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Here Comes a Fire Engine (Video 2005)

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Here Comes A - Fire Engine. Nee-Nah. Nee-Nah. Nee-Nah. See real Fire Enginges, Fire Boars, Helicopters and more in this fabulous multi award-winning programme for preschoolers. Part of a hit... Read allHere Comes A - Fire Engine. Nee-Nah. Nee-Nah. Nee-Nah. See real Fire Enginges, Fire Boars, Helicopters and more in this fabulous multi award-winning programme for preschoolers. Part of a hit series about big machines, this show has little ones singing along to the catchy songs an... Read allHere Comes A - Fire Engine. Nee-Nah. Nee-Nah. Nee-Nah. See real Fire Enginges, Fire Boars, Helicopters and more in this fabulous multi award-winning programme for preschoolers. Part of a hit series about big machines, this show has little ones singing along to the catchy songs and cheering the funny antics of a little bear called 'Ted'. Educational and great fun.


  • Director
    • Francesca Caleb-Landy
  • Writer
    • Francesca Caleb-Landy
  • Star
    • Andy Price
  • Director
    • Francesca Caleb-Landy
  • Writer
    • Francesca Caleb-Landy
  • Star
    • Andy Price
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      • Francesca Caleb-Landy
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      • December 1, 2005 (United Kingdom)
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      • United Kingdom
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      • English
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      • Little Big TV
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    Here Comes the Fire Truck - Super Simple Songs


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    Here Comes the Fire Truck - Super Simple Songs


    Lê Phương (mẹ Bi)

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    nhạc nền - Lê Phương (mẹ Bi)

    For every "fireman" and not only. How the Tver company "Fire Systems" designs advanced high-altitude equipment in KOMPAS-3D

    has no analogues in Russia. We went to Tver to see how advanced high-altitude equipment is being created, what advantages KOMPAS-3D gives to Fire Systems, and also to find out why business is “moved” not by production facilities, but by a talented team.

    The main purpose of our visit to Fire Systems was the newest mobile lift with a working platform PSS-131.17E, a three-dimensional model of which the company's engineers presented at the AS Competition 2015 - this project took second place in the Competition Champions League. The car developed in KOMPAS-3D was about to be handed over to the customer, but we managed to examine it, learn about all the engineering "chips" and even drive in a rotating cradle directed to the sky!

    But first things first. The very first model made in KOMPAS was sent by Fire Systems to the ASCON competition back in 2009year - the project immediately took first place in the direction of "Engineering".
    The degree of parameterization of that model even made it possible to simulate the "rolling" of cables and ropes as part of the chain hoist, the main lifting mechanism of the machine!

    The benefits of 3D modeling were obvious, but when the company's engineers realized that the system could quickly calculate mass-centering characteristics, it was, they say, a real breakthrough.

    Alexander Shalamov ,

    Chief Designer of Fire Systems:

    “The main customers of our products are the structure of the Ministry of Emergencies: Fires, special organizations, such as, for example, for example, for example, for example, for example, for example, "Lenoblpozhspas". A nuclear power plant or an oil storage facility may also need special equipment. We develop fire ladders with and without a cradle, car lifts, foam lifts, utility and construction lifts with working platforms - that is, equipment in the design of which strength calculations, calculations for cargo and transport stability are especially important. It is extremely important to correctly calculate the payload, the size of the support contour for various options for setting the supports (after all, the machine must be stable and work even in cramped conditions when there is little space for placement), take into account meteorological conditions (for example, wind speed). The viability of the product and the safety of the people who operate it depend on the accuracy of the calculations and competent technical solutions laid down at the design stage of lifting equipment. Therefore, we immediately transfer the first three-dimensional sketch to an experienced calculator for analysis. According to the results, we have to strengthen the structure somewhere, somewhere to reduce the material consumption. We refine the model according to these calculations and check it again until we get the desired result. The machine leaves for full-scale tests already with a full set of documentation and with the design indicators necessary for testing.

    Important to know

    A mobile lift is a lifting machine that consists of a basic vehicle chassis, lifting boom equipment and a working platform. The lift is designed to move working personnel with tools and materials that are located on the working platform when working at a height within the working area.

