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First Grade Spelling

First grade students love Spelling Stars online spelling program because we offer fun spelling games that change every time. Students can login from anywhere with an Internet connection and practice spelling or play games. Teachers can create their own spelling lists or use our lists. In addition to that, teachers can edit our lists once copied and share them with other teachers. Take spelling off your plate with the help of Spelling Stars!

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Google Classroom Integration

Teachers can make their spelling lists, copy spelling lists from us, or copy lists other teachers. Once lists are copied from other teachers or us, they can be edited. There are many ways to add your spelling lists to our system.

Benefits of Spelling Stars

  • Use our 1st grade spelling games to help students become more familiar with their spelling words while playing.
  • Teachers can create differentiated spelling lists that are saved year after year.
  • It's easy to create student user ids and passwords or use Google Classroom to login.
  • We provide Game Play Reports for teachers so they can track how much students practice.
  • We provide practice reports for teachers.
  • Spelling tests are graded instantly.
  • If using Google Classrom, teachers can sync spelling test grades with Google Classroom after running reports.
  • Spelling worksheets include word scramble, fill in the blank, word search and multiple choice.
  • Perfect for remote learning or hybrid classrooms.

Spelling Lists

Teachers can make their spelling lists, copy spelling lists from us, or copy lists other teachers. Once lists are copied from other teachers or us, they can be edited. There are many ways to add your spelling lists to our system.

  • Upload Excel or CSV files
  • Copy and paste your spelling words and use our sentences
  • Add your spelling words one at a time and create custom sentences
  • Copy our ready-made lists, or lists from known publishers
  • Copy lists from teachers you know
  • Copy lists from other teachers members

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We have another website made specifically for the HomeSchool environment. Students can practice, take spelling tests and play games with our spelling lists or you can make your own.

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Visit our math website with free math videos, worksheets, basic math facts games and much more.

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Interactive Spelling Games

Play spelling games with your spelling lists or ours. Help your students learn through gamification.

Practice Spelling

We make it easy for students to practice spelling and for teachers to track how many times students practice online.

Take Spelling Tests Online

Students can take their spelling tests online. All tests are graded instantly and scores are displayed on screen and logged for teachers in reports. Parents can login from home to view their student's spelling test grades.

Spelling Games for 1st Grade | LoonyLearn

First grade is a time for students to grow their vocabulary. Students begin to move beyond sight words for the first time spelling more complex words. By the end of first grade, your child can write and describe school, home, and the environment. You will be amazed at how much your child can spell!

At LoonyLearn, we want students to get excited about spelling through gaming. Students engage in learning through our fun spelling games made for young learners. Your child will fight pirates and use magic to spell three-letter to five-letter words. As your child plays their confidence grows and so does their spelling ability.

Our first-grade spelling word lists are meant to help your student as they begin to read more fluently. We created our lists to include similar structured words, for example, mop, hop, and top. In first grade, each of our lists also include common words. These common words appear frequently in Level 1 books and reading proficiency tests.

Here are some example first-grade lists:

-ell Words and Common Words -ack Words and Common Words -i-e Words and Common Words
bell back nice
tell sack drive
fell black mine
sell snack wise
well their dime
go if five
could will lime
would up above

Each of the games below can be played with any of our LoonyLearn spelling lists and lists you create yourself. Just select the list you want to learn then choose the game you want to play.

Easy Spelling Games for 1st Grade

Oh no! The spell-animals are out of their cages! Help the zoo keeper dorp the good and bad spell-animals back to their correct cages.

In this game, the player is given a word and must decide if the word is correctly or incorrectly spelled. The player then places the word into the “good” or “bad” cages.

There are two kinds of water spelloons, good spelloons and mis-spelloons. Pop all the good water spelloons and move on to the next level.

In this game, the player is given six words and must select which of the words are correctly spelled. The player places the slingshot in front of the correctly spelled words to select them.

Watch out! The mean pirates are getting close to shore. Help destroy their ship before it’s too late.

In this game, the player must select the correct letter to complete the word on the ship’s sail. The player follows the ship with the canon and selects when to fire the canon to complete the word.

Normal Spelling Games for 1st Grade

Willy the Wizard loves casting spells but he can’t spell words. Help Willy put the letters back in order to spell the spelling word. Tap on the letters to put them back in order.

In this game, the player must use the wand to capture the letters in the correct order. Spell the entire word correctly to move to the next level.

Oh no! The mean monsters have mixed up all the letters and hid them around the maze. Help Molly the Monster find all the letters in the correct order to spell the spelling word. Make sure to watch out for the mean monsters! Ue your arrows to move around the cave.

In this game, the player navigates the maze to collect letters to spell the word. The player must avoid the purple monsters and the walls to grab the letters.

Help Freddy the Frog move around the busy road and river to collect letters in the correct order to spell the spelling word. Watch out for the cars and water!

In this game, the player uses the arrows to guide the frogs across the street to collect letters. The player must avoid the cars to spell the words.

Hard Spelling Games for 1st Grade

Yolo the Yeti loves the snow but he can’t spell words! Help Yolo collect all the letters to spell the spelling word.

In this game, the player moves the yeti across the screen using the control arrows to collect the letters. The player must avoid to flags and the snow mounds to spell the word.

Oh no! The aliens are attacking! Shoot down the correct letter and all the alien pods will explode.

In this game, the player moves the defender ship with the control arrows to shoot the correct letter. The player must spell the word letter-by-letter. Make sure to avoid the lasers from the alien invaders!

Help Speedy the dinosaur move around the race track to collect letters in the correct order to spell the spelling word. Watch out for the bad letters!

In this game, the player moves the car around the track with the arrows to collect the letters. The player must collect the letters in the correct order while avoiding the incorrect letters.

