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Math Games for Girls - Girl Games

Educational 2 in 1 Game

Can you solve all the mysteries in this 2 in 1 game?;

Baby Juliet School Day

baby Juliet has her first day at school. Can you help Baby Juliet to make this a good day?;

Math Buzz

Save lost Bees, collect Honey and Fly as far as you can in this math powered adventure game. Time your answer correctly to collect flowers and save bees along the way while avoiding nasty critters ...;

Baby Julia Learns Math

Baby Julia is proud of her new math skills. In fact, she's so proud that she's agreed to solve tricky math problems in front of her whole class. She knows that all eyes will be on her while she's...;

Lab Mouse

This adorable lab mouse is working on his math skills by eating the indicated amount of cheese. He loves to participate in various tests to prove his incredible problem solving skills. Conduct yo...;

Froggy Jumps

This leaping frog wants to get across the lake, but it has to jump from lily pad to lily pad to make it there without getting wet. Use your math solving skills to answer the math problems provided...;

Cat Math

This cool cat knows how important education is, so she's always working on improving her math skills. She loves to make practice tests for herself and study by solving different types of math prob...;

Baby Hazel Learns Shapes

It's time for little baby Hazel to finally learn her shapes! You don't want this adorable little girl to grow up without knowing the difference between a parallelogram and a trapezoid! Help baby ...;

Calculate Genius

Think you're observant? Put your skills to the test in this intense, fast-paced calculation game. Don't worry about busting out the calculator or pen and notepad for this awesome game, just keep ...;


A funny, cerebral update to an old classic - destroy space rocks with the power of numbers!;

Weapons of Maths Destruction

Put your tank driving and math skills to the test.;

More Math Blox

Test your math skills with this advanced level match up game. ;


The goal is to line up 3 blocks vertically or horizontally whose sum is equal to 7, OR 3 numbers that are all 7.;


Which one of the boxes should you remove to make the total of the boxes equal the current goal?;

Math Attack

Stop the viruses and bacteria from infecting the person. Use your mathematical brain to outwit the disease and become a world renowned doctor!;


Think you can add? Check out this simple math game and post your top score!;

Math Mountain

A simple math arithmetic game - try to beat the computer player or a friend to the top of the mountain. Use power ups or save them for later levels, when things get crazy!;

Rapunzels Fashionable Sneakers

Play this cute game called Rapunzel's Fashionable Sneakers to help the long-haired princess find a fancy matching outfit for her new shoes! She has spotted the cutest and fanciest pair of fashionab...;

Tina - Great Summer Day

Have fun in the sun with Tina! Summer is here, so help her finish her last math exam and go to the beach with your friend. The sporty girl loves to dive! Choose a diving suit and find all the fish ...;

Cray Cray Chic Teen

This crazy teen isn't excited about starting another school year. She's planning to veg out for the umpteenth time in the hallway or in the classroom. But she's no fool. When she's done rocking ...;

Little Melisa's Day Time

Little Melisa is so young, she doesn't even know how to spell her name correctly! Isn't it amazing that she's in preschool? She passed the test of hopping up and down on one foot, and now she's g...;

The Math Teacher

This beautiful math teacher is getting ready for the first day of the new school year. She teaches a class of high school students, so her students are no strangers to the latest trends. That's w...;

Lemonade Craze Beauty Makeover

When she was little, she had her very own lemonade stand on her block! She might have grown up a little bit, but she's expanded her business well into her grown up life. With all of the math clas. ..;

Love Story

Find the numbers to complete the story! You find love in bizarre places, and this budding romance is popping up in the back of math class. With all the numbers floating around, all these two love...;

Classroom Couple

This couple got it's start in math class, and that's why this cute girl is such a smart cookie! She's always paying attention to exactly when she'll be able to sneak a kiss from her boyfriend. An...;

Classroom Kiss

The classroom is a great place to meet new people and start relationships! Distract the teacher and the students to keep kissing the cute boys in math class! Make sure you know all the answers to...;

Dream Girl

What's he thinking about? There's no way he's paying so much attention to math class! He must be thinking about his dream girl. Figure out exactly what this cute boy is thinking about and style ...;

