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[Online] Kindergarten Short Stories in PDF with Pictures to Read

by Shikha Thakur

Kids are the most precious gift in a human’s life and we can shape them in our desired way. Kindergarten short stories online in PDF with pictures is the best way to nourish their mind.

These Kindergarten stories can be moral stories, inspirational stories, and fairy tale stories. The story for Kindergarten with pictures is the best way to teach them. Children can read kindergarten stories online here.

Kindergarten Short Stories with Pictures

1 Easy Kindergarten Stories to Read

1.1 The Little Red Riding Hood Short Story

2 Easy Short Story for Kindergarten

2.1 The Monkeys and The Cap Seller Story

3 Kindergarten stories with moral

We all know stories play important role in developing the brain of kids at a very young age. The kindergarten kids need to read stories as this will develop the reading habit. Reading stories will develop imagination in their minds and that will boost their brainpower.

Easy Kindergarten Stories to Read

The Little Red Riding Hood Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lives with her mom in a hut near the forest. She always wears a  red riding hood while going out.

One day she went to see her grandmother and on her way, she met a wolf.

The Wolf asked where are you going? She said, ” I am going to see my granny, she lives behind that hill.” After listening this wolf got a wicked idea.

The wolf ran to granny’s house and swallowed her up.

Then he wore granny’s clothes and got into granny’s bed.  After some Little Red Riding Hood reached granny’s house.

She saw the wolf lying in her granny’s bed.

She asked Oh granny, what big eyes you have!

The wolf said,” So that I can see you better,”

She asked,” Granny what big ears you have!

Wolf said,” So that I can hear you better.

She asked,” Granny what big nose you have!

Wolf said,” So that I can smell you better.”

She again asked,” Granny what big teeth you have!

Wolf said,” So that I can eat you better.”

Then she got scared and starting shouting for help. Help Me! Help Me! The woodsman was chopping the trees heard the scream and ran toward to help her.

He ran to the house and saw the wolf attacking the girl.

He hit the wolf over the head and this made the wolf open his mouth and shout. And the granny jumped out!

The wolf ran away and the girl never saw that wolf again. The grandmother and the Red Riding Hood Girl had a great lunch and long chat.

Moral: Be brave

Download Here : The little red riding hood story in PDF with pictures

These kindergarten stories in pdf are a must download and read.  We have shared the story in the easiest way so that kids can understand easily. There are many kindergarten storybooks and we have chosen the best stories for children.

You can also visit for short moral stories i.e Kindergarten short stories with morals.

Easy Short Story for Kindergarten

Now let us continue to our next kindergarten stories to read.

The Monkeys and The Cap Seller StoryMonkey and cap seller story with pictures

Once a cap seller was going to sell his caps in a village market. He was going through the forest and was carrying a basket of red caps on his head.

He got tired in the heat of the sun and thought of lying down under the tree for some time. He put his basket on the ground and fall asleep.

There were monkeys on that tree, they came down and one by one took all the caps from the cap seller’s basket. Then they climbed onto the tree.

When the cap seller woke up, he was shocked to see his basket empty. He searched for his caps everywhere. To his surprise, he saw the monkeys were wearing them.

He thought for a while and he started throwing his cap down and monkeys did so.

The cap-seller collected all his caps and put them back in his basket and went away happily.

Moral: We should deal with wisdom in tough situations because wisdom helps during difficult times.

Download Here: The monkey and cap seller story PDF

Kindergarten stories with moral

Here we have shared two kindergarten short stories in pdf but on our website, we have a lot of more interesting stories for the kids. We have also shared the Moral of the stories and these morals will teach a good lesson to kids.

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Kindergarten short stories with sight words are what many parents are looking and we are bringing more stories for your kids. So keep visiting our website if you like our stories then Please Share!! 🙂

Fairy tales for kindergarten - read free online

Fairy tales for kindergarten - folklore and author's works that will captivate children from one and a half to two years old with their plot. Many of these fairy tales will migrate with children to the school desk. There is nothing surprising. Kind stories about peers, adults, forest animals and pets speak of simple things. These works do not just introduce the children to the world around them. They show young listeners a role model, develop the thinking of children and arouse their interest in learning.

