Thing with letter t

196 Things That Start With T

by Laura B. Kasper

We understand how hard it is to find the right things that start with T to help your youngster. Not only the kids, but you should also know about all the things that start with different alphabets to enrich your knowledge as well.

It’s not always easy to research and teach your children how to make good decisions and develop strong language abilities. But don’t worry; we’ve prepared everything for you!

That’s why, we have prepared the findings of everything beginning with the letter T, including items, objects, and food items. Teaching children about these means assisting them in the acquisition of basic linguistic concepts and the progression of their development. 

As we have gathered everything in one spot, you can find them by scrolling down on your screen. This post is packed with new phrases for your child to learn and share, and it will keep them occupied doing something useful! So let’s start seeing what we’ve got for you: 

Table of Contents

List Of Things That Start With T

In the English Language, we’ll often see the letter T is used. At a young age, it is not easy for your toddler to grab each concept quickly and efficiently. You can look into the following things we have gathered for you to teach your kids in improving their learning: 

TabletTambourine Tank
TailgateTapeTape Recorder
TreehouseTreasureTreasure chest
Treadmill TrashTrapeze 
Train trackTractorToybox
TrampolineToyTow truck
TrackTakoyaki GrillTaqueria cookbook
Tactical backpackTrimmerTerrarium kit
Teabloom setTattoosTinman sculpture
Tibetan singing bowlTie dye kitTravel tracker map
Toe socks

Objects That Start With T

We’ll keep on with objects that start with the letter T. The goal with younger students should be to teach them how to recognize the letter T as well as the sound it produces when spoken.

We’ve trained our eyes to look for information that might otherwise go unnoticed. So, here’s what we’ve come up with for you:

TentTrainTest tube
TabourTangramTiger Lily
Tinkerbell keychainTrain socksTrain clock
Twig decorTabletop treeTiger puzzle
Teddy bearTennis ballTennis racket

Household Items That Start With T

The list below includes all of the usual household items we come across on a regular basis. We have everything you need, from furniture to cosmetics, in one handy spot!

By scrolling down, you can easily access these elements that start with the letter T:

Table matTeacupTissue paper
TeapotToilet paperToothbrush
ThermometerTweezers Toaster

Edible Things That Start With The Letter T

We’ve hand-picked a diverse range of foods for you to explore and learn about! We all love eating, so we are sure there’s no one here who doesn’t enjoy trying out new dishes and cooking items. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got:

TomatoTeaTabasco sauce
Table spreadTea oilTeaberry
TenderloinToon leavesTopaz Apple
Tonka BeanTortillaToki Apple
TangerineTartTatsoi lettuce
TapiocaTeasel GourdTeriyaki
TayberryTerrineThai Basil
Tree NutsTofuTremella Mushrooms
TunaTrumpet MushroomsTorpedo Onions
Topaz AppleToon LeavesTomatillos

Things That Start With The Alphabet T For Preschoolers

Is your child ready to begin learning new words and phrases to read and write? If that’s the case, this post is for you! This is a list that should be kept in mind. We’ve put together a list of fundamental lessons that you can utilize to educate your young child. 

A quick rundown of several items that begin with the letter T will help extend his or her awareness, and he or she will be able to use this vocabulary to build better sentences in the future. Here are some issues on which your child should be educated:

Toe TauntTeacher
TakeTry Tribe

Expensive Things That Start With The Letter T

Finally, following all of those evaluations, you must receive some expensive S-letter things. You can get this for yourself or as a present for someone you care about, and we hope you enjoy looking through our options below:

Teardrop earringTemple Jewellery Terrarium
Tissot watch

 Final Words

Voila, that’s it! We’ve put up a list of all the things that start with T that you might want to teach your children to help them broaden their minds. The letter T is one of the most steady alphabetic characters. We’re praying for the best and that no mistakes have been made.

From a wide variety of alternatives, we chose and selected the products that best suit the purpose of your search and would be beneficial in the long run. If there’s anything we missed, please let us know in the comments section below. Please also let us know what you think; we love hearing from you!

