Homers car design

The Homer Simpson car is a great lesson in building products | by Patrick Thornton

One of the first things I do in all of my classes is show this clip of Homer Simpson trying to design a car. I’m serious.

It’s a great lesson in how not to build a product.

Watch it, and then let’s walk through why it has so many great lessons for product design and development.

One of the things that makes the Homer Simpson Car clip so interesting is that Homer has real desires in a car that are perfectly reasonable. As designers our job is to figure out people’s problems and desires and translate those into great products.

Homer wants a large car because he is a family man with three kids and two pets. He’d also like ways to not be distracted by his three kids while he is driving. He wants places to put his drinks.

Homer often struggles to find his car when he parks in a large parking lot. Homer wants a car that is pretty quick because he wants to feel alive every now and then in his suburban dad life.

All of this is great feedback from a user. Understanding the problems Homer faces and understanding his life is a great way to inform design. By utilizing contextual inquiry and user interviewing, we can find out the problems that people like Homer face and synthesize that data and translate it into actionable requirements to build again.

Where the Homer Simpson Car implodes is that it lets a user actually design the car. Homer is not a designer. He has no idea how to design anything.

So it ends up that Homer has really bad solutions to his problems. He can’t take sensible requirements and make them into good product design. Almost no user can. Don’t let users design your products for you.

But good product design is not about letting your users design your products for you — it’s about solving users problems and making their lives better.

A lot of you are allowing Homer Simpson to design your products

“Whhhhhhhat?” I hear you saying. The ability to translate feedback from users (after gathering it in a methodical way) and translating that into requirements is a real skill.

Never ask your users what to build. Ask your users what they are trying to do.

How can you avoid building the Homer Simpson Car?

Before you ask, observe

Start off with contextual inquiry. Watch people go about their lives and do their work. After you observe, start asking questions.

Rock your users interviews

User interviewing is a great combination with contextual inquiry. You observe and then you ask questions. The key to good user interviewing is to ask good, probing questions. Never lead the user!

Translate your user research into thoughtful requirements

Synthesize your research and then translate it into thoughtful requirements. When you sythensize research, you should also be abstracting it. Build your requirements around solving problems for users. Focus on activities.

Activities go across users and often even cultures. Design for activities by translating your research into the core activities your users are trying to do.

Follow a well-defined rubric when designing new products

This is the rubric we use at FiscalNote and here are the guidelines for good product design we follow. It helps get everyone at the company speaking the same language and understanding how we define good.

Homer wasn’t wrong

It wasn’t Homer’s fault that the car he designed turned out so badly — it was the fault of the company that asked a random person off the street to design their product. A lot of you are letting Homers design your products and then blaming them when things turn out poorly!

Don’t ask random people to build your products. Take ownership over your own work, and take ownership on your users being successful.

Our most important job as product designers is to take ownership of the success of our users.

FINALLY: Homer Simpson-Designed Car ‘The Homer’ Comes to Life


It's powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball. Oh, and it has a "Bort" license plate.

By Doug Aamoth June 27, 2013

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Season 2, Episode 15 of The Simpsons was a true classic. We learned that Homer had a half-brother named Herb Powell (voiced by Danny DeVito), who ran a car company in Detroit called Powell Motors.

Well, Herb needed some ideas for a new car and he turned to Homer to help him build a car that would appeal to the masses. Homer came up with “The Homer,” a wonderful mess of an automobile with the tagline “The Car Built for Homer.”

Here are the car’s features, according to the Simpsons Wiki:

  • The Homer has two bubble domes; one in the front, while the one in the back is for quarreling kids, and comes with optional restraints and muzzles.
  • According to Homer, the engine sound causes people to think “the world’s coming to an end.”
  • There are three horns, as Homer claims that “you can never find a horn when you’re mad.” The three horns play the song “La Cucaracha.”
  • The car also features gigantic cupholders, which actually became a feature on many cars in the 1990s onward.
  • The car has various outdated features such as bubble domes, shag carpeting, and tailfins. It also has a metal bowler as a hood ornament.

The Homer was marketed as, “powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball” and “designed for the average man.

How much did such incredible automotive refinement cost? The Homer’s sticker price was $82,000. Unsurprisingly, Herb’s company quickly went out of business. But that doesn’t mean The Homer isn’t an appealing automobile to the right person.

As you can see in the above video, the team at Porcubimmer Motors has taken the bold, bold steps of making The Homer a reality. What’s more, it’s a race car. The team will be racing The Homer at the 24 Hours of LeMons race on June 29 in Buttonwillow, California.

Powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball sounds like the ultimate combination for a race car. Looks like this race will be over before it even starts.

The Homer – a 24 Hours of LeMons race car [HomerCar.com via @SpeedSportLife via  @Tim_Stevens]

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Machine in Turkey | How much does it cost to maintain a car in Turkey?

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  • How much does it cost to maintain a car in Turkey?


Reading time: 2 minutes


  • When buying a car in Turkey
  • Car maintenance taxes in Turkey
  • Compulsory transport insurance
  • Inspection in Turkey
  • Gasoline and Diesel in Turkey nine0004

Owning a car in Turkey is not cheap. Prices for cars, gasoline, taxes, insurance do not get tired of unpleasantly surprising drivers.

Today we will tell you how much it will cost to buy and maintain a car in Turkey!

Despite this, the Turks are very fond of cars and every middle class family has at least one car.

However, let's get down to specifics.

How much does it cost to maintain a car in Turkey?

Here are some of the expenses that await you if you can't imagine life without a steering wheel. nine0011

When buying a car in Turkey

A special consumption tax called ÖTV is what raises the price of cars in Turkey.

The ÖTV tax in Turkey at the end of 2021 ranges from 45% to 220% of the value of the car, depending on the engine size.

Literally a month ago, the state reduced the rate of this tax, but even now it is not a small amount.

For example, for a mid-range car with an engine capacity of up to 1,600 cm3, the ÖTV tax rate will be 50% of the car's value. nine0054

Value Added Tax (VAT) which in Turkish is called KDV - (18%)

Electric vehicles are also not exempt from these taxes.

For electric vehicles, the ÖTV tax is calculated from the engine power in KW and currently ranges from 10 to 60% of the value of the vehicle. VAT for electric vehicles will be the same as for normal cars and will be 18%.

Car maintenance taxes in Turkey

This is the so-called transport tax, which is called MTV. nine0031

It is calculated based on 3 factors: engine size, car cost and age.

For example, the MTV tax for the most popular middle class, for cars aged from 1 to 3 years and with an engine size from 1301 to 1600 cm3 and costing more than 99.000 TL, will be 2.197 liras per year, or approximately 250 dollars per year at the rate of September 2021.

It can be paid simultaneously or 2 times a year in equal installments.

We do not recommend forgetting about timely payment, because in case of delay you will be charged penalties. nine0011

Compulsory transport insurance

It will also be necessary to pay for compulsory OSAGO insurance, according to Turkish Zorunlu Trafik Sigortası.

Its size depends on whether your car was in an accident and ranges from 800 to 3.500 Turkish liras for cars, if you take an average of 1.500 liras, then it turns out the cost of OSAGO is 170 dollars per year.

You can also take out additional insurance (Casco). It also depends on many factors, its average size can be estimated at around 2.300 liras or 260 dollars per year. nine0011

Inspection in Turkey

Inspection for light vehicles is carried out once every 2 years. The average cost for passenger cars is 372.88 TL in 2021, or roughly $42.

Gasoline and Diesel in Turkey

Fuel in Turkey has long been famous for its rather high prices. The only thing that pleases is that it is of very good quality and you do not have to worry about the engine of your car.

95th gasoline now costs about 8 liras per liter, or about 0. 90 dollars per liter, diesel around 7.5 lire.

Refueling with gas will cost approximately 5.2 liras or 0.59 dollars.

Fuel prices may vary slightly between Turkish cities and filling station networks.

We hope this information was useful to you.

And to learn more about Life, Real Estate and Moving to Turkey, subscribe to our YouTube and Instagram channel about life in this country.

We know and talk about things that others don't know or don't talk about. nine0011

Author: Volchenkov Sergey

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    Sasha's fusion style is reflected in the design of the website and printed materials — unequal and contrasting elements are combined in the simplicity and elegance of dynamics and dance. With our Internet marketing tips, Chef Sasha's restaurant has long been ranked first in the local rating of Japanese cuisine and sushi restaurants at www.tripadvisor.com. nine0011

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An important fact - more than 90% of new customers contact us based on sincere recommendations and grateful feedback from our customers. nine0011

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  • Ekaterina Inozemtseva

    True professionals with vast experience helped us significantly improve the conversion of our landing page. After such success in improving the landing, we decided to apply for a full audit and brand strategy.
    What I like most about Great Crew is their international level of versatility. Highly recommend!