The Spell-Adactyl is hungry, but he can’t see the difference between good letters and bad letters. Help the Spell-Adactyl eat all the good letters to spell the spelling word.

In this game, the player moves the Spell-Adactyl using the arrows to collect the letters in the correct order. The player must collect the letters in the correct order while avoiding the incorrect letters.

useful sites for elementary school children

True Words website

True Words is an educational site for first-graders and not only. Used to test knowledge of the Russian language. In addition to practical tasks, there is also theory - no need to look elsewhere. The site makes it easy to track progress. For the first graders, the Easier than Easy course is a great addition to the main educational process.

Skazbuka application

A useful site for elementary school students — here the kid can learn reading, math and English. The interface does not strain the eyes, and the tasks are divided according to the age scale. The advantage of a convenient function: using the limit, you can limit the time that the child spends in the application.

App for first graders available for iOS and Android.

Application "Math and logic for children"

This application for elementary school children was developed in collaboration with teachers and psychologists. Includes small games that are aimed at developing thinking, logic, geometric imagination and counting skills. Just what first graders need! Available for iOS.


Nambi App

The app has over 1,000 fun math problems that fit the first grade school curriculum. You need to bathe the monsters, help the llama climb the rock, launch the dachshund into the air and feed the birds with cookies while studying mathematics. The app for first graders is available for iOS.

Bubl Draw application

An unusual application that will develop the creativity of the baby: here you can draw and compose music at the same time. Each color sounds different and changes tone depending on the shape of the picture. Perhaps this will make it easier for parents to choose an additional section - you will find out what the child likes best. Available for iOS.

Learn English Kids website

This educational site for first graders and all children who are just starting out in English is developed by the British Council, the international organization representing the UK in the field of culture and education. On the site, kids can listen to songs, watch cartoons, play educational games and much more.

Memory Trainer application

Application for everyone who wants to train their memory. You need to memorize pictures and choose them from many others. With each step, the number of pictures grows, and the game becomes more difficult.

This educational application is suitable for Android.

Foxford Elementary School

It's good to have separate educational resources and apps for first graders to work on specific subjects and fill in gaps. But if a first grader needs comprehensive online learning, Foxford will come to the rescue!

Foxford Elementary School is an interactive online learning experience for grades 1-4. The child will be able to master the school curriculum in real time: at the appointed time, students gather on the platform and watch the webinar. No need to go anywhere and waste time on the road!

In grades 1-2, parents are present at the lessons with their children in order to immediately receive methodological recommendations and help the young student write his question in the chat. And in grades 3-4, children can already interact with teachers themselves, and separate methodological webinars are held for parents.


Education includes all the subjects required in the primary grades:

  • Russian language and literary reading (in grades 1-2 these subjects are combined into one - literacy),
  • mathematics,
  • the world around,
  • English,
  • algorithms.

Classes are taught by teachers whose average teaching experience is 15 years. They know how to interest children and find an approach to everyone.

Students and parents are provided with the materials they need to succeed in their studies. Also, the class teacher is always ready to help kids and parents. And during the school year, a psychologist, speech therapist and other qualified professionals hold webinars for parents, where you can ask questions and get recommendations.


Suitable for Foxford Elementary School

  • Those who are willing to attend first and second grade with their children.
  • Those who want to build an individual learning path for their child from the first grade and learn what is interesting.
  • Families who often move or live abroad but want their children to have a Russian diploma.
  • For those with poor health or traumatic experience in regular school.

Use online resources to make learning more modern and efficient. And for a full-fledged education, come to Foxford Primary School.

9 free apps to help you improve your literacy

January 28, 2022

5 min

Rus 📖

It's a shame to make mistakes in simple words and get reprimanded because of wrong stress. Therefore, we share nine free applications that will help improve literacy and improve vocabulary.

1️⃣ Literate! Russian language test

Android, iPhone

A simple but fun quiz that won't take long and will help you remember the correct spelling of words. Of the benefits - the application is free and created according to explanatory and spelling dictionaries.

Each test in "Literate!" consists of 20 questions, each - four options for writing a difficult word. You need to choose the right one. At the end of the game, the score is from 1 to 5+.

2️⃣ Word Map

Android, iPhone

The Word Map application is a thesarial dictionary of the Russian language. It allows you to remember the compatibility of words and find synonyms. Also in this free application there are meanings of stable expressions and morphemic parses of words are given.

3️⃣ Glazary of Language


The only application that contains the most complete information about the structure and history of the Russian language. Modern linguists worked on the project.

The free application includes over 600 author's articles, 2,000 linguistic concepts and popular science essays. There is an index of terms and linguistic concepts.

4️⃣ Skorogovorun: Russian language

Android, iPhone

This free app is your personal speech therapist. It helps to improve speech, remember stress in words and work out diction with the help of tongue twisters, poems and breathing exercises.

5️⃣ Word of the day

Android, iPhone

There are many words that we hear but don't know the meaning of. This free app introduces a new compound word and its meaning every day. This is how memory is trained and vocabulary is replenished.

6️⃣ Fillwords

Android, iPhone

Word building game. It may seem simple, but as the number of letters increases, the complexity of the game increases. Trains attentiveness and replenishes vocabulary

7️⃣ Spelling: a game-test for knowledge of the Russian language

Android, iPhone

This free application will help you expand your vocabulary and remember the correct placement of stress in words. You can also play with a friend: in this mode, each player takes turns answering the same 20 questions.

8️⃣ Excellent student in Russian 6 in 1


The game consists of several sections: grammar, stress, pronunciation, punctuation. Playing it five minutes a day, you can significantly improve your literacy.


The game helps to improve vocabulary and improve concentration.

Learn more