizens.

Episode 4207 G - What's on Me That Starts with G?

Murray and some kids play "What's on Me That Starts with G?" Kids identify that Murray wears glasses, gloves, and two green things: a hat and a scarf.

Episode 4187 H - Bring Out Your H

Murray plays "Bring Out Your H" with some New York citizens.

Video: Be a Good Sport
Episode 4199 I - Rap

Murray and the kids rap about I words.

Episode 4204 J - Bring Out Your J

Murray plays "Bring Out Your J" with some New York citizens.

Video: M is for Mystery
Episode 4193 K - Bring Out Your K

Murray plays "Bring Out Your K" with some New York citizens.

Episode 4203 L - Bring Out Your L

Murray plays "Bring Out Your L" with some New York citizens.

Episode 4210 M - Bring Out Your M

Murray plays "Bring Out Your M" with some New York citizens.

Video: Dance Party!
Episode 4201 N - Bring Out Your N

Murray plays "Bring Out Your N" with some New York citizens.

Episode 4200 O - Old MacMurray

Murray sings "Old MacMurray Had an O" and names some O words, including orange and octopus.

Episode 4212 P - What's on Me That Starts with P?

Murray and some kids play "What's on Me That Starts with P?" Kids identify the P words Murray wears.

Episode 4198 Q - Rap

Murray and the kids rap about Q words.

Episode 4205 R - Bring Out Your R

Murray plays "Bring Out Your R" with some New York citizens.

Episode 4209 S - Rap

Murray and the kids rap about S words.

Video: Monster Magic
Episode 4202 T - What's on Me That Starts with T?

Murray and some kids play "What's on Me That Starts with T?" Kids identify the T words Murray wears.

Episode 4191 U - Rap

Murray and some kids rap about U words.

Episode 4208 V - What's on Me That Starts with V?

Murray and some kids play "What's on Me That Starts with V?" Kids identify the V words Murray wears.

Video: Learning Rocks
Episode 4195 W - Bring Out Your W

Murray plays "Bring Out Your W" with some New York citizens.

Episode 4206 X - Rap

Murray and the kids rap about X words. However, he stops the song, realizing how few X words there are. Instead, they name words that end with X.

Episode 4192 Y - Rap

Murray and some kids rap about Y words.

Episode 4211 Z - What's on Me That Starts with Z?

Murray and some kids play "What's on Me That Starts with Z?" Kids identify the Z words Murray wears.

Video: Monster Magic


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