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This web page contains dinosaur egg facts for kids and is an excellent resource for anyone of any age looking to learn about dino eggs. Our goal is to provide you with accurate, up to date facts on dinosaur eggs. In addition to facts about dinosaur eggs, we provide addition resources to help you with your research on them.

The dinosaur egg facts below will help you learn about what are dinosaur eggs, how we find dinosaur eggs today, the different types of dinosaur eggs, what dinosaur eggs were like and other dinosaur egg related facts. We hope these dinosaur egg facts are interesting and help you learn more about them.

If any of the below dinosaur egg facts are inaccurate, please contact us and let us know.

16 Dinosaur Egg Facts for Kids

  1. Dinosaur eggs were laid by female dinosaurs and contain a developing dinosaur embryo.
  2. Dinosaur eggs vary in shape, size, color and texture.
  3. Researchers have discovered that some dinosaur eggs were a blush-green color.
  4. The first fossilized dinosaur egg was discovered in 1859 by French amateur naturalist Jean-Jacques Poech in France.
  5. Paleontologists have found thousands of fossilized dinosaur eggs and fragments since the first discovery in 1859.
  6. Dinosaur eggs are classified into one of three main categories and they are ornithoid prismatic and spherulitic.
  7. Dinosaur eggs and eggshell fragments need three important components to be considered a fossilized egg.
  8. The three components for identifying a dinosaur eggshell fragment are a uniform thickness, a slight curve and have tiny pores covering the surface.
  9. Dinosaur eggs with embryos are rare but have been discovered for several different species.
  10. Species of dinosaurs found in fossilized eggs with embryos include the Maiasaura, Lourinhanosaurus and Lufengosaurus.

  11. In 1913, the first dinosaur eggshells were discovered in North America while prospecting the Blackfoot Reservation.
  12. In 1923, the first dinosaur eggs were discovered in Asia during the Central Asiatic Expedition.
  13. Paleontologists believe female dinosaurs laid multiple eggs at the same time, between 3 and 20 eggs.
  14. Many dinosaur eggs never got a chance to hatch as predators would be out on the hunt for fresh eggs.
  15. The oldest dinosaurs to date to be discovered came from dinosaurs in the genus Massospondylus. These fossilized eggs are from the Early Jurassic Period, which was around 190 million years ago.
  16. According to the Guinness World Records, the largest collection of fossilized dinosaur eggs has 10,008 individual samples. This record was set on November 10th, 2004 by the Heyuan Museum in China.

Pictures of Dinosaur Eggs

A picture of an embyro inside a fossilized dinosaur egg.Credit: Ghetty Images

A picture of multiple dinosaur eggs found in Arizona. Credit: Ghetty Images

A close-up picture of dinosaur eggs found in France.Credit: Ghetty Images

A close-up picture of a dinosaur egg found in France.Credit: Ghetty Images

A close-up picture of a fossilized dinosaur egg.Credit: Ghetty Images

A close-up picture of multiple petrified dinosaur eggs.Credit: Ghetty Images

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You Can Get Dinosaur Egg Easter Eggs That Are Worth Roaring Over

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Dinosaur eggs as Easter eggs? These dinosaur Easter eggs are the ultimate dinosaur egg toy because they can take your regular Easter egg hunt to a whole new level.  

Dinosaur eggs as Easter eggs also help in situations where candy or other egg stuffing ideas can raise allergy or food sensitivity concerns.

Look what hatches out of your Dinosaur Egg Easter Eggs!

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Dinosaur Egg Easter Eggs

These adorable dinosaur eggs are the perfect solution!  Psst…these go in/out of stock pretty frequently, so consider these alternatives if that happens to be the case:

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Each crackled, speckled egg looks like a dinosaur egg and comes pre-stuffed with a miniature dinosaur figurine.  Everyone at your Easter egg hunt will be looking for these dinosaur eggs at the egg hunt.

Dinosaur eggs hatch into baby dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Egg Toys for Kids

Each 12-pack of eggs comes with 3 different egg colors, 4 of each kind, with the eggs stuffed with one of 5 types of 2-inch miniature dinosaurs.