  • Tales for the younger group
  • Tales for the middle group
  • Tales for the senior group
  • Tales for the preparatory group

Sort by: The popularity of the reading of the School of Crane

  • Russian folk producers are Ivan-Durakalzhelsvodniy Pryspelpa children 7 years old yaguAbout good and evilAbout IvanAbout princessesFor schoolchildrenFor 2nd gradeFor 3rd gradeAbout KoshcheyFor kindergartenFor the senior group

  • Russian people's salesmen at the night of the consumption of children 2 gunsules of children 3 years of flying 4 years of flyer 4 Grandmother Grandmother Grandmother Old Group

  • Dominative Muscular Supervision of the Night of Animal Propes of Bear 2 Sitlies 3 years of good and schoolchildren of class 1 class 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 nightIn verseFor children 12 years oldFor kindergartenFor senior groupFor preparatory group

  • Russian people's salesmen at the night of animal men of children 2 years of guest of children 3 years of flyer and Zlepro Mashuper Grandmother Group

  • Russian people's ears at the night of a wave of a woman-yagupro guseydl of schoolchildren of the 1st class of the middle group

    9000 9000 9000

    Valentin cataless children 7 years 9 years About flowers For children 8 years old For schoolchildren For grade 2 For grade 3 For grade 4 For kindergarten For senior group

  • Alexander Volkovo, the senior senior group of the senior group

  • Russian people's markets for the night of the Komnokokiya Bear of children 2 years of flyer Tolstoy Tolstoy and Powerful Group

  • Russian folk -Durakaskazykazi at the night of the waves of the Knitolistoy - Russian folk people of the classroom 2 classes classFor kindergartenFor the senior group

  • Samuil MarshakAbout Santa ClausFor girlsNew YearFor children 5 years For children 6 years For children 9years For children 10 years old For children 11 years old For children 12 years old About the seasons For schoolchildren For grade 4 For kindergarten For senior group For preparatory group

  • Charles PerrotForeign writersAbout a cat For children 5 years old For children 6 years old For children 7 years old About friendship For schoolchildren For grade 23 For 906 preparatory group For kindergarten

  • Vitaliy Bianki For children 4 years old For children 5 years old Kind For kindergarten For preparatory group

  • 9Letdly children 10 Letdro golden -painted friendship of the Preparatory group

  • Poems of Chukovsky Vechekhdl children 2 years of children 4 years of children 5 flyorwall Chukovsky -commercial group

  • Alexander Pushkino -Technical Technical Supervision of Children 9,000 Grade 2 guns Hans Christian AndersenForeign writersFor girlsFor children 6 years oldFor children 7 years oldFor children 8 years oldFor kindergartenFor senior groupFor preparatory group

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    Stories and fairy tales for children about kindergarten

    In order for your child's adaptation to be successful, it is necessary to form a positive attitude towards kindergarten in the child. Fairy tales and stories about kindergarten will help him in this, they will allow the child to survive, “lose” situations and become more self-confident. Such works should be read or told to the child every day at least 2 weeks before his first day in kindergarten. When a child is worried about something (and going to kindergarten causes considerable concern among children), he needs to know in advance what awaits him there. And if the child repeatedly hears the sequence of events awaiting him, then this will calm him down and help him avoid tears during the adaptation period.