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List Of Objects That Start With T- Objects With T

by Natasa Natasa

In this blog post, we will focus on objects that start with T. We also focus on household items, Sharp Objects, Furniture lists, Toy names where every single word starting with the letter T. So, we think it will be a great post to learn about object names and we also think that every people need to know object lists. Because every day we use a different type of object.

For example, a toothbrush is an object that starts with the letter T. Every day you brush your teeth for more than two minutes to remove plaque from your teeth.


  • 1 Objects That Start With T:
  • 2 Sharp Objects Starting With T:
  • 3 Household Items That Start With T:
  • 4 Things That Start With T:
  • 5 Toys That Starting With T:
  • 6 Clothing Starting With T:
  • 7 Furniture That Starts With T:
  • 8 Electronics That Start With T:
  • 9 Conclusion:

Objects That Start With T:

There are various names of objects starting with T. If you need some or lots of object names that starting with the letter T then this article will give you strong support to learn many objects.  

Table MatTailTee
Teddy BearTapTie
Test TubeTortoiseTongue

Sharp Objects Starting With T:
ToolsToenailTin Snips
ThornToe NailsTongue

Household Items That Start With T:
ToothpasteTissuesNail Clipper
TimersNickleNeck Tie
Night TableNight LampNote Pad

Things That Start With T:
TomatoesTea KettleTeddy

Toys That Starting With T:
Tinker BellTruckT-rex
Tinker Toys TurtleToy
Tiger PlushTiaraTricycles
Teddy BearTabletTanner Tee 

Clothing Starting With T:
Top HatTurbanTutu
Top CoatTrainTank Dress

Furniture That Starts With T:
Tea CartTapestryTable Lamp

Electronics That Start With T:
Techni SportTendaTikitunes
Trend MicroTrexonicTile


You know that Objects are a part of our daily life and we hope you have found many object names, household objects list from here. Because here we have shared our knowledge about objects where each object beginning with the letter T and hope you now feel more knowledgeable. These objects will support you to grow your object skill.


English words starting with the letter T

Here is a list of commonly used English words starting with the letter "T" with translation and transcription.

table [’teibl] n. table

take [teik] v. take, take
take care of sthg.
take out
take over
take on
take to pieces
take up shorthand take shorthand
take a seat

talk [tɔ:k] v. talk, talk
talk sthg. over — discuss

tame [teim] a. manual, tamed

tan [tœn] n. tan

tank [tœηk] n. tank

tap [tœp] n. crane

tape-recorder ['teip ri'kɔ:də] n. tape recorder

tape-recording [’teip ri’kɔ:diη] n. tape recorder

taxi [’tœksi] n. taxi

tea [ti:] n. tea, afternoon tea

teach [ti:tʃ] v. teach

teacher [’ti:tʃə] n. teacher

technology [tek’nɔlədʒi] n. technology, technique

telephone ['telifoun] n. telephone
over the telephone telescope

televise [‘telivɑiz] v. broadcast on TV

television ['teli'viʒən] n. television

tell [tel] v. tell, talk

temporary ['tempərəri] a. temporary

tender ['tendə] a. gentle, soft

tent [tent] n. tent

term [tə:m] n. quarter (at school)

terrible ['teribl] a. terrible, terrible

terrify ['terifɑi] v. terrify

testimonial [testi’mouniəl] n. certificate, certificate

thank [θœηk] v. grateful

thanks! - thanks!

theater ['θiətə] n. theater

then [pen] adv there
over there - over there

thing [θiη] n. item

think [θiηk] v. think
thing sthg. over - think over

thought [θɔ: t] Pa.T. and Pa.Pple. by think

thrill [θril] v. cause nervous trembling

thriller [’θrilə] n. chiller movie

throw [θrou] v. thrown

thrown [θroun] Pa.Pple. from throw

ticket ['tikit] n. ticket

tide [tɑid] n. tide
tide over - overcome

tie [tɑi] v. tie up

time [tɑim] n. Time,
High Time -it is high time
in no time -instantly
ontime -during
This Time -this time