Hayley's Crush

Hot Game

Meet Hayley and her head full of boys! Who is her new crush this week? The cute guy at the record store? The boy that sits behind her in math class? That guy on the bus? Either way, keep Hayley lo. ..;

Forest Cooking

Make yummy cakes with this cute squirrel in a fun math and attention based cooking game. How many correct dishes can you make before time runs out?;

Kullor's School Of Magic

Learn magical spells by mixing and matching the cute Kullors. Use the rules of color math to create the ultimate spell and earn your A grade as a fledging wizard! Try to make as many combinations a...;

Liquid Measure

A fun math/puzzle based game, fill all the pots with water to complete each level.;


Perfect your addition and multiplication skills in this educational math game.;


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1 Push- Logic

1 Square- Logic

10x10- Logic - Mobile - Strategy

2048- Logic - Mobile - Number - Strategy

2048: Fibonacci- Logic - Mobile - Number - Strategy

3 Pandas- Logic

3 Pandas in Brazil- Logic

3 Pandas in Fantasy- Logic

3 Pandas: Night- Logic

31- Card - Classic - Mobile - Number - Strategy

4 Pictures 1 Word- Logic - Word

40xEscape- Logic

5 Similarities

5 Step Steve- Logic

5xMan- Logic - Memory - Skill - Strategy

60 Second Burger Run- Memory - Mobile - Skill

60 Second Santa Run- Mobile - Skill

7 Second Haircuts- Skill

8 Ball Pool- Skill

99 Balls- Mobile - Skill

A Blocky Christmas

A Bonte Christmas

A Husk at Dusk- Logic

A Knight and His Ghost- Logic - Skill

A Lonely Alpaca- Logic

A Pirate and His Crates- Logic - Skill

A Sliding Thing- Logic - Mobile

A Strange Creature Joined My Party

A Stroll in Space- Logic - Science

A Walk in the Night- Logic

Abandoned- Logic - Mobile

Abandoned 2: The Forest- Logic

Abducktion- Science - Skill - Strategy

Above Average Guy- Logic

Adventure Tom- Logic - Mobile

Age of Wonder- Logic - Skill

Age of Wonder: The Lost Scrolls- Logic - Skill

Air Nomad- Skill

Alarmy- Logic - Mobile

Alfi- Logic - Skill

Alien Thief- Logic - Skill

Alien Transporter- Skill

Aliens Hurry Home- Logic - Skill

Aliens Hurry Home 2- Logic

Amidst the Sky- Skill

Amigo Coyote- Logic

Amigo Coyote 2: New York Party- Logic

Amigo Coyote 3- Logic

Amigo Coyote 4- Logic

Amigo Coyote 5- Logic

Amigo Coyote 6- Logic

Animail- Logic - Skill

Animal Raceway- Number - Skill

Animation Puzzle- Logic - Number

Another Gentleman's Adventure- Logic - Memory - Skill

Antiban- Logic

Apple Worm- Logic - Mobile

Aquatic Rescue- Logic - Mobile

Arcade Golf Neon- Mobile - Skill

Arcandies- Logic - Mobile

Archery World Tour- Mobile - Skill

Are You Human- Skill

Arithmetic Game- Number

ARROW- Logic

Arrow Station- Mobile - Skill

Arrower- Logic

Arrows- Logic

Arrozoid- Mobile - Skill

Ascend- Mobile - Skill

Assembloid- Logic

Astray 2- Logic

Astroballz- Mobile - Skill

Astrophysics- Logic

Atari Asteroids- Skill

Atari Pong- Classic - Skill

Atomic Puzzle 2- Logic

Aurie- Logic - Skill

Aurie+- Logic - Skill

AutoLand- Logic - Skill

Awesome Pirates- Skill

Awesome Planes- Skill

Awesome Tanks- Mobile - Skill - Strategy

Awesome Tanks 2- Mobile - Skill - Strategy

Axiel- Logic

Ayo the Hero- Skill

Aztec Escape- Logic - Strategy

B Side- Logic - Mobile - Number - Strategy

B-Cubed- Logic - Mobile - Strategy

Backgammon- Classic - Mobile

Ball in a Labyrinth- Skill

Ball Lines- Logic - Skill - Strategy

Balland- Skill

Ballooner- Logic - Mobile

Ballooner LP- Logic - Mobile

Basket and Ball- Mobile - Skill

Basketball Master 2- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Basketbird- Skill