    How Andryusha wanted to go to kindergarten

    The boy Andryusha was very cunning. He knew how to do everything himself, but was lazy, and therefore pretended to be small.
    - Andryusha, go wash your face! Mom tells him.
    - I can't, I'm still small! the son answers.
    “Here’s your lunch, eat it yourself,” Mom asks.
    - Feed me, I'm still small ... - Andryushka whimpers.
    - Get dressed! Let's go for a walk, Mom calls.
    – No, you dress me. I'm small, - Andryusha is capricious.
    One morning Andryusha was walking in the yard. There were no children, and the boy was very bored. Suddenly he looks, Vanya and Nastenka are walking with their mothers.
    - Hello! Let's play together! Andryushka shouted.
    - Once upon a time. We hurry. We are going to a kindergarten for adult children, - Nastenka answered.
    - It's so interesting there! We work, we walk, we play! Vanya boasted.
    - I also want to go to kindergarten! Andryusha said.
    - Ask your mother, and she will write you down, - suggested Vanya's mother.
    Andryusha ran up to his mother:
    - I want to go to kindergarten too!
    - You won't be accepted there. You can't do anything by yourself, you're still small.
    Andryusha was silent and thoughtful. And the next day, he washed himself, dressed, ate, and even put away the scattered toys in their place.
    - Look Mom, I'm already big! Now I will do everything myself.
    Mom smiled, praised her son, and a few days later Andryusha was also accepted into the kindergarten.

    How Marina went to kindergarten

    Once upon a time there was a girl Marina. Marina was three years old, and she terribly disliked going to kindergarten. Every morning she asked her parents to let her stay at home. Parents were very upset by such words of their daughter.
    And then one day mother allowed Marina to stay at home. The day at home dragged on for an unusually long time. The girl wandered from corner to corner, she was tired of playing with toys, she was tired of watching TV, and she did not want to beg her mother to play with her or go for a walk. And the next morning Marina agreed to go to the garden.
    When she entered the group, all the children shouted:
    – Hurrah! Marina has arrived! Why weren't you there yesterday? We went to the circus as a group! For a fun show! It was so great!
    Marina was offended: she was so sad at home when her friends were at the circus.
    How long, how short did Marina go to the kindergarten, but she began to be stubborn again. And this time, the mother allowed her daughter to stay at home. And again the day dragged on, and it seemed to the girl that it would never end.
    The next day Marina returned to the kindergarten. The guys around again discussed something interesting.
    – Marina! The whole group of us went to the children's railway and rode the train there ... and then walked in the park! .. and met a squirrel in the park! And in the children's train there are comfortable tables ... and the conductors told a funny story ... and the train was also driven by a boy, he is only 13 years old! - the guys said excitedly.
    The girl was hurt to tears: how could it be, again the whole group was happy and discussed an interesting event, but nobody cared about Marina...
    Day after day Marina went to kindergarten again. How long, how short, only again Marina asks her mother: “Mommy, can I stay at home for a day?”
    “Stay,” Mom said, “but remember that it was your decision.
    When Marina reappeared in the group a day later, she saw that there were very beautiful figures made of plasticine on the shelf - and there was a bunny, a fox, and a bear cub! ..
    – Oh, what a beauty!!! Marina froze in admiration.
    - Look, Marina, I made this bunny myself! - Oksana's friend said to the girl, pointing to the same bunny that Marina liked so much, - yesterday a special teacher came to us and showed us how to do it! And Andryushka blinded this little bear cub, that fox over there - Tanya.
    Marina couldn't take it anymore - she started crying: “Well, why do I always miss all the most interesting things!? I won’t miss kindergarten anymore!”
    From that day on, Marina always went to kindergarten, and even if she was ill, she always tried to recover as soon as possible so as not to miss something interesting.

