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Aqua Words

Make words out of fun bubble letters.


Bob the Builder - Can Do Zoo

Build Bobland Bay Zoo from the ground up!


Bob the Builder: Can Do Carnival

Save the Carnival and do fun educational activities!

8. 5

Caillou Kindergarten: Counting and Thinking Skills Combined

Learning counting and spelling is fun when playing with Caillou!


Caillou Preschool - Alphabet, Colors, & Shapes

Learn shapes, colors and the alphabet in three languages.


Diego's Dinosaur Adventure

Join Diego on his big adventure!


Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

Explore four storybooks to help save the Crystal Kingdom!


Dora the Explorer: Swiper's Big Adventure!

Help Dora and Swiper save a lost baby fox!

7. 5

Doras Carnival 2: At the Boardwalk

Learn, have fun and win great prizes at Dora's carnival!


Doras Carnival Adventure

Help Dora win lots of fun prizes!


JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade Fundamentals

Get Ready for 2nd Grade with a Worldwide Adventure!

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JumpStart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals

Get a headstart on your child's early learning skills!


La Casa De Dora

Explore the fun inside Dora's home!

7. 0

Math Blaster Ages 7-9

Exciting story & game combined with age 7-9 math!


Piano Teacher   Mobile

Learn how to play piano with this free portable music app.


Reading Blaster Ages 9-12

Stop a madman who's turning people into appliances!


SpongeBob SquarePants Typing

Help SpongeBob win the typing tournament!


To the Rescue Bundle!

When disaster strikes, count on The Rescue Team to save the day!

8. 0

Trivia Crack   Mobile

A fun and fast-paced game that anyone can pick up and play!


Tux Typing

Improve your typing skills!


Typer Shark Deluxe

Learn to be an excellent typer and have a great time doing it!

What are Educational Games?

Computer games have been extremely popular over the last several decades. People of all ages enjoy playing games on the computer as a form of entertainment. Unsurprisingly, computer games are especially popular among children. Educators have taken advantage of this fact to create computer games specifically designed for children. These video games are often referred to as “educational games” or “edutainment”. They are designed to teach or reinforce concepts and ideas in the context of a computer game. This means that kids can learn while they are having fun.

Kids computer games often allow the child to interact with the characters in the game. They can manipulate objects and variables in an effort to solve a goal. Often, they must learn how to solve puzzles, learn facts, or learn new skills before they can advance to the next level of the game. Some computer games force children to plan ahead and can be effective at developing their strategic thinking skills. After working on and improving these skills in the context of a computer game, the skills can often be transferred over and used to solve problems in real life.

Computer games used for education are a hot topic among many educators. Computer and video games are often portrayed in the media as mindless entertainment that often does more harm than good. However, there have been emerging studies that actually show the opposite. For this reason, many school systems in the United Stakes and the United Kingdom have begun to include computer games as part of the educational curriculum.

History of Educational Games

One of the first and most widely known computer game for kids was The Oregon Trail. This game was originally developed in 1971 by three student teachers in Minnesota. One of the teachers had the idea to create a video game based on a history class that he was currently teaching. By 1974, the game was accessible by students across Minnesota. The first Apple version was released in 1978, and proved to be extremely popular. Subsequent editions were released in 1980, 1985, 1992, and 1997. As late as 2009, an updated version was released for the iPhone. Many adults today can remember playing The Oregon Trail on Apple computers when they were in school.

Another extremely popular educational computer game was Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? developed by Broderbund Software in 1983. This game was originally designed as an effort to get children interested in geography facts. In this game, the player acts as a detective and tries to hunt down Carmen Sandiego as she travels around the world committing crimes.  Players would have to know geographical facts in order to follow the right clue leading to the capture of a criminal. This game, originally on the Apple II computer system, also spawned a wide variety of spinoffs, including Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego?, and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? It also spun off several television game shows for children on the PBS network.

Another classic kids computer game was Math Blaster. Math Blaster was first released in 1987. This game made math fun for kids by forcing them to quickly solve math problems as an integral part of the game’s fast paced shooter gameplay. Based on the popularity of Math Blaster, a sequel was produced in 1989, and soon an entire suite of games we produced under the Blaster Learning System brand. These included Reading Blaster and Science Blaster.

Due to the popularity of these early kids computer games, many other titles were released with the intent to both entertain and educate children. Some of these titles included:

* Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
* The ClueFinders
* EcoQuest
* Storybook Weaver
* Genomics Digital Lab
* Treasures of the Deep
* Gizmos & Gadgets
* Reader Rabbit
* Quest Atlantis
* JumpStart
* PlaceSpotting

Who Might Like These Types of Games?

These games can be great for teachers and parents. Many parents are reluctant to let their children play video games when they would rather have them reading or playing outside. When children ask for video games to play, these can be great. Parents can be sure that their children are getting a learning benefit from them as well as having fun.

Teachers also are constantly looking for ways to educate their students in a fun way. These games can be a way to accomplish that; engaging the mind, teaching skills, and solidifying the concepts using interaction, audio, video and entertainment all at the same time.