Batteries Inside- Logic - Number - Science

Battle Fish- Mobile - Skill - Strategy

Battlecoast- Mobile - Skill

Bauble Buster- Skill

Beach Reversi

Beach Soccer- Skill

Beam- Logic

Bear on a Scooter- Mobile - Skill

BearBoy and the Cursor- Logic

Beastie Blocks- Strategy

Beaver Blocks- Logic - Strategy

Beavus- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Bee Honey- Strategy

Big Blocks Battle- Logic - Skill - Strategy

Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square- Skill

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square- Skill

Big NEON Tower Tiny Square- Skill

Big Tall Small- Logic

Big Time Butter Baron- Skill - Strategy

Big Tower Tiny Square- Skill

Big Tower Tiny Square 2- Skill

Big Wash- Logic

Billiards- Skill - Strategy

Binary- Logic

Black- Logic

Black and White- Skill

Black Matter- Logic

Black vs. Blue- Logic

Blacksmith Lab- Number

Blast Red!- Skill

Blast the Mooks- Logic - Skill

BLcGR- Logic

Blightborne- Skill

Blob Thrower- Skill

Blob's Story- Logic - Skill - Strategy

Blocco- Number - Strategy

Block Rush- Logic

Block Shift- Logic - Mobile

Block Shooter Frenzy- Mobile - Skill

Block the Pig- Logic - Mobile - Strategy

Block Toggle- Skill

Block Turns- Logic - Mobile

Blockage- Logic - Strategy

Blocked Up- Skill - Strategy

Blockon- Logic

Blockoomz 2- Logic

Blocks- Logic - Strategy

Blocks 2- Logic - Strategy

Blocky's Escape- Logic - Memory

BLOCnog- Logic

Bloo- Logic

Bloom Defender- Strategy

Bloons Pop 3- Strategy

Bloons Tower Defense- Number - Strategy

Bloons Tower Defense 2- Number - Strategy

Bloons Tower Defense 3- Number - Strategy

Bloopers- Logic - Skill

Bloopers 2- Logic - Skill

Blops Plops- Mobile - Strategy

Blosics 2- Logic - Skill - Strategy

Blosics 2 Level Pack- Logic - Skill - Strategy

Blosics 3- Logic - Skill - Strategy

Bloxcalibur- Skill

Bloxorz- Logic - Strategy

Blue- Logic

Blue Blox 2- Mobile

Blue Box- Logic - Mobile

Blue Boy- Skill

Blue Turn- Logic - Mobile

BLYM- Skill

Bob the Robber- Logic - Skill

Bob the Robber To Go- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Bobo Gooey- Logic - Skill