    A fairy tale about a kitten who did not want to go to kindergarten

    Once upon a time there were kittens. And they had a mother cat. While the kittens were small, they played, frolicked in the summer meadow, went to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries. Then the kittens grew up, and it was time to take them to kindergarten. All the kittens were happy about this, because in the kindergarten there are a lot of funny good kids, interesting toys, the aunt teacher tells good tales and teaches how to sculpt from plasticine, sing and draw. And only the kitten Tishka pouted: “I don’t want to go to the garden! I will stay at home!"
    - All right, - said Mother Cat. - Stay at home, only you will sit at home alone until the evening, because I have to go to work.
    And so, the next day, all the kittens ran to the kindergarten, mother Koshka went to work, and Tishka stayed at home. He was sad, tired of all the homemade toys, and it was boring to play alone. He began to look out the window, just in kindergarten all the kittens went for a walk and began to play catch-up, then hide-and-seek, and then ride down the hill!
    - That's how fun they are, - thought the kitten Tishka. - And I'm sitting here at home ... Alone .... Missing…
    In the evening, all the kittens came from the kindergarten cheerful and brought interesting gifts for their mother. Grishka drew a beautiful drawing, Mishka made a plasticine car with real wheels, and Masha cut out a flower from paper. Mom Koshka was very happy with such wonderful gifts and said a big thank you to all the children! At dinner, the kittens began to talk about how they spent the day in the kindergarten, what was interesting, who they met, what they played, where they went, what they ate, how they did exercises. And only Tishka, who did not go to kindergarten, had nothing to tell, because he sat at home all day and did nothing interesting.
    - I also want to go to kindergarten - said Tishka.
    - Of course, let's go, - the kittens called him. - Tomorrow we will wake up early, early, and we will be the first to come to the garden in order to have time to do all the interesting things!

    The Tale of the Sad Woman

    Once upon a time there was a girl Masha. At first she was just a baby, and then she grew and grew and grew up. Yes, she had grown so much that now she could go to the kindergarten to play with the guys. Mom and dad were so happy that Masha is big. They arranged a holiday. Mom baked a cake, and Masha even blew out the candles herself.
    The next day Mashulya went to kindergarten for the first time, and she liked it there so much that she didn't even want to leave. Played with toys, ate delicious porridge. And she also had a friend there - Semyon, such a cheerful boy with curls.
    They played together all day long. Semyon sat down at one end of the room and pushed Masha a big truck. Masha caught him, loaded cubes into the back and sent him to Semyon, and he built a big tower. They had fun together. Even falling asleep was not boring, because the cribs stood side by side, and together they closed their eyes and slept.
    And then one rainy autumn day, when the leaves turned completely yellow, the wind brought Grustinka to the kindergarten. She was so small, gray as a microbe, flew into the window and hid in Masha's pocket. And then Masha was changed. She felt sad, for some reason she was upset, she lost her mother and let's cry. All the guys and the teacher reassured her, reassured her ... But the tears still drip by themselves, so drip-drip-drip ... And Masha knows that her mother will come soon, she just goes to work, then she buys delicious yogurt and runs for Masha. Masha knows this, but for some reason she is sad - she wants her mother to come right now ... And this is all sad Sadness sitting in her pocket and upsets Masha, makes her cry.
    Semyon tried to cheer up Masha: he offered to play loaf, he brought a doll to her in a stroller - but Masha is still sad. And then Semyon saw that Mashuli's eyes were completely wet. And he decided to help her:
    - Give me, - he says, - I'll get your handkerchief, and wipe your tears, don't cry!
    Syoma Mashin pulled out a handkerchief, together with him Grustinka shook herself out of her pocket, and again flew out the window. And Masha immediately smiled, and then laughed and became cheerful again. And Syoma and the other guys, of course, were very happy that Grustinka had completely flown away, and they all ran together to watch cartoons.
    Since then, Masha always checks her pocket to see if Sadistka is stuck there and never gets sad in the kindergarten again.