Download Educational Games - Best Software & Apps


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Sago Mini School (2 to 5)


Classes at the Sago Mini School are in English only. Don't miss the release of the application in other languages!

Free download for 7 days - no obligation and no cancellation fee!

Welcome to Sago Mini School! This is a unique learning program for children aged 2 to 5, based on curiosity.

The program was created by specialists in the field of education and games. With educational games and themes specially selected for children, your little one will learn to count, read and write, get acquainted with the sciences and develop spatial skills. Through play, children learn to apply what they have learned to everyday life, while developing problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and creative thinking.

"Finally, an app that puts into practice what educators and child development professionals have known for a long time: the child's brain is most receptive to learning while playing!" -
Jessica Frost, teacher and education consultant

""I love that the Sago Mini School starts with something that children have a natural interest in. Then there are activities that make them want to play, discover new things and learn. "" -
Connie Bossert, Educational Psychologist, PhD

Designed by the award-winning creators of Sago Mini World. They know that children learn best while playing!

Learn with us! Heavy trucks, Bugs, Rainbow. .. And new topics every month!


'-Fun and toddler-approved topics - Bugs, Heavy Trucks, Rainbows - help you apply what you've learned to situations that children have a natural interest in.
• More than 50 creative activities; new stuff every month.
• Drawing, reading aloud, tracing letters, mazes, obstacles, interactive games and many other activities will not let you get bored.
• Children can navigate the app themselves, and for subscribers - no annoying ads and in-app purchases.
• The purpose of the application is to teach your child the basics of mathematics, reading and writing, to introduce science to science, to strengthen language skills, to develop spatial and creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
• The app has been certified by PRIVO to be compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
• Learning on the go! Download lessons and play without WiFi!
• You can play on multiple iOS devices with one subscription.
• Tested by preschoolers: fun laughter guaranteed


About the subscription
By subscribing, new users are entitled to a free trial period, after which they can choose a yearly or monthly option. The subscription can be canceled at any time in the iTunes Settings section.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Do not need automatic renewal? Resume options are adjusted in the Settings section.

The subscription is valid on any device registered under your name (Apple ID). Family Sharing does not apply to Sago Mini School or other Apple subscriptions. The subscription cannot be used by different family members registered under different names (Apple IDs).

The subscription can be canceled at any time, free of charge, in the Settings section.

Privacy Statement: Sago Mini is committed to protecting the privacy of you and your children. We follow strict rules under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act to protect your child's online data. The full text of the Privacy Statement is here.

9Oct 20 0052 2022

Version 2.8

ATTENTION, NEW THEME: Farms! It's time to get up... there's so much to learn on the farm! In the course of new activities and games, farmer Robin will show you how life works on a farm. Learn all about farm animals, how farmers grow their crops, and more!

Ratings and reviews

ratings: 468

Firstly -

Why do my parents have to pay every month or year?
Secondly - the trial mode is given only for 24 hours, WHY!?
And so the game is class, there is everything to learn and play, but I'm 10 years old and still love this game👍

The best game in the world❤️💛💚💙💜

The best game in the world❤️💛💚💙💜

Hello, we are so glad to hear that you like the School! Thank you for studying and learning with us! :)


As always the best ❤️


The developer of Sago Mini has indicated that, in accordance with the app's privacy policy, data may be processed as described below. Detailed information is available in the developer's privacy policy.

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The following data may be collected that is related to the user's identity:

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Sensitive data may be used differently depending on your age, features involved, or other factors. Read more


Sago Sago Toys Inc.

899 MB


4+, for children 0-5 years old

© Sago Sago Toys


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Fonya - as a virtual nanny. You will have the opportunity to leave the child alone with the application, without your presence, while being confident in the usefulness of the time spent.

Access to all content requires a paid subscription.

We are ready to implement your wishes and look forward to your feedback at [email protected].

Privacy policy:

Terms of use:

Version 2.3.1

Hello friends!
We've updated the mini-games to make it even easier to play and the kids will love it!

Ratings and reviews

Ratings: 65


Daughter 1.6 liked the application, tell me it will be paid in the future?

Hello, thank you for your feedback. Yes, after the end of the trial period, you will need to purchase a subscription that is convenient for you. Creating an application requires the work of developers, psychologists, methodologists and artists. Also, with your subscription, we can buy coffee and make more games for you :)



Hello! We are very sorry that you had to face this situation. Please contact us at [email protected] if the problem is still present and we will try to resolve everything promptly.

Return the money

Terrible, the subscription connects automatically, refusing to renew it again and again!!!!!!
Written off 5 thousand !!!!!! Give back the money, please!!!!!! It's just awful!!!! It's not worth it, just a terrible scam for money!!!!!!

Hello! We are very sorry that you had to face this situation. Please contact us at [email protected] if the problem is still present and we will try to resolve everything promptly.


Developer Tabi Land Inc. indicated that, in accordance with the application's privacy policy, data may be processed as described below. Detailed information is available in the developer's privacy policy.

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The following data may be collected that is related to the user's identity:

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Unrelated with user data

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Sensitive data may be used differently depending on your age, features involved, or other factors.

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