Bokdown- Logic

Bolderline- Logic - Strategy

Bomb Runner- Skill

Bond Breaker- Science - Skill

Bonsai Builder

Boo!- Logic

Boomboozle- Skill - Strategy

Boombot- Strategy

Botiada- Logic

Bots Boom Bang- Logic - Mobile

Bounce- Logic

Bounce Floor- Logic - Memory - Strategy

Bouncing Balls- Skill - Strategy

Bouncy Quest- Skill

Box Cutter- Logic

Box Factory- Logic

Boxbob- Logic

Boxed- Mobile

Boxed 2- Logic - Mobile

Brainy Warrior- Logic

BRDG- Logic

Brick Boss- Logic

Brick Breaker- Classic - Mobile - Skill

Bricks Breaking- Strategy

Bricks Breaking 2- Strategy

Bricks Breaking Hex- Strategy

Bridge Crossing- Logic

Broken TV- Logic

Brother Bolha- Skill

Bubble Friends- Logic

Bubble Invasion- Strategy

Bubble Pop Adventures- Skill

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense- Number - Strategy

BUBBUN- Logic - Skill

Bugongo: Greenhill- Skill

Bugongo: Snowy Peaks- Skill

Build the Bridge- Logic - Strategy

Building Blocks

Building Demolisher- Logic - Strategy

Building Rush- Number - Strategy

Building Rush 2- Number - Strategy

Bull Blast- Logic - Skill

Bulldozer- Skill

Bump Bump Bump- Logic

BumpSquare- Skill

Bunny Hop- Skill

Bunny Run- Mobile - Skill

Burdies- Mobile - Skill - Strategy

Burrito Bison- Number - Skill

C-Square- Logic

Cactu-Sama- Logic

Cactu-Sama 2- Logic

Calculate This!- Mobile - Number

Candy Jump- Mobile - Skill

Candy Pool- Mobile - Skill

Candy Ride- Logic - Skill

Candy Ride 2- Logic - Skill

Candy Word- Mobile - Strategy - Word

Candy Wrapper- Skill

Cannon- Skill

Cannon Basketball- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Cannon Basketball 2- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Cannon Basketball 3- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Cannon Basketball 4- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Captain Blox: Lost Coins- Skill

Car Drawing Game- Logic - Strategy

Car Ferry- Logic

Card Cooker- Logic

Cargo Bridge- Logic - Strategy

Cargo Bridge 2- Logic - Strategy

Cargo Bridge Xmas Level Pack

Carrot Crave- Mobile

Carrot Quest- Logic - Mobile

Castle Defense- Number - Strategy

Castle Defense Upgraded- Number - Strategy

Cat Around Africa- Logic - Strategy

Cat Around Asia- Logic - Strategy

Cat Around Europe- Logic - Strategy

Cat Around the World- Logic - Strategy

Cat in Japan- Logic

Cat Shmat- Logic

Catch the Candy- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Catch the Candy Halloween- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Catch the Candy Mech- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Catch the Candy Xmas- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Catch the Treasure- Logic