    Bunny in kindergarten

    One day Bunny and mother hare were going to kindergarten. Bunny was very worried and upset that his mother would not pick him up from kindergarten in the evening.
    He kept asking: Mom, will you pick me up in the evening?
    - Of course, I'll pick you up, Bunny. I will definitely come for you after work.
    But the bunny still couldn't believe it and asked again and again.
    By chance, this conversation was overheard by the Baby Elephant. He went to the same group as Bunny and asked Bunny for a walk:
    - Bunny, are you afraid that your mother won't take you home?
    - Yes, I'm very afraid that my mother will leave me here - answered Bunny.
    To this the Elephant said: What are you, Bunny. It can not be. All children are taken home by mothers and fathers in the evening. At night, the kindergarten is completely empty. The kids only come in the morning.
    Bunny asked: Completely, completely empty?
    Baby elephant replied: Absolutely, absolutely. Children only come to kindergarten in the morning.
    Let's see with you in the evening, they will take absolutely all the children home.
    When the animals had dinner in the evening, the Baby Elephant and the Hare began to wait, who would be taken away first. On this day, the first cat was taken. Her mother came for her. Then they took away a bear cub, a lion cub, a squirrel, a rabbit, a mouse and a penguin. Everyone was very happy that mom and dad came for them. Who was taken last, Elephant and Hare did not manage to see. Since their mothers also came for them. And they happily ran home. The hare liked this moment so much when his mother took him home in the evening. He was so happy and in the evening he told his mother what interesting things had happened to him all day in kindergarten.

    How Alla fell in love with going to the kindergarten

    – Mom, well, mom!!!! I no longer want to go to kindergarten, - Alla begged her mother. - Let's stay at home! Come on!
    “Okay,” Mom said.
    And from that moment Alla stopped going to kindergarten. So two weeks passed. One day, Alla and her mother went to the grocery store together.
    - Alla, Alla, hello! came from somewhere on the side.
    The girl looked around and saw Inna.
    - Why don't you go to kindergarten now? - Alla Inna asked. - We, all the guys, are waiting for you! And we got in trouble! Do you remember the cubes you used to play with? They disappeared yesterday. We have already searched everything, they are nowhere to be found!
    - How did they disappear? - Alla was alarmed. – Where can they be?
    – I don’t know, – Inna answered sadly. - So what? Will you come tomorrow?
    – I will come, I will definitely come, – the girl said thoughtfully.
    The next morning, Alla herself woke up very early and asked her mother to take her to the kindergarten. She came, greeted the teacher and the guys and immediately went to look for her favorite cubes. There are none in the closet, under the closet, too...
    - Cubes, well, where are you? Allah asked sadly.
    But they never showed up.
    In the evening, mother came to take her daughter home. Alla got dressed, and they went. They go through the park, the rain is drizzling.
    Suddenly Alla sees that her favorite cubes are lying on a wet and cold bench.
    – Mom, look! the girl exclaimed. - There are cubes from our kindergarten! Don't have a package? I want to pick them up and take them back to the kindergarten tomorrow.
    Mom gave her daughter a big package and the girl immediately rushed to collect multi-colored cubes from the bench.
    - Oh, cubes! How did you get here? Who brought you here?
    - Hello, Allah! The toys rejoiced! We are so glad to see you! Nobody brought us here! We waited and waited for you, but you still didn’t come to visit us in the kindergarten. We were very upset and went to look for you, but got lost.
    - That's it! – the girl laughed! - And I've been looking for you all day today in the group! You don't run away anymore! Now I have to go to kindergarten!
    And at night, Alla had a dream, how she, together with the teacher and other children, learned a song for her mother on the holiday of March 8, how they were given gifts for the New Year, how fun she played with the children, how she built a large fortress from cubes and much, much more .
    In the morning, waking up and getting ready for the kindergarten, the girl thought:
    – It's good in the kindergarten!
    And, taking a bag of cubes, she happily ran to catch up with her mother.