    Oleg Besov

    Lead Designer of Fire Systems:

    “There can be a great variety of variations in the location of the working bodies of a fire truck! We know what the support contour will be, at what height we need to place the main and auxiliary equipment; we know that it is necessary to place fire-technical equipment on the platform in such a way that the vehicle does not tip over onto one of the sides during movement, so that firefighters can effectively use the available fire equipment when extinguishing a fire, so that the floor of the cradle is always “in the horizon” relative to the ground. All this can be measured by building a special stand that will tilt the machine relative to the longitudinal axis in one direction, in the other, using special devices to determine the pressure on the support plates. Checking that the parameters included in the design correspond to the required ones is expensive and time-consuming in such a natural way! In KOMPAS-3D, we can geometrically set the position of the working bodies
    in the model space and make sure that the parameters received from KOMPAS match the specified ones. And today the difference between the measured and calculated data for our equipment (in most cases) is within the measurement error.”

    There are practically no identical products at Fire Systems. Here, it seems to us, the townsfolk, that we have a standard fire truck in front of us. But one customer asks to equip the car and place fire-technical equipment in this way, while another needs it differently, and even give searchlights and a rear-view camera. Modeling in KOMPAS-3D gives designers the opportunity to quickly make technical decisions, implement them in a 3D model and, in contact with technologists, immediately translate them into hardware.

    Let's take, for example, the same mobile lift with a working platform, which we came to Tver to see with our own eyes. It took about six months from setting the task by the customer to factory testing of the machine. "Fire Systems" had already ordered ready-made components, when suddenly, a month before the release, the customer formulated an additional requirement: the rotary part of the lift during rotation should not protrude beyond the dimensions of the exposed support contour. Thanks to KOMPAS-3D, the company's engineers worked out a new design solution in a week, recalculated all the mass-centering parameters so that nothing would tip over either in the transport or in the working position, and that's it!

    Would you like to know how to solve your particular problems? Write to us.

    Ask a question

    Oleg Besov: “I must say that the model of this lift was created in KOMPAS-3D V15. We set ourselves the task of making a car with unique characteristics, the likes of which no one in Russia produces. With the existing maximum lifting height, we also needed the maximum outreach of the hoist. The farther horizontally a worker can be from the machine, the better. Moreover, according to the idea, the working platform should rotate in a horizontal plane. After all, the more degrees of freedom the working body of the lift has, the more convenient it is - fewer movements, fewer rearrangements of the machine from place to place. Such lifts, of course, exist, but they are imported and structurally significantly different from our product. We implemented a ladder-type arrow, and for this we had to invent some things from scratch. For example, a safety knot. There is a base under the working platform, insulators are placed on it, on which the working platform itself is already mounted. If the insulators are destroyed for some reason, a mechanism is needed that will not allow the working platform to fall off and, accordingly, will keep people. With the help of KOMPAS-3D, we have created a safe working platform that can not only rotate, but also lift a weight of up to 250 kg - while the machine will work stably.”

    And they also say in Fire Systems that the models created in KOMPAS-3D are the same participants in the production process as the whole team. And that's why ...


    The main technologist of the Fire Systems:

    “Our production is small -considerable, in charge, even experienced and, of course, has an experimental one, and has an experimental one and has an experimental its own characteristics. Firstly, this is the constant introduction of changes to the design: this is connected both with the development of comments and suggestions during the “creative” process of developing machines, and with the fulfillment of customer requirements, for which we are always ready to appear and change. Another nuance is the lack of a full range of production equipment for the production of a product. Hence the need for cooperation with various partners and contractors. Therefore, our production is mainly assembly. To ensure geometric parameters and increase labor productivity, we modeled and created stocks on which we assemble individual machine components.
    We use the technologies of coordinate cutting of sheet material to the maximum. Parts are immediately designed with structural elements that ensure accurate positioning of parts in an assembly unit and assembly units with each other. Welding of box-shaped assembly units is carried out from the outside through the grooves - firstly, there is no need to climb inside the structure, and secondly, we minimize the distortion of metal structures during the welding process. And here the advantage of 3D modeling becomes even more obvious. Everything is clearly visible on the 3D model, and as a result, the machine is assembled like a constructor: each part falls into place, the welder or locksmith does not have to think whether he has joined the parts correctly or not - they simply will not fit in another way.

    Alexander Cheremakhin ,

    Technical Director of Fire Systems:

    “Here, for example, is complicated, for example, under the working platform of the mobile lifting. the same safety knot, which, in theory, can be assembled by a fairly high-level specialist. But thanks to 3D modeling, we manage to make everything so that any design, even the most complex one, is easy to assemble. The same with the frame that holds the hoist and supports, our main load-bearing structure. Fire engines have a mandatory requirement: detachment of supports during operation is not allowed. For mobile lifts, the detachment of one support is possible, and in order for the machine to stand stably on the surface on three "legs", it was necessary to provide
    increased strength and rigidity by shortening the chassis frame. Having assembled such a structure for the first time, we were forced to make changes both to it and, accordingly, to the 3D model after welding - before that it was difficult. Now, new technology simply does not allow assembly to be done incorrectly.