Caterpillar Crossing- Logic - Mobile

Cave Family- Logic


Chain Sums- Logic - Mobile - Number

Chainy Chisai Medieval- Mobile - Skill - Strategy

Chalky- Memory

Chalky 2- Memory

Chase of Boxes- Logic - Skill

Cheap Golf- Skill

Checkers- Classic - Mobile - Strategy

Cheese Quest- Logic - Mobile

Cheese Route- Logic - Mobile

Chef Slash- Logic - Mobile

Chess- Classic - Strategy

Chessformer- Logic

Chicken Hike- Logic

Chinese Checkers- Classic

Chinese New Year Mahjong- Classic

Chip Family- Logic - Mobile

Choppy Orc- Logic - Skill

Christmas Cat- Logic

Christmas Friends- Mobile

Christmas Pop- Mobile

Chrome- Logic - Skill

Chrono Noir- Logic

Chronotron- Logic - Skill - Strategy

Chthonic Brilliance- Logic

Circle Flow- Logic - Mobile

Circlix- Logic

CircloO- Logic - Mobile - Skill

CircloO 2- Logic - Mobile - Skill

Circuit- Logic - Mobile

Cities of Babylon- Logic - Mobile

City Blocks- Strategy

Civiballs- Logic - Strategy

Civiballs 2- Logic - Strategy

Civiballs: Christmas Edition

Classic Mahjongg- Classic

Clear and Present Santa- Skill

Click Battle Madness- Mobile - Strategy

Click the Bolt- Logic - Skill

Clicker Heroes- Number - Skill - Strategy

Clickplay Time- Logic

Clickplay Time 2- Logic

Clickplay Time 3- Logic

Clickplay Time 4- Logic

Clickplay Time 5- Logic

Clockwise- Logic

Cloudy- Logic

Clover Flower- Logic

Clueless Crossword

Coco Monkey- Logic - Skill

Code Panda- Logic - Science

Coffee Mahjong- Classic

Coffee Shop- Number - Strategy

Cognite- Logic

Coin Weighting- Logic

Colliderix Level Pack- Logic

Color 21- Number - Strategy

Color Balls

Color Count- Logic

Color Cross- Skill

Color Cross 2- Logic - Skill

Color Cube- Logic

Color Filler- Logic

Color Hoops- Classic - Logic

Color Joy- Logic

Color Joy 2- Logic

Color Memory- Memory - Mobile

Color Move 2- Logic - Mobile

Color Pipes- Logic

Color Push- Logic

Color Trap- Skill

Color World- Skill - Strategy

Color World Origins- Skill - Strategy

Colorballs- Logic

Colorboom- Skill

Colorful Penguins- Logic - Strategy

Coloruid- Logic - Mobile - Strategy

Coloruid 2- Logic - Mobile

Colorush- Logic

Colour Rush- Skill

Combo Crusader- Mobile - Strategy

Completed Paths- Logic - Mobile

Compulse- Logic - Science - Skill - Strategy

Concentration- Card - Classic - Memory

Conduit- Logic

Conjugate- Memory - Skill

Connect- Logic

Connect Me Factory- Mobile

Connect the Dots- Mobile - Strategy

Connect the Gems- Strategy

Connect the Roads- Logic - Mobile

Connected- Logic

Connection- Logic

Constellation- Logic

Construct It- Logic

Construction Fall- Skill - Strategy

Consumable Controls- Logic - Skill

Cookie Chomp- Mobile

Cootie's Life- Skill

Copter Rescue- Mobile - Skill

Copter Royale- Skill - Strategy

Copycat- Strategy

Count Cubes- Number - Skill

Count Downula- Logic

Crazy Digger- Skill - Strategy

Crazy Digger 2- Skill - Strategy

Crazy Digger 2 Level Pack- Skill - Strategy

Crazy Eights- Card - Classic - Mobile - Strategy

Crazy Taxi M-12- Number - Skill

Creepy Waka- Logic

Crest Breakout- Logic

Critter Cargo- Skill - Strategy

Cross the Gap- Logic

Crossbar Kevin- Skill

Crossy Cat- Mobile - Skill

Cryomancer- Logic

Cryptic Clash- Science - Strategy

Cub n Pup- Logic

Cube Flip- Logic

Cube Mission- Skill

Cube Rotate- Logic - Skill

Cube Shot- Logic

Cubeform- Mobile - Skill

Cubes Frenzy- Logic - Mobile - Strategy

Cup of Tea Mahjong- Classic

Cupcake Monster- Logic

Curve Ball 3D- Skill

Cut- Logic - Strategy

Cut & Dunk- Logic - Skill

Cut the Buttons- Logic - Mobile

Cutoff- Logic

Cyber Tank- Logic - Mobile

Cyber Tank 2- Logic - Mobile

Cyclop Physics- Logic - Mobile - Skill - Strategy

Cyclop Physics Level Pack- Logic - Mobile

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Math games for preschoolers and first graders

The development of a child's mathematical abilities is one of the aspects of preparing for school. It can be difficult for a preschooler to operate with numbers, so experts advise starting a child’s acquaintance with numbers and mathematical calculations from games. Complex and sometimes boring examples and tasks do not cause rejection in the baby when they are presented in the form of interesting colorful tasks.

If a child understands at an early age that mathematics is exciting and fun, it will be much easier for him to master the school subject. By the way, mathematical games develop not only the skills of working with numbers, but also logic and non-standard thinking. What are the mathematical games for preschoolers - in our material.

Math games for children 4-5 years old

Math games for preschoolers 4-5 years old include simple math examples for addition and subtraction within 10.

1. Math game "Labyrinth"

In this math game the child is faced with the task of seeing the pattern, going through the maze and helping the squirrel find the acorn.

Print the picture. Give the child a pencil. Let him draw a path along which the squirrel can get to the acorn.

The squirrel has started its journey. She took two steps. What is the difference between 3 and 1? How much more is it? And the number 5 compared to 3? It is desirable that the child himself see the pattern (adding 2 to each previous number). But if it doesn’t work out, don’t worry — explain. Calculate the next step together, and then let the baby go on his own.

