Opposite of let go

Opposite word for let go


cherish, defend, keep, support, pursue, retain.


magnify, extend, enlarge, enhance, amplify, intensify, revive, prolong, rise, increase.


sentence, damn, denounce, doom, convict, blame, condemn, censure.


employ, hire.


find guilty.




restrict, limit, capture, restrain.




delegate, assign, engage.

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What are the opposite words of Let go of?

Below is the list of antonyms for let go of. Here you can see the opposite meanings oflet go of.

transitive noun

hold tight


hold take hold

More antonyms for Let go of

Here is the list of the opposite meanings of let go of, try:
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In most modern families, the main educators are mothers. Of course, a mother should always be close to her son, because it is she who forms in the boy an important feeling of self-acceptance, a sense of reliability in future relationships with the opposite sex. But it is necessary that the father actively engages with his son. Mom will be cared for, soft feminine caress, and dad will be able to do discipline.

Often there is such a strong inner connection between mothers and sons that a mother is not ready to let go of her growing son. Therefore, it is very important that in the life of a boy, starting from the age of one, for example, walks only with dad appear - at least for half an hour.

Attempts at socialization should begin no later than one and a half years, so that there are walks in the yard with a constant company, classes, for example, in game support centers, in creative studios. It is believed that boys develop a little slower than girls, so the age of socialization for them may come later. Most boys are ready to go to kindergarten not at the age of three, but closer to four. By this time, it is already desirable for the boy to go to classes where he will be alone, without his mother.

The mother should understand how to respond correctly to the possible aggressiveness of the boy, which manifests itself at an early age. On the one hand, the son should not be told “boys don’t cry,” because there is a risk of raising a dry, unemotional man. On the other hand, encouraging excessive emotionality is also wrong. Control over emotions needs to be formed throughout preschool childhood, and both dad and mom should do this.

Teachers of younger children are more often women, and they are also brought up at home by women - mother, grandmother. You need to try to find a male teacher, for example, a coach in the sports section. No need to be afraid of his rigidity, exactingness. Of course, this rigidity should be adequate, but mothers need to learn to see the difference in the male and female approach to teaching.

Before school age, it is important to educate the boy in everyday discipline, to create a zone of independence. At two or three years old, it is necessary to teach the son to dress, at four - to fold toys, at five - to get ready for classes. You need to learn to achieve the desired results, without shouting, without aggression, without spanking. The reward method works well, the method of logical consequences: "If you get out, we will read a book, play." The temptation to do everything for the child should be avoided in every possible way, which many mothers sin, it is very important not to form the habit of doing some tasks only in the presence of the mother even at preschool age. For example, a small task is given: “You clean this onion, then I will come and help you prepare the salad.” Large tasks that the child is not yet able to cope with should be divided into small stages that will be within his power. This is how stable habits of helping around the house are developed.

As for the period from 7 to 14 years old, you need to prepare for the fact that the boy will gradually emotionally withdraw from his mother. This is normal and, on the contrary, alarming if this does not happen, if the son does not have boyish secrets, a desire to play with friends, and not talk to his mother. Too close connection with the mother can occur, in particular, in single-parent families.

Now the generation of feminized boys is growing: the lack of games in the yard is taking its toll. Therefore, one should not be limited only to intellectual development, it is necessary to create conditions for normal physical activity. Boys are more prone to screen sickness than girls, and it's important to keep the screen time limit as long as possible, whether it's on TV, computer, tablet, etc. A boy should have many other interesting active activities.

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Protective curtain | Loading | Loading and storage | XC90 2016


Safety cover

Update 7/23/2018

When opened, the safety cover protects the luggage compartment from prying eyes.

Installation in place

On XC90 Excellence vehicles, the sunshade is fixed and cannot be removed.


Insert one end of the protective cover into the recess in the luggage compartment side panel.

Then insert the other end of the blind into the recess on the opposite side of the side panel.

Press in turn on the end of the curtain on each side.

If you hear a click and the red mark at each end of the shutter disappears, the safety shutter is locked. Check that the protective curtain is securely installed.


The protective cover can be set in two positions - fully open and working position, in which the cover is only partially open, facilitating access to the back of the luggage compartment.

Fully deployed position

For 7 seater, hook the 3rd row seat belt buckles to the hooks in the side panels. For a 5-seat car, go to the next item.

From stowed position - Grasp the handle and pull the sunshade so that it passes over the luggage compartment side panels and pull it to the stop.

When the sunshade is open to cover the luggage compartment, insert the sunshade locks into the slots in the side panels, then release and at the same time tilt the handle downwards slightly.

Safety shutter locks in fully open position.

Operating position

From the stowed position - grasp the handle and pull the sunshade so that it passes over the luggage compartment side panels, pull to the stop and insert the sunshade locks into the slots in the side panels. (If the blind is in the fully open position, see the next step.)

From the fully deployed position, grasp the handle, insert the blind latches into the slots in the side panels and release.

Pull the curtain until it stops in its working position.

If your hands are full:

In the fully open position, press lightly, for example, with your elbow, up the part of the protective curtain on which the handle is located.

Shade retracts and locks into position.

Curtain return from operating position to fully open position:

Grasp the handle and pull out the safety shutter until it stops.

Release slightly and tilt the handle in a slight downward motion.

The shutter is fixed in the end position.


Do not place objects on top of the deployed curtain to protect the load.


In a 7-seat vehicle - Do not install a curtain to protect the cargo if there are passengers in the rear seats. In the event of a collision, this could cause serious injury.


From the fully open position:

Lift and pull the handle back to release the sunshade locks from the slots and release.

From working position:

Grasp the handle and pull the blind in the grooves to the fully open position. Lift and pull back on the handle to release the tabs from the slots and release.

Move the blind with locks back over the side panels until it stops in the fully stowed position.


On XC90 Excellence vehicles, the sunshade is fixed and cannot be removed.


Press the button on one side of the folded safety shutter and remove that end of the shutter.

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