    In general, to develop a machine of this class, it seems to me, you need 3 out of 30 design bureaus, but we did it on our own due to IT tools and optimization of engineering processes. As an employer, I can say that such software as KOMPAS-3D significantly speeds up the design and manufacturing process. It’s easier for the team to work, but for me it’s getting an excellent result in less time and for less money!”

    Immediately after the completion of work on the mobile lift, Fire Systems switched to KOMPAS-3D V16. Wisely acting on the principle of measure seven times, the company's design team first tested the new version, expressed their comments to the developers and waited for the roughness of the functionality to be corrected. But a true engineer is passionate! In the conditions of the AS competition there was a point - plus one point for the implementation of the model in V16. Although, of course, it's not just about chasing points. When "Fire Systems" upgraded to V16, they simply could not resist trying all the "chips" of the new version on their innovative lift. In just three days, thanks to the skill and new capabilities of KOMPAS, Oleg Besov "translated" the finished model into a new version.

    “Of course, we were really looking forward to the 'mirroring' functionality. If you look at any of our products, you will see an object that is almost 90% symmetrical. In addition, additional settings appeared in V16. For example, we have been asking for a long time that the system allows you to temporarily lose the connection between the model, drawing and specification,” says Oleg Besov. - Previously, working with rich and large-scale 3D models went like this: we handed over the project to production, and if for some reason it was necessary to make changes to the designs, then it was first necessary to rebuild the model, and this led to an automatic and very long change in the entire documentation. In order not to waste time, we pulled out the "pieces" of the model into a separate folder and worked with it there. And now in KOMPAS it is possible to break the link between the model and documentation and change the model in the context of the entire product, receiving documents only after all changes have been made!”

    Text: Ekaterina Moshkina
    Illustrations provided by Fire Systems

    Do you want to know how to solve your specific problems? Write to us.
    We will discuss what effect you can achieve for your business together with ASCON.

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    Poems about a fire truck | Poems

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    Fire truck

    Fire truck - red.
    Come on, think about why you need this?
    Then, so that everyone, having seen it, would run
    To the side and would not interfere with her ride.
    Terrible speed! A beep, like a howl.
    "Stay where you are!" - the guard whistles.
    Red car only
    Passage is allowed straight along the avenue.
    Firefighters in helmets sit in two rows.
    The circus is on fire. They are going there.
    The roof is on fire and the arena is on fire!
    The firefighters got down to business instantly.
    Only heels flash up the stairs,
    Daredevils dive into the fire without looking back.
    Rescuing a camel, bringing an elephant out...
    That's where skill and strength are needed.
    A fireman under the dome like an acrobat:
    There are two monkeys screaming in fear.
    A monkey sticks out under each armpit -
    He took them out and came back.
    Fire defeated. He calmed down and went out,
    And the circus will be renovated and opened for us.
    Red fire truck
    And thanks to the brave firefighters for this!

    G. Lebedeva


    Fire engine

    The red car is in a hurry,
    Without turning off the headlights,
    To serve in a dangerous ..
    Hurry to put out the fire!

    M. Pogarsky


    Fire trucks

    Fire trucks rush.
    Brave men in them
    Ride quickly to the fire
    Conquer fire and heat.


    Fire truck

    A red fire truck rushing
    A dozen firefighters and five frogs.

    I. Bobrovitsky


    Fire engine

    In a bright red car
    We are rushing forward.
    Hard and dangerous work
    We, firefighters, are waiting.

    Howl of a piercing siren
    Can deafen,
    We will be both water and foam
    We will put out the fire.

    And people who got into trouble
    We can help,
    After all, we will fight the fire
    Boldly day and night!


    A brave car

    A car rushes through the city -
    In a car both at night and during the day
    The fighting squad
    Hastens to a formidable battle with fire.

    Fire is not a toy for you,
    No wonder it is called trouble.
    Fire cannons again
    Fire is poured with water.

    And again the ladder rushes
    To the roof behind the ginger cat,
    And the foam foams with hissing
    Saving the house from the flames.

    Victory! The fire has been extinguished!
    It's time to go back to the garage.
    And right there, to the brave car
    All the kids come running.

    Firefighters are not greedy,
    You don't need to ask them for a long time -
    And the firemen will show the "gun",
    And they will let you wear a helmet.

    Firefighters throw themselves into the flames,
    They carry cats out of the smoke,
    And the best beauties in the world
    They are given bouquets of flowers.

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