2. Math crossword

If a child can count to 10, they may be interested in doing a math crossword.

Print out the crossword. Tell your child how to work with a mathematical crossword puzzle, how the numbers fit into it. You can explain such concepts as "horizontal" and "vertical".

Explain that each row and column must have correct equalities. Emphasize that a mathematical crossword puzzle differs from the usual example in that an unknown number can appear anywhere in it.

Show that in a crossword it is better to solve the examples not in an arbitrary sequence, but by moving from one intersection to another. And it is very important to do everything right, because a mistake in one place will lead to inaccuracies in another.

3. Mathematical game "Count the beads"

As in other examples, the picture can be printed.

There are two different tasks here.

On the left picture there are beads that you need to count and write the answers below, as shown in the first picture. Do not give the child the task right away - invite him to think about what the numbers below (in the first picture) mean. Perhaps he himself will find a correspondence between the number of beads and the number below. In this case, he will easily enter all the correct answers.

On the second, right, block of pictures, the number of beads is the same everywhere, and the number of filled beads is signed below. The kid can also guess about this on his own. After that, he will gladly color the required number of beads in each picture.

With this activity you can explain to your child what an abacus is and how to use it.

4. Mathematical game “Take the bear to the bear cub”

Examples are written on the ice. In this game, the child must complete each task and write the answer on the ice. After that, you can pave the way of the bear to the bear cub along the ice, on which the numbers 1, 2, 3 are written, and then in order up to 10.

Math games for preschoolers 6-7 years old

Math games for children 6-7 years old are a bit more difficult and suitable for kids who can count to at least 20 and solve addition and subtraction problems in two steps.

1. Mathematical game "Insert the missing number"

The meaning of this mathematical game is to insert numbers into empty cells that come in sequence before, between or after a given number.

Thus, the child's idea of ​​the "number line" is formed.

For convenience, you can first draw this line, on which numbers are indicated from left to right, increasing each time by one. Then the baby will understand what “before”, “between” and “after” means, and will easily do all the exercises.

2. Mathematical game “Put fruits in baskets”

Print the picture, cut out all fruits and baskets separately. The kid must solve a mathematical example that is written on a fruit and "put" it in the correct basket.

These examples show the child that the same number can be obtained in several ways.

Note that the example does not show the same number of ways to get different numbers. So, 7 is obtained by five options: 4 + 3; 7 - 0; 1+6; 2+5; 14 - 7. And 18 - three: 9 + 9; 20 - 2; 12 + 6.

Explain that there are other ways to get the number 18. Give an example or have the child come up with their own.

3. Mathematical game "Find a suitable umbrella"

In this math game, you need to match an umbrella to each cloud. To do this, the child must solve the examples written inside the cloud and the umbrella, and then place the cloud over the desired umbrella.

In this task, you can not cut anything, but simply connect pictures with the same answer. Each cloud corresponds to one umbrella.

Math games for 1st grade

Math games for schoolchildren are suitable for children who can count up to 30, complete examples in several actions and have a basic understanding of fractions.

1. A chain of mathematical examples

On the path of the butterfly to the flower, do all the suggested actions. Some of the numbers are already in circles, others must be entered by solving the examples given above.

This math task is not for the little ones: here you need to be able to count to at least 30.

2. Math game "How much does a salad cost?"

The picture shows vegetables and their "value". Below are plates with a different set of vegetables. Invite the child to calculate how much each salad “costs”.

3. What is the fraction in the picture?

Pictures will help explain to your child what fractions are.

The images show circles divided into equal parts. Some of them are painted over. First you need to calculate how many parts there are. Next - how many of them are painted over.

The essence of a fractional number is easy to explain in this way.

For the first example: the circle is divided into 4 parts; three out of four are shaded, i.e. three-fourths. This is referred to as 3/4.

Second example (below): there are 6 beats in the circle, four of the six are shaded - four sixths, 4/6.

Such an algorithm will allow the child to choose from the options presented the answer corresponding to each circle. To check how the kid understood the material, ask him to show an integer (not a fractional) number on one of the circles, painting over the required number of parts. He will cope with the task if he figured out how a fractional number is formed and how a fraction differs from a whole.