Time-Table ['tɑim, TEIBL] n. schedule, movements, class schedule

tin [tin] n. can

tire [tɑiə] v. tired

tired ['tɑiəd] a. tired

title ['tɑitl] n. title

toast [toust] n. toast

today [tə’dəi] adv. today

together [tə'geðə] adv. together

told [tould] Pa.T. and Pa.Pple. from tell

tomate [tə’mɑ:tou] n. tomato

tomorrow [tə'mɔrou] adv. tomorrow

tonight [tə'nɑit] adv. tonight

too [tu:] adv. also, too

took [tuk] Pa.T. from take

tool [tu:l] n. tool

tool-shed ['tu:l,ʃed] n. tool shed

toothbrush [’tu:θbrʌʃ] n. toothbrush

top [tɔp] a. upper, highest

touch [tʌtʃ] v. touch, n. touch
get in touch contact

tough [tʌf] a. hard

tour [tuə] n. tour

tourist [’tuərist] n. tourist

towel [’tɑuəl] n. towel

Trade Union [’treid ’ju:njən] n. trade union

traffic [’trœfik] n. street traffic

train [trein] n. train

transit visa ['trœnsit vi:zə] n. transit visa

translation [trœns’leiʃən] n. translation

trap [trœp] n. trap
set a trap - set a trap

travel ['trœvl] v. travel n. travel

traveler [’trœvlə] n. traveler

treat [tri:t] v.
have a treat - content to enjoy

tree [tri:] n. tree

tremendous [tri'mendəs] a. huge, terrible

trial ['trɑiəl] n. sample

trip [trip] n. excursion

triplicate [’triplikit] n. in the expression
in triplicate - in triplicate

trouble [trʌbl] n. anxiety, care, chores

trousers [’trɑuzəz] n. pl. trousers

trust [trʌst] v. trust

truth [tru:θ] n. true

try [trɑi] v. try, try
try on - try on

turn [tə:n] v. turn
turn back turn back
turn into turn into something
turn off - close (faucet), turn off (light)
turn out - exclude, release (products)
turn up - suddenly appear

turn [tə: n] n. in the expression:
it's our turn

TV ['ti: 'vi] n. television

twice [twɑis] adv. double

type [taip] n. write on a typewriter

typical [’tipikəl] a. typical

typing [’tɑipiη] n. writing on a typewriter

type [’tɑiə] n. Tire


N O P Q r r t u v x y z

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Learn the letter t of the print job.

Literacy lesson: "Sounds and

Good day, my dear readers!

Practical material: artistic word, games for learning the letter T.

Letter "T"

Funny poems

Letter T stands on the roof:

TV in the house vol.

T turned into antenna

And found herself on the roof.

The tiger is a fierce beast, but still

There is also a quiet tiger:

The tiger is quiet with the tigress,

Because he is afraid of her.

V. Lunin

Peter is afraid of the dark:

He is a coward, apparently, children!

T - antenna - above the roof -

He will see everything, hear everything.

TVs on,

We don't miss screens.

V. Stepanov

Became under the letter T tram:

If you want to go - do not yawn!

T calls you in a taxi.

You ask the driver -

In a moment he will deliver you

Exactly in the specified area.

A. Shibaev

TV tiger bought,

The best asked.

- I love, - he said sternly, -

To have a lot of stripes!

Tractor driver - glory in the field,

And your job is at school.

Your work is also in sight.

Glory to honest labor!

S. Pogorelovskiy

Knock knock knock! Knock-Knock!

The hammer is my best friend.

T turned into antenna

And found herself at home.

Answer who knows:

What kind of hammer is this?

E. Tarlapan

Hammer knocks: “Knock knock!

Letter T I'm an old friend."

V. Stepanov

Letter T will cover you

From rain, from snow, heat.

Three Magpies Chattering

Chattered on the hill.

Proverbs and sayings

1. Labor feeds, but laziness spoils.

2. Patience and work will grind everything.

3. Do not be hasty, but be patient.

4. A coward is afraid of his shadow.

5. Those who love to work cannot sit idle.

Clean tongues


Game "Who is attentive?".

Find the same sound in the words: tiger, dress, cat, plate, thread.

Game "Lost letter".