    Adventure in kindergarten

    Gleb was five years old and had been going to kindergarten for two years. And walking, among other things, with pleasure! After all, Mitka was there - his friend from the cradle. And Marinka, a pretty girl, but very harmful. But all that was in the past. Gleb's parents moved to another area, and the boy had to go to another kindergarten. It's been a week since Glebushka went to kindergarten No. 5, which was located next to the house. But now, of course, everything was sad and sad. Neither Mitka is there, nor the harmful Marinka. Of course, there are other guys there, but Gleb was not going to communicate with anyone. He did not want to go to this kindergarten at all! He especially did not like the strict teacher Lyubov Vasilyevna, who tried to force him to recite a rhyme for Shrovetide.
    – I don't want to! I won't! Will not go! - the sleepy boy was capricious. Mom, don't go to work today. Let's stay at home together!
    - Gleboshka, dear! I promise next week I'll take a day off on Friday, and you and I will spend the whole day together. But today you have to go to kindergarten. Why do you dislike him so much?
    – Because I don't want to go there! Gleb said. - I'm not friends with anyone! Why can't I go to kindergarten with Mitka?
    - Honey, well, you now live in different areas. And your kindergartens are also different now, - seeing the sad look of her son, mom hastened to add.
    - But now we have a two-room apartment. And you have your own room!
    - I don't want to go to this kindergarten, - Gleb just muttered and reluctantly got out of bed.
    Fluffy slippers were also not in favor today, so they immediately went under the bed. Everything! Another ruined morning! Already the 5th this week!
    Gleb pretended to brush his teeth and went to the kitchen, where oatmeal was waiting for him. The boy sat down at the table, turned on the TV and defiantly turned away from the plate.
    Now mother's mood was also spoiled.
    In fact, Glebka didn't want to behave like that and anger his mother. He just had to somehow show that he was not joking: he was not going to be friends with anyone in the garden, and he would not obey the new teacher either! And especially to learn some kind of rhyme there!
    On the way to the garden, Gleb said nothing, although, of course, he really wanted to ask his mother something. For example, where will they go next Friday? And when will this Friday be, how many times will he need to sleep for it to come? But the boy did not dare to speak first, he knew that his mother was angry with him and therefore decided to also make an angry look. Moreover, the March cold wind blew so unpleasantly in the face that I did not want to open my mouth once again. This year, winter was in no hurry to leave. She was very flattered when both adults and children wrapped themselves in warm clothes when leaving the house.
    - Gleb, I beg you, behave yourself! - approaching the kindergarten, my mother asked. “You are good and obedient to me!”
    - Uh-huh! the boy agreed.
    - Well, that's good! And in the evening, dad and I will pick you up and go eat ice cream.
    This promise pleased Gleb a little, and he forced himself to smile.
    - Good morning! Glebushka, run to the guys! We'll start rehearsing soon! Lyubov Vasilievna said affectionately, going up to Gleb and his mother. But the boy, without saying hello, frowned and ran away.
    - Lyubov Vasilievna, good morning! You'll have to excuse us! Mom asked. - He is very worried about the move.
    - Anna Sergeevna, don't worry! I understand everything, - the teacher reassured Gleb's mother and added. - Do not forget, please, that we are waiting for you for the holiday!
    All the kids were happy to perform their learned poems in front of Lyubov Vasilievna. Everyone wanted to show how good he is! Only our Glebushka looked angrily at the governess. And as soon as his turn came, he immediately announced:
    - I didn't learn anything! I do not want!
    – Then maybe you don't want to perform? the teacher asked.
    Gleb only nodded in response.
    – Can you imagine how upset your parents will be?! Gleb, well, you will let your comrades down too! After all, our group has always been praised. And now what will they say that an ignoramus has appeared in group 15?
    The kids laughed and clapped their hands.
    - Ignorant! Ignoramus! - they began to tease Gleb cheerfully.
    And Gleb, instead of telling a rhyme and showing everyone that he was not an ignoramus, and that he was not at all going to offend and let anyone down, turned and ran "wherever his eyes look."