Umnasia offers a large number of mathematical problems for logic and ingenuity for primary and secondary school students. All tasks are presented in the format of an interactive story game with pleasant voice acting and colorful illustrations:

  • logic tasks for grade 1
  • logic tasks for grade 2
  • logic tasks for grade 3
  • logic tasks for grade 4
  • logic tasks for grade 5

Mathematics and logic for children 7-13 years old

We develop logical thinking through solving plot mathematical problems in an interactive game format

learn more

Entertaining mathematics for preschoolers, mathematical games and tasks online



Shapes course

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What is symmetry?

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polygons (1)

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Course Learning numbers

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Number 1 (1)

Distinguish numbers from 0 to 9 (1)

Distinguish numbers from 0 to 9 (2)

Distinguish numbers from 0 to 9 (3)

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Number line up to 10 (1)

Digit 1 (2)

Digit 2 (1)

Digit 2 (2)

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Count up to 5

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Funny numbers0 (2) 900 )

Cheerful count up to 3

Cheerful count up to 5

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Remove the numbers up to 3

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Consider up to 10

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Funny account up to 10 (1)

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Count up to 100

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Units of length. Millimeter

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We add up and subtract

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Learning to solve problems up to 10 (1)

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Subtract through ten (2)

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Compare numbers

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Comparing expressions. Equalities and inequalities

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Comparing numbers within 20

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We multiply and divide

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Remember the multiplication table

Division by 10 and 100

Division with a remainder of

Division of a three -digit number by an unambiguous

Tasks for multiplication and division

Do you know the multiplication table? (1)

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Written division with remainder

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Tasks for multiplication and division 9000 Composition of the number

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Determine the time

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Distinguishing the seasons

Memorizing the months (1)

Finding the time using the hands

Clock with hands

Autumn riddles (1)

Seasons - spring (2)

3 Why do we need math?

Mathematics is a fundamental science that appeared at the moment when a person needed to calculate something. We can say that her age is not much different from the age of mankind. Mathematics helps, on the one hand, to develop abstract thinking, on the other hand, to solve applied problems in everyday life.

Mathematical thinking, or mathematical mindset, is based on logic, the ability to build cause-and-effect relationships, critical thinking, the desire to get to the bottom of a question or problem.

Mathematics forms skills that are relevant for any historical period, especially for the present.

What is entertaining mathematics?

Undoubtedly, mathematical abilities are developed by special efforts.

One option is to study mathematics by solving mathematical problems. For an easier and more exciting learning process, a special section is used - entertaining mathematics. In thoughtful game tasks, interesting plots, using humor, the science of mathematics appears in the most attractive form, which is especially important when teaching children. Children's curiosity and excitement allow you to get involved in the world of abstract calculations and go from entertaining puzzles to real complex mathematics.

Why does the child not understand mathematics?

There is no definite answer to this question. Perhaps the child has not yet fully mastered the skills of counting. Here, counting games from very simple to complicated options, for example, with dice (as an option, rpg board games) will help.

Very young children may still have unformed abstract thinking: it is easier for them to operate with visual objects. A parent or teacher always shows the application of mathematics, explaining why mathematics is needed in life.

If we are talking about an older age, then it is possible to structure abstract thinking in the form of diagrams on paper, helping not to keep all the data in mind, but to see the full picture visually.

If mathematics is difficult for a child, it may be worth paying additional attention to the development of imagination. It is not necessary to use the detailed solution of math problems; you can go through mazes, cut out patterns, collect various crafts according to the schemes. Creativity is welcome, because mathematics is not always about dry numbers.

Math in pictures for preschoolers online is now available to every child. The section includes tasks and games in arithmetic for children, exciting tasks that develop addition and subtraction lessons for children. The exercises in this section will help develop attention and concentration, form elementary mathematical concepts in children.

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Children are engaged with pleasure, are completely immersed in the learning process and achieve results. For children under 6 who have not yet learned to read, we voiced each task.

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