Fill in the missing letters: ka - ok, s - uk, ais -, ko -, kus - s, ni - ki, kana -, kis - and.

Game "Find a word in a word".

Tiger ( dash ), tennis (shadow ), bedside table ( bedside table, dot, barrel ), ducks
( dots, glasses, whale, cat ).

Game "Syllabic auction".

1. Think of words with syllables ta- (plate, slippers, dance, Tanya, cockroach, coupon ), te- ( theater, telephone, shadows, cart, body ).

2. Name the children that have syllables then-, ta-, -nya, ma-, -ra, -sya . ( Tonya, Toma, Tanya, Tosya, Tamara .)

Magic chain game.

1. Make a chain of words, changing them one letter at a time.

Current - so - there - pelvis.

2. Make a chain of words in which the last letter of the previous word is the beginning of the next.

Tiger - grove - stork - shadow.

Game "Tell me a word".

I am the antonym of noise, knocking, Without me you will suffer at night.

I for rest, for sleep,

I am called ... (silence).

Through the heavens in a crowd

Leaky bags wander,

And it happens sometimes:

Water is leaking from the bags.

Let's hide better

From leaky... (clouds).

Our friend is right there. He will drive everyone in five minutes.

Hey, sit down, don't yawn,

Sending… (tram).

- Why is this cow

Small in stature? –

Answers to the World of Light:

- Very simple,

This is a child,

This is… (calf).

* * *It can be deep,

She is sometimes small.

However, this is not a river.

Her name is… (plate).

* * * For some reason, not up to games,

If wandering nearby… (tiger)

I. Gamazkova

Should always be in order

Your school… (notebooks).

Find the words game.

1. Write the words on the left that end with the letter "T" and on the right the words that begin with the letter "T".

– – T – –

– – – T – – –

- - - - T - - - -

Answer: cat, current; mole, tank; pilot, axe.

2. Pyramid.

Typesetter game.

Make as many words as possible from the letters of the word transport.

Answer: cake, cable, torso, sport, trail, mouth, nose, sleep, grade, report.

Anagram game.

Greenhouse ( buttonhole ), tank ( kant ), product ( decoction, vomiting ), current ( cat ), rope ( torso ), firebox ( hood ), tropic (portico ), darkness ( mother ).


1. Magic square.

2. All words starting with the letter "T".

Answer: tunnel, dough, seal, "Teremok", silence, theater, tram



The theater is melting. That one is here.


Fluffy cotton floats somewhere. The lower the cotton wool, the closer the rain.


An umbrella goes with me,

Will cover another from the sun,

And me - no way.

(Shadow.) G. Vieru

She dies in autumn

And comes to life again in the spring.

Cows without her are in trouble,

She is their main food.


Who got up at early dawn,

Plowed the field?

(Tractor driver)

Grasshopper chirp,

Wants to talk.


On the roof of our dwarf sits And smokes the sky every day.


I am stronger than ten horses,

Where in the fields I will go in the spring, -

Bread will rise like a wall in summer.


Black Sheep

Went out on the porch,

Ran over the fence,

Jumped over the hillock,

River, field, grove, forest…

And got to heaven!

(Cloud. )

Magic mirror

The whole world showed us.


There is a stump, laziness in the name.


Summary of GCD on teaching literacy “The letter T and sounds [T], [T’]” (senior group)


Thread : Letter T and sound T (T")

Purpose : Introduce children to letter T and sound T (T")

Tasks : Develop vocabulary in children, interest in learning sounds and letters , educate children industriousness, form children's knowledge about sounds and letters .

Equipment : magnetic board, letters , toys : hare, doll, tiger cub, notebooks, leaflets with letter "T" .

Lesson progress : Hear and Bukovka greet the children. Hear says : "Guys, we have an unusual guest today. " Letter : "Guess who it is?"

Striped friend,

He is a wild, predatory animal.

Can growl loudly,

And then catch everyone.

The course of the lesson.

Letter : “That's right, it's Tiger Cub. He came to meet you and play with you.