    Glebushka's eyes did not disappoint! They led him straight to the Assembly Hall, which for some reason was not closed now. The boy knew that behind the scenes there are always a lot of interesting things and costumes left after the performances of the guys. Gleb and Mitok somehow already made their way to the Assembly Hall after the New Year's performance. What the guys just did not find there! And masquerade masks, and the staff of Santa Claus (which for some reason he forgot from them, though later, as the teachers said, he took it) and all sorts of garlands, and Christmas tree decorations. In general, what was there just not!
    Of course, the teacher of the boys then scolded, because in no case should you run away from the group and hide in the Assembly Hall! But it's so interesting to do what adults do not allow!
    “Maybe Grandfather Frost left something now? thought Glebushka. “Maybe some toy?”
    The boy quickly ran into the Assembly Hall, closed the door behind him and hurried backstage.
    While the teachers and children were looking for Glebushka, he calmly looked at the magical world that opened up to him behind the scenes. Of course, there was no present from Santa Claus. But there was already something to see. The boy sat down more comfortably and pulled towards him a large box with all sorts of little things left by fairy-tale heroes. Glebushka found there: a handkerchief of a woman yaga, and a little red cap, and dwarf shoes!
    – “Wow! This means that fairy-tale heroes will return here to pick up their things! Well, how will Little Red Riding Hood go without her Little Red Riding Hood? the boy said quite rightly.
    Suddenly a wand caught his eye. She just wasn't easy. Magic! Gleb understood this immediately. Could not a simple wand shine so brightly!
    "Magic wand! - waving it in all directions, the boy rejoiced.
    Suddenly, a cold wind blew strongly from somewhere and snowflakes fell straight from the ceiling. Everything around began to spin and spin. Glebushka closed his eyes in fear, and when he opened it, a tall, very pale and thin woman stood in front of him. She had such a piercing look that the boy immediately felt somehow uncomfortable. She was dressed in a long silvery dress and a white fur coat, as if made of cotton wool.
    - You are the Snow Queen, aren't you? the boy asked in a low, frightened voice.
    - I am the coldest and most harmful of the four seasons! I am Winter! – majestically answered the guest. - And you, as it seemed to me, are a very harmful and playful boy!
    – No, I'm not like that! the boy protested, backing away and holding his magic wand tightly in his hands.
    – Such, such! You hate your mom! Don't listen to your teacher! You don't learn poetry! Don't be friends with guys! Well, don't worry, I like these kids! You will help me,” Winter declared, and suddenly became very formidable. - I'll show my beautiful sister what I'm capable of!
    – Who is your sister? Glebushka was sincerely surprised.
    – Like who?! Of course, Spring! And what, hasn't she come for a magic wand yet?
    – No, this is my wand. I found it first! – suddenly boldly declared boy.
    Zima laughed loudly, and suddenly a breath of cold breathed from her mouth that Glebushka immediately trembled, but this made his grip on the magic wand even tighter.
    - How dare you contradict me, you naughty little boy! Come on, my faithful assistants, grab him! Winter ordered.
    Behind the scenes, someone immediately stirred and some strange sounds were heard, reminiscent of a crunch and ringing.
    The boy did not waste another minute, he jumped out of the Assembly Hall and ran to his group.
    - Lyubov Vasilievna, help! Gleb wanted to scream, but he couldn't do anything.
    – Over here, quickly! - Approaching the locker room, the boy heard. Gleb turned to his group and saw that all the toys from the shelf jumped out to meet him. The boy was frightened at first, thinking that they were Winter's helpers, and therefore he stopped, not daring to go towards them.
    – Why are you delaying? Faster! the doll called.
    – Are you afraid of us? muttered the big teddy bear. - Aren't you afraid of ice men?
    – Who-whom? Gleb was surprised.
    But the toys only waved their hands strongly, pointing at the door to the locker room. The boy turned around and saw several ice men sliding right along the wall! Suddenly an icicle fell on Gleb's head! And the boy, not so much from pain, but from surprise and resentment, wept loudly, clutching his head. The magic wand fell out of his hands, and the ice man immediately hurried after it. But the toys were also ready for battle!