    OZH - the territory of conscious life

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    Displaying your business online is never easy, and for our visual arts company United Decor, creating a website has become a special challenge. It was our vision that had to be conveyed to the person on the other side…. Having spent about 2 years on creating our own website and bringing the idea to perfection, we almost despaired. But, as always happens, the necessary meetings occur on time, and completely by accident. The Great Crew team, to which we turned on the recommendation of friends, spoke the same language of aesthetics as we did, and throughout the work adhered to the same ideals - “the devil is in the details”. The combination of visual perfection and impeccable usability captivated us completely. The matter immediately began to be argued, and if it were not for OUR lack of efficiency in reactions, the site would be ready almost instantly. Thank you for being patient with us!) The resource turned out to be in the atmosphere and feel perfectly matching our worldview and the European approach to work. It is especially pleasing that everyone celebrates his luxuriously convenient menu, and, well, the nomination for the awwwards award, as a natural continuation. nine0011

    United Decor - interior design bureau

  • Sergey Estrin

    We would like to thank the Great Crew team for the fruitful cooperation related to the workshop site creation project.
    We would like to note the professionalism of the studio staff, their attention to detail and goodwill, which provide comfortable conditions for collaboration. The project was completed on time, which was very important for us.
    The Great Crew team has proven itself from the best side and we will be happy to continue our cooperation in the future. nine0011

    With great respect.

    Sergey Estrin Architectural Workshop

  • Tatyana Bykova

    Work in one breath, in motion and drive. The agency team keeps in a constant tone. We speak the same language, we feel each other and understand perfectly. A clear, structured approach to work, concentration on the task and complete immersion in the implementation. Calculation of risks and all possible options for a successful project. One of the most important advantages of our wedding agency is the choice of a quality contractor. We are very glad that once again we were not mistaken by choosing Great Crew. A very interesting experience of joint cooperation. nine0011

    Private Secret

  • Oleg Nesterov

    The Great Crew team is a unique project that perfectly combines excellent taste, the highest professionalism, specialization that suits us, creativity, modern technology and the active life position of the team.
    This is exactly what an IT company like us needs.
    When a customer communicates little with a contractor, it’s not “to a psychologist”, it’s in Great Crew, because Great Crew understands us perfectly. nine0011

    Lime Systems

  • Natalya Sokolova

    I don't take the easy way, and Masha learned this well during our joint work. It was a big discovery for me - the fact of working on a business with my own internal resources, that is, not only with my head, but also with my heart. The guys from the Great Crew agency let me do it. Their full inclusion in the features of my thinking and the further pumping of a resource that other people went unnoticed. The guys took me and brought me to another level of recognition of my resources as a person who can feel people and understand them in terms of their personal style of clothing. They applied not just the alignment of forces, priorities, strategies, etc., but helped to make a real discovery of my internal working mechanism, which should be useful both to me personally and to others! nine0031 The very approach in their work is something special: I understood this when we first met, because there was an instant connection of energies. I was happy to see such an approach, I knew that they see me and understand exactly what needs to be done and how to more accurately and correctly combine my Self with my business.
    Thank you for your understanding and individual work, for your desire to help me and the love that I felt with all my heart!
    I love you and hope for a long cooperation!

    MASCOVNA - Personal Style Advisor

  • Beverly Gibbons

    Since the launch of our new Great Crew website pinetrees. pt, our business has grown exponentially. Maria and Alexander know how to create an attractive and working website design. The site has received many compliments from our customers.

    Pinetrees Riding Center

  • Max Stepanov

    I am very pleased with the work with the Great Crew team. nine0011

    Very attentive to the client and offers cool solutions to the challenges.
    The team clearly justified each decision to develop the site.

    Special thanks for the effective recommendations on marketing and promotion of our club.

    Self Defense Club 100%

  • Ivan E.

    It was a real pleasure to work with the Great Crew team. They developed a good name and logo for our company that meets our goals and created a beautiful and convenient online store. nine0031 We were satisfied with both the result and the process. Great Crew are true professionals in their field.


Our approach is a combination of thorough research, deep analysis and thoughtful improvements at every stage of project development.

We conduct a comprehensive business and market research — we are able to find the most non-obvious information.

We analyze the received data and the target audience, work out the optimal communication strategy and select solutions specifically for your business tasks. nine0011

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At Great Crew, we believe in a personal approach to each client - all large design projects are carried out by leading employees of the company. It is always important for us how your project and the business behind it will live on.

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