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Once upon a time, in a little house on the edge of the woods, a girl called Goldilocks lived with her parents. One morning, she woke up as the sun was streaming through her window; thinking it was time for school, she leapt out of bed.

Downstairs her mother was busy.

“It’s far too early for school. Don’t get under my feet. Why don’t you go out for a walk? You can pick me some blackberries to make a pie for dinner tonight,” she grumbled.

Goldilocks went skipping into the woods swinging a basket for the blackberries. Singing to herself, she went further and further into the woods.


After a while, she began to feel hungry and a little tired. Across a clearing in the woods she suddenly saw a cottage.

“Perhaps I could get something to eat there and have a rest,” she thought.

She knocked on the door but there was no reply. Gently, she pushed the door and, to her surprise, it opened. Cautiously, she went in.

“Hello?” she called, but no one answered.

The door had opened into a kitchen. On the table she could see three bowls of porridge which smelled so delicious that it made her tummy rumble. The bowls were three different sizes: big, middle-sized and tiny. And by each bowl was a chair also big, middle-sized and tiny.

Goldilocks scrambled onto the biggest chair because it had the biggest bowl of porridge by it. She picked up a big spoon and tried the porridge.

“Ouch!” she cried.“This porridge is too hot!”

She moved onto the next chair and the next bowl. Picking up a middle-sized spoon she tried the porridge.

“Yuck!” she said, for it was very very cold.

Goldilocks moved onto the next chair and the smallest bowl. Picking up the smallest spoon, she tried the porridge. It was just right. So, very quickly, she ate it all up.

As she was finishing it, she began to hear a strange creaking sound and, just as she ate the last spoonful, the legs of the chair she was sitting on broke and she landed with a bump on the floor.


After all the porridge and the bump, she suddenly felt very sleepy. So she went up the twisty stairs to see if she could find somewhere to lie down.

First of all, she found a great big bed. She climbed up onto it but, oh, it was too hard.

Then she found a middle-sized bed. She climbed into it but it was too soft, she felt as though she would disappear in it.

Then she found a teeny tiny bed. This felt just right so she climbed into it, pulled the covers over herself and was soon fast asleep.


While she was sleeping, the owners of the cottage came back. They were three bears: Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear. They’d been for a walk in the woods before breakfast and now they were hungry.

“Hello, what’s this?” growled Daddy Bear, in his great big voice. “It looks as though someone’s been messing with my porridge and whoever it is has left muddy footprints on my chair.”


Mummy Bear came to look.

“You’re right, my dear,” she said in her soft, growly, middle-sized voice. “Someone’s been eating my porridge too and I’m sure the cushion on my chair has been sat on.”

Then Baby Bear began to cry.

“Someone’s been eating my porridge and they’ve eaten it all up and they’ve broken my chair as well!” he sobbed in his little, squeaky, teeny, middle-sized growl.

“Who could have done this? And where were they now?” they wondered.

They looked around the house and went upstairs.

“Well,” growled Daddy Bear, “someone’s been lying in my bed but they’re not there now.”

“Someone’s been in my bed too,” said Mummy Bear, “but I can’t see them.”

Then they heard a squeak from Baby Bear.

“Daddy! Mummy! Come quickly, there’s someone fast asleep in my bed!”

Daddy and Mummy Bear raced into his room and stood around the bed looking down at Goldilocks. She woke with a start and was frightened to see three bears all looking at her. 

Before they could say anything, she jumped out of bed, out of the window and ran away through the woods back to her home because she didn’t know that they were really gentle, friendly bears.

“Well I never,” growled Daddy Bear, scratching his head. “My grandfather told me people were strange. Fancy, eating all that porridge and then running away.”

Puzzled, the three bears went back to the kitchen where Daddy Bear mended Baby Bear's chair, while Mummy Bear made more porridge. And from that day to this, bears all over the world have always known that people are strange creatures who are not to be trusted with porridge.

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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Picture by Bertie - a retake of the classic illustration by Walter Crane.

Duration 3:15.
Based on the Charming version by the Victorian writer Andrew Lang.
Read by Natasha.

Once upon a time there were three bears, who lived together in a house of their own in a wood. One of them was a little, small wee bear; one was a middle-sized bear, and the other was a great, huge bear.

One day, after they had made porridge for their breakfast, they walked out into the wood while the porridge was cooling. And while they were walking, a little girl came into the house. This little girl had golden curls that tumbled down her back to her waist, and everyone called her by Goldilocks.

Goldilocks went inside. First she tasted the porridge of the great, huge bear, and that was far too hot for her. And then she tasted the porridge of the middle bear, and that was too cold for her. And then she went to the porridge of the little, small wee bear, and tasted that. And that was neither too hot nor too cold, but just right; and she liked it so well, that she ate it all up.

Then Goldilocks went upstairs into the bed chamber and first she lay down upon the bed of the great, huge bear, and then she lay down upon the bed of the middle bear and finally she lay down upon the bed of the little, small wee bear, and that was just right. So she covered herself up comfortably, and lay there until she fell fast asleep.

By this time, the three bears thought their porridge would be cool enough, so they came home to breakfast.

“SOMEBODY HAS BEEN AT MY PORRIDGE!” said the great huge bear, in his great huge voice.

“Somebody has been at my porridge!” said the middle bear, in his middle voice.

Then the little, small wee bear looked at his, and there was the spoon in the porridge pot, but the porridge was all gone.

“Somebody has been at my porridge, and has eaten it all up!” said the little, small wee bear, in his little, small wee voice.

Then the three bears went upstairs into their bedroom.

“SOMEBODY HAS BEEN LYING IN MY BED!” said the great, huge bear, in his great, rough, gruff voice.