Tiger cub :"Hello guys! My name is Tiger Cub! I brought you this letter ." Shows letter - "T" .This is my letter because that my wonderful name Tiger cub begins with it! This letter is large and small. The big one is used in the title of title names for example : Tatyana is the girl's name, so is the letter "T" is large and this name is written with a capital letter , but in the word phone the letter "T" is small because it is not a name or a name, it is just a means of communication through which you can communicate. A sound "T" is hard and soft.

Articulation sound : lips are open and dependent on the next sound . First, the tongue comes into contact with its front edge with the upper incisors. Along with this, its lateral edges are located at the upper molars (tight fit) . Then the bow explodes. The soft palate is raised and blocks the passage to the nose.

Let's pronounce this sound together "T---T---T---T"

What do you think the sound of is vowel or consonant (children's answers)

Of course, it is a consonant, it is deaf.

Tiger cub : "What does this letter look like ? (children's answers) Let's color letter T , which is drawn on your leaflets.

D/I "Who will name more words with sound "T" ?

Physical education minute

It's snowing, it's snowing.

Janitor sweeps the street.

The people are walking by.

Have fun, have fun!

We are not too lazy to study.

We'll warm up a bit,

Let's get down to business again.

Letter : Let's play a game "Where did 9 hide0600 sound ? I say the word, and you will say where it stands (at the beginning, in the middle, at the end) . For example : tiger sound "T" is at the beginning of a word. Duck - sound "T" in the middle, cat "T" at the end, etc.

Magnetic board with letters

Reading syllables and words :



Work in notebooks. Writing letters "T" .

Total : Guys with what letter did we meet today? Did you like it? Our lesson has come to an end. Say goodbye to our guests.

Hey, Bukovka and Tiger Cub say goodbye to the children.

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Summary of directly educational activities for teaching literacy "Journey through fairy tales" (preparatory group) Author Popova N. R., educator of MADOU d / s "Topolek", Sovetsky Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra NOD in preparation for learning to read and write preparatory for school.

Summary of a lesson in preparation for teaching literacy preparatory group “Sounds [Z], [Zb]. Letter Z" Abstract of a lesson in preparation for teaching literacy preparatory group topic “Sounds Z, Zb. Letter Z. Developed and compiled by: Spiridonova.

Synopsis - a scenario for the joint activity of a teacher in teaching literacy "Abvgdey-ka" Preparatory group Integration of educational areas: communication, socialization, artistic creativity Tasks: Educational area “Communication.

Synopsis for teaching storytelling based on the painting “Winter Entertainment” (senior group) Target. To teach children purposeful viewing of the picture (targeted perception, sequential examination of individual independent ones.

Summary of the literacy lesson “Sea Voyage” (preparatory group) Literacy class (preparatory group) Program content: continue to teach children to produce sound analysis of words;

Synopsis of a lesson on teaching literacy “Sounds [s] - [s ’], [s] - [s ’]. Letters s-s. Reading "(preparatory group for school) Theme “Sounds З-ЗЬ, С-СЬ. Letters Z-S. Reading syllables, words. Tasks: 1. To promote the development of sound-letter analysis. 2. Promote development.

Summary of the lesson with a presentation on preparation for teaching literacy preparatory group “Sounds [B], [B’]. Letter B" Purpose: to consolidate knowledge of the sounds "B", "B" and the letter "B". Tasks: correctional and educational: - to teach to give an acoustic-articulation characteristic.

The purpose of the lesson: we study the letter T, the formation of reading skills, the development of speech skills, the improvement of phonemic hearing, the basics of an elementary graphic skill.

  • to introduce a preschooler to the letter T, the correct pronunciation of the sound;
  • to teach to write the capital letter T in the cells;
  • to form an interest in learning with poems and riddles.

Tolya was presented with a drum. Tolya beats the drum with his sticks, and the drum beats: ta-ta-ta!..

  • How does the drum beat?
  • TA - what is the first sound here?
  • Who was given a drum?
  • What is the first sound in the word TOLYA?

What is shown in the pictures below:

Pumpkin Slippers clouds Tiger

What is the first sound in the word SLIPPERS? - PUMPKIN?

When we pronounce the sound [t], the tip of the tongue taps on the "bumps" behind the upper teeth. Say: T!