The eggs are approximately 3.5 inches tall and open and shut easily, so perfect for playing with again and again.

Unlike candy, these plastic egg fillers will be part of a kids toy collection for years!

This is BIG dinosaur fun!

Do you have dinosaur loving kids?  

These dinosaur eggs don’t just have to be for Easter.  

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Plastic Dinosaur Easter Eggs with Dinosaur Skeletons Inside

Besides the eggs with the dinosaur figurines, you can also get a 12-pack of Dinosaur Eggs with 3D Puzzle Dinosaur Skeletons, so you can mix and match your dinos.  If these dino egg toys happen to be out of stock, check out these alternatives:

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  • The Little Chubby One Kids Velvet Play Sand Dino Egg Toy Set has sand and surprise dinosaurs

These puzzle dinosaur eggs include the dinosaur skeleton pieces and assembly instructions so your kids can build their own dinosaurs too.

Oh look at the super cute dino skeletons inside the Easter eggs!

Plastic Filled Easter Dinosaur Eggs

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As if that wasn’t enough dinosaur egg fun, we found these adorable hatching dinosaurs…like they actually hatch!

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Will your kids love the Easter egg dinosaur eggs?

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90,000 toy Dinosaurus or Home Institute

How to make a dinosaur egg or home incubator toy for children - eggs that hatch dinosaurs and other animals.

"Home Incubator" or "Dino Incubator" toys (growing dinosaur egg)

There are such children's toys from the "Magic Egg" series: "Home Incubator" or "Dino Incubator". They are an egg slightly larger than a chicken that must be placed in cold water for several hours according to the instructions on the package, usually 48 hours. After 8 hours, the egg shell begins to crack and a dinosaur or other animal gradually hatches out of it, continuing to grow in water (increase in size due to the fact that it absorbs water).

Without water, the toy shrinks back to the size of an egg. When dry, the material it is made of is soft and rubber-like. nine0003

The idea is good, because it is very interesting for children to watch how someone hatches from an egg (especially if this is an animal that you will not meet in nature) and is a bit like Kinder Surprise, because it is not known in advance who in the egg - which dinosaur or not a dinosaur at all, but a crocodile, a turtle, a duckling, a chicken, etc.

We bought a "Dino Incubator" for our daughter a couple of years ago, she liked it very much. But it also had disadvantages: the dinosaur was an unnatural green color, unpleasant to the touch, slippery (after which I immediately wanted to wash my hands), the smell from it was also very sharp, unpleasant. nine0003

I don't know how safe (non-toxic) this toy is and whether children can then play with a bred pet. Or does the game with her consist only in the process of observing the hatching and growth of the little animal, which then needs to be thrown away, does it have a very suspicious chemical smell?

But if it is decided to leave the pet, then it must be washed, dried and left for a couple of weeks on the street, for example, on the balcony, so that the smell disappears.

We came across such a dinosaur - baby Triceratops. It is small, 6 cm long and 3.5 cm high. nine0003

How to make your own Home Incubator toy

Not as spectacular, but much safer for children, you can make your own version of this toy. Get a toy made of ice - an egg.

For this you will need an empty eggshell with a small hole in the bottom.

How to make a hole in an eggshell

Use the sharp end of a knife to press down on a raw egg, and while pressing, turn the knife until a small hole is made. Enlarge the hole to the desired size by prying the shell along the edges of the hole with a knife from the inside. Turn the egg over, pour the contents into a plate or bowl. Wash the shell, dry it (from the same shell, if you paint it and fill it with confetti, you get fun Easter fun). nine0003

How to make a toy egg out of ice with a toy inside

Option 1

Carefully place a small plastic or rubber toy into the prepared egg shell: dinosaur, bird, snake, lizard, turtle, crocodile.

Kinder Surprise toys are the right size.

Place the shell in an egg container, plastic rather than cardboard, pour water into it. From boiled water, ice usually turns out to be more transparent, from tap water - not so transparent, almost white.

Learn more