“Somebody has been lying in my bed!” said the middle bear, in his middle voice.

And when the little, small, wee bear came to look at his bed, upon the pillow there was a pool of golden curls, and the angelic face of a little girl snoring away, fast asleep.

“Somebody has been lying in my bed, and here she is!” Said the little, small wee bear, in his little, small wee voice.

Goldilocks jumped off the bed and ran downstairs, out of the door and down the garden path. She ran and she ran until she reached the house of her grandmama. When she told her grandmama about the house of the three bears who lived in the wood, her granny said: “My my, what a wild imagination you have, child!”

(Updated with shorter version September, 13, 2016).

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Once upon a time there was a daddy bear, a mommy bear and a baby bear cub. It is customary that bears live in dens, but this family settled in a beautiful tree house in the middle of the forest. It was small, but they lived in it very nicely.

As in any family, all the bears were different and used to live according to their own conveniences. Each of them had their own chair in the living room. Papa Bear sat in a wooden rocking chair by the fireplace. Mama bear is in an easy chair by the window. The baby bear had his own little chair next to the toy chest. nine0003

At night, all three bears slept in their own beds. Papa Bear had a big bed with a hard mattress. Mama bear loved to sleep in a medium sized bed with lots of soft pillows. The little teddy bear slept in a small crib, which was just right for him in length and breadth.

One morning papa bear cooked porridge for his family for breakfast, poured it into three different bowls, and the bears sat down at the table to have breakfast. Father, mother and son rarely agreed, but after tasting the porridge, they all agreed that it was too hot. nine0003

– Maybe we can take a walk while the porridge is getting cold? Dad suggested. We haven't been out with the whole family for a long time.

Mother bear and baby bear thought it was a wonderful idea, and together they went for a walk in the forest.

On the same day, a little girl from a nearby village was walking near their home. For her beautiful golden curls, she was nicknamed Goldilocks.

Surprisingly, Goldilocks did not meet the bears in the forest, although she reached their house shortly after they left. She had never seen such a home before. Goldilocks was a curious girl who loved to explore new places, so she knocked to ask to come in. nine0003

She knocked hard and was very surprised when the door swung open. The bears forgot to lock it behind them.

- Hey! Is there anyone at home? Goldilocks called, but only an echo came back.

Without waiting for an answer, Goldilocks decided to wander around the house. The smell of fresh porridge led her to the kitchen, and the girl saw three bowls on the table.

– Porridge! My lovely! - she exclaimed.

During the walk, Goldilocks got so hungry that she completely forgot about decorum. She grabbed a spoon, tasted Papa Bear's porridge without asking, and immediately burned herself. nine0003

“Too hot,” Goldilocks said.

She moved over and scooped up some mama bear porridge. Her bowl was much closer to the window, and the porridge had cooled so much that it didn’t even taste like porridge.

“Too cold,” said Goldilocks.

She moved further and tried the baby bear's porridge. And she smiled, deciding that porridge should taste like this.

- That's it! - she said.

Goldilocks ate the baby bear's porridge clean and began to look for a place to rest. She walked into the living room and sat in Papa Bear's rocking chair. It was so hard that it hurt her to sit in it. nine0003

“Too hard,” Goldilocks said.

She moved to the mama bear chair. It was so soft that the girl almost drowned in it.

“Too soft,” said Goldilocks.

She didn't manage to get out of the bear's chair right away. And when it did work out, Goldilocks sat down in the little bear's chair, and it fit her.

- That's it! - the girl said happily.

As soon as she leaned back in her chair, it suddenly collapsed right under her. Before Goldilocks looked back, she was on the floor. She had never broken her chair and was very frightened. nine0003

“I must have overeaten the porridge,” the girl said.

There were no more comfortable chairs left, and Goldilocks decided to rest on the bed, especially since after a long day of walking she was not averse to taking a nap. The girl went to the bedroom and lay down on the bed of Papa Bear.

“Too hard,” she said.

Goldilocks jumped out of bed and climbed into the mother bear's bed. Like the chair, her bed was so soft that Goldilocks sank into it and barely got out. nine0003

“Too soft,” she said.

The only thing left in the bedroom is the baby bear's bed. Goldilocks sat down on her to make sure the bed would support her. Then she climbed under the covers and lay down comfortably.

“That’s the best…” she muttered, yawning, closed her eyes and immediately fell fast asleep.

Soon a family of bears returned from a walk. They rejoiced and rejoiced until they saw that the door of their house was wide open.

- It's strange, I remember, I closed the door, - said the mother bear. nine0003

- Looks like we have uninvited guests! growled Papa Bear.

The bears rushed into the house. They first searched the kitchen, but found nothing out of the ordinary except for an empty porridge bowl.

- Someone ate my breakfast! - said the baby bear.

The bears then searched the living room, but found only a broken armchair.

- Someone broke my chair! - the little bear cub sobbed.

Only the bedroom remains. Papa Bear released his claws and headed there, not knowing who he would find there. nine0003

- Someone is sleeping in my bed! exclaimed the baby bear. - Yes, it's a girl!

The bears were very surprised that a little girl could make such a mess. They gathered by the bed and looked at her. Goldilocks felt this, woke up and saw bears around her. She screamed so loudly that all three bears covered their ears.

Goldilocks jumped out of the bedroom, ran through the living room, rushed past the kitchen and quickly rushed out the door. The bears chased the girl through the forest for a long time, until they decided that now she certainly would not return to their home. nine0003

That's how Goldilocks learned that you can't eat someone else's porridge without asking, sit in someone else's armchairs, sleep in someone else's bed, and go into other people's houses. And she never did that again.

The End

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The classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, reimagined in a reality show style.

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