    Little dwarfs drove up on a tractor, and, having put a wand, quickly rushed to the group. The ice men ran after the gnomes, while such a crunch was heard, as if they were running not on the floor, but on the snow. They threw sharp icicles at the toys, and they fell, unable to get up anymore. Glebushka also ran. Almost on the move, he took off his boot and threw it at one ice man with all his might. There was a deafening sound, and the little man broke up into small pieces of ice. But from these icicles, new little ice men appeared.
    - Lyubov Vasilievna! Help! Finally, the boy managed to scream. The governess immediately responded to Glebushka's desperate call.
    Lyubov Vasilievna did not look like she did in the morning. Now she was wearing a long green dress with beautiful bright flowers. In her hand she held a magic wand, which the gnomes still managed to pass on to her. She directed it at one ice man, who was trying to freeze the poor doll with his ice hug. And the little man immediately melted under the clear and warm beam emanating from the magic wand. Glebushka wanted to apologize for his behavior in the morning, but then Winter appeared. Seeing the magic wand, she became very angry with Glebushka.
    - Oh, you little trashy boy! You still managed to pass the magic wand to my sister Vesna!
    - Lyubov Vasilievna, so you are Spring ?! Hooray! - Glebushka was delighted and rushed to his teacher. Spring cheerfully picked up the boy in her arms and was about to leave with him, when suddenly Winter announced:
    - And where did you carry my assistant? This boy didn't expect you at all!
    - Oh, it's true! Spring suddenly responded sadly. From her breath around it became so warm and cozy that Glebushka strongly pressed against her, not wanting to let go.
    - Well, why are you afraid of me, mischievous boy? Winter asked coldly. - I'm not that bad! Wouldn't you and I have fun? Do you like skating, sledding and ice-skating? Play snowballs and make a snowman! And with Spring, all this will be impossible.
    - But I don't want it to be always cold! Glebushka said. “I like you, Winter, when, of course, you are not angry. But I love Spring too!
    Winter laughed, and her ice assistants rang with her.
    - How is it, I wonder, do you love her, even if you refused to learn the rhyme? she asked through laughter. And then she said sternly: - That's it! Stop talking, I'm starting to melt!
    Winter grabbed Glebushka by the hand and dragged her to the window. The boy began to kick and push away his captor, but she bound him with her cold chains so that he soon could not move. Ice men, laughing and ringing, ran after their mistress. Along the way, they scattered their sharp icicles every now and then. And the toys bravely defended themselves by throwing cubes and balls at them.
    - Lyubov Vasilievna! Help! I want to you! the boy shouted.
    - Tell a poem about our Spring! toys suggested. – Then Spring will believe that you were waiting for her.
    And the boy immediately began to remember the rhyme. It's good that he still taught him yesterday with his dad.
    - Go away, gray winter! the boy began quietly.
    – What, what did you say? Stopping, Zima asked in surprise.
    – Louder! Tell me louder! the toys screamed.
    - Go away, gray winter!
    Already the beauties of Spring
    The golden chariot
    Rushing from the mountain heights!
    Is it old to argue, frail,
    With her - the queen of flowers,
    With a whole army of air
    Fragrant breezes!
    Glebushka blurted out in one breath and suddenly it became so clear and bright around. Winter has gone away. But Spring picked up the boy in her arms and began to circle.
    - Gleboshka! You scared me so! - Lyubov Vasilievna's gentle voice was heard.
    The boy opened his eyes and saw that the kind teacher was holding him in her arms. And he was still behind the scenes. Just sorting out all sorts of interesting things, he fell asleep.
    - Lyubov Vasilievna, forgive me! I learned everything and will tell you everything!
    From that very day Glebushka went to kindergarten with pleasure. He made friends with all the guys and always obeyed his beloved teacher.
    Fairy tale therapy for children going through a period of adaptation to kindergarten will help to cope with stress. Therefore, read to your child a fairy tale about the boy Slavik, who did not want to go to kindergarten. Children identify themselves with the