The tip of the tongue taps on the tubercles and prevents the air from escaping freely from the mouth when we pronounce the sound [t].

  1. Vowel or consonant sound [t]?
  2. What other consonants do you already know?
  3. Do we pronounce the sound [t] with or without a voice?

Please remember: consonants that we pronounce without voice are called voiceless consonants. The sound [t] is a deaf consonant.

What other voiceless consonants do you know? ([х], [п])
The consonant sounds that we pronounce with the voice are voiced consonant sounds.
Which voiced consonant do you already know? ([m])

Activity: Print T for preschoolers

Consider the letter T. What does this letter look like? (On an umbrella, a fungus.) Fold the letter T out of your palms. Write the letter T in the air and once in a notebook carefully in the cells with a simple pencil or ballpoint pen.

In cases where a child is asked to write a whole line of a letter, syllable or word, the adult gives a spelling pattern at the beginning of the line.
If a preschooler has difficulties, then an adult can draw two reference lines, or put reference points that the child will connect with lines, or write the letters in their entirety, and the child will simply circle them in a different color. Calligraphy at this stage of training should not be required.

Continue the phrase

A mob across the sky
Leaky sacks wander,
And sometimes it happens:
Water flows from sacks.
Let's hide better
From the leaky . .. (clouds).

I am the opposite of noise, knocking,
Without me, you will suffer at night.
I am for rest, for sleep,
I am called ... (silence).

Always be in order
Your school… (notebooks).

To have a place to write,
At school we need ... (notebook).

Be at the beginning of a word, period.
Let's read ... (twig).
If behold, then ... (grid).
As from the word twig
Got a mesh?

Tale of the letter T

TV viewer Timka
Papa Tiger bought a TV set, and the tiger cub Timka seemed to be replaced.

Timka! - tiger cubs cry to him in the morning.
- Let's go play.
- Leave me alone, - Timka grumbles, - they show such things here!

And on TV at that time they were showing how to cook a pumpkin properly. Then Timka watched how useful it is to eat cottage cheese and how harmful it is to eat cockroaches. Then the uncles in white slippers played tennis for three hours. Then the aunts invited everyone who wanted to work in the tram and trolleybus depot. Then the tractor pulled thick pipes and laid them in a trench. Then Timka got such a headache that he had to take pills.

Timka is lying on the couch with a thermometer, but the TV does not turn off. In the evening, when they began to show about calves (Timka already poorly understood that), on the TV suddenly something would crackle, how it would explode!

And it became dark, dark. Timka flew off the couch and to the phone:

Hello, hello! Command fireman ... The TV exploded! What to do?
- Throw it out, - dad Tiger said gloomily, - and flog you.

Riddles for children with the letter T

The whole universe lives in it,
And the thing is ordinary.

I will turn the magic circle -
And my friend will hear me.

Without arms, without legs, but climbing uphill.

Now I'm in a cage, then in a line.
Write on me if you can.
You can also draw.
What am I?

They don’t feed oats,
They don’t drive with a whip,
And how they plow -
Pulls seven plows.

Bows, bows,
When he comes home, he stretches himself.

I'm running, holding on to the wires,
I'll never get lost.

Frowning, frowning,
Will burst into tears -
Nothing will remain.

Fluffy cotton wool floats somewhere.
The lower the wool, the closer the rain.

Above you, above me
A bag of water has flown by.
I ran into a distant forest -
I got thin and disappeared.

An eagle flies across the blue sky,
Spread its wings,
The sun covered up.

The golden head is big and heavy.
The golden head lay down to rest.
The head is large, only the neck is thin.

Proverbs and sayings with the letter T

A coward and a cockroach will be considered a giant.
A coward is afraid of his shadow.
Work feeds, but laziness spoils.
Patience and work will grind everything.
Labor feeds and clothes.
Whoever loves to work cannot sit idle.
It takes three years to learn to be industrious; to learn to be lazy is only three days.
It is hard for him to live who runs away from work.
Who is not ashamed to ask will learn a lot, who is ashamed to ask will forget what he knew.
Who wants to know a lot, he needs less sleep.
Where there is a bungler and a black grouse - there is not a profit, but a loss.
Not the one who can read is literate, but the one who listens and understands.
Not the one who knows a lot who lived long, but the one who studied a lot.

Funny poems about the letter T for children

A good book is used to respect.
And he gets an A in reading,
Who has been a big fan of reading since childhood
And he is used to reading books like the elders.
(Ya. Kozlovsky)

Tiger bought TV,
Asked for the best one.
- I love, - he said sternly,
So that there were a lot of stripes!
(G. Vieru)

What is a Telescope?
Tiger asked,
Wrinkling his forehead.
- TV?
What's the word? -
I have never heard of such a toucan.
(G. Satir)

Petya is afraid of the dark:
He is a coward, apparently, children!
(B. Timofeev)

The tiger is a ferocious animal.
But still
There is also a quiet tiger.
The tiger is quiet with the tigress,
Because he is afraid of her.
(V. Lunin)

Tiger cub
Hey, don't stand too close -
I'm a tiger cub, not a pussycat.
(V. Mayakovsky)

The clouds met each other,
Gathered in one circle
And wept over the meadow.
Is it with joy?
Could not find out.
(F. Bobylev)

Elephant weighs three hundred tons:
Ton - eye.
Ton - leg,
That's so baby!
(G. Tsyferov)

Lesson summary:

  1. Pronunciation of new words increases the preschooler's vocabulary, develops speech and memory.
  2. Cellular exercises develop fine motor skills of the hands.
  3. Riddles develop intelligence in children, the ability to analyze and prove. Educators use riddles when teaching children to increase interest during complex tasks.
  4. Poems affect not only the development of memory. It has been proven that if you learn several lines every day, new neural connections appear in the brain, and the overall learning ability increases.


I hope that you have already started a notebook with your child, in a box, or in a ruler, and your baby has started to write letters . Don't insist that he write until he gets it nice and neat. Don't rush things.

To learn letters with a child, use blocks with the image of letters, cards, loto, magnetic alphabet , it is convenient to use it on the refrigerator.

Don't forget that in order to learn letters quickly, you need to simultaneously teach your child to write the letters you are learning.

Your baby now knows enough letters. Learn letters with short words. You don't just have to learn the letters. The child should immediately understand that letters are needed to designate and write words, which in turn designate objects.

With these letters of the alphabet I already introduced you - A, B, C, D, D, E, E, F, Z, I, Y, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S.

Next letter T.

Paint the big letter T in blue and the small one in green. Put dots in the letter T according to the sample. Find and color the letter T on the right.

T is a consonant.

Combine with the letter T only those objects whose names begin with the sounds Т or Ть.

Underline the same letter as on the bottom left side of the picture. Circle all the T's on the right side of the picture.

Make the squares the same on the left. What is the difference between the squares on the right?

Fill in the letter T on the left side of the picture. Cross out the letter that is different from the rest on the right.

Write according to the template.

You can copy all the pictures to your computer like this:

Right-click on the picture in the dialog box that appears, select "Save picture as" and save it in any convenient place (folder) on your computer. Then you can print all the pictures on the printer. You can also write all the tasks on a piece of paper according to these samples and work with your child.

Tell your friends who have kids getting ready for school .

Regards — Lydia Vitalievna.

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    Getting ready for school is not an easy task, and you should start it by learning letters with the help of the online game "Learn the letter A". As you know, the alphabet begins with the letter A, so that's what we will learn to write in the first place. Circle the green dots to learn the new letter of the alphabet

    In order to properly prepare for school, you need to learn the alphabet well, and the flash game "Learning the letter B" will help you with this. The second letter of the alphabet is B, and in order to remember how it is written, you need to correctly paint over all the green dots. To consolidate the material, find all the letters B, located

    If your child has not yet mastered the letters well enough, it's time to turn on the online game "Learn the letter P", because it is what we are going to study today. On the screen you will see green dots that will help the child remember its shape. To fix the material, find the five letters P Wednesday

    In order to properly prepare for school, you need to learn the alphabet well, and the flash game "Learning the letter P" will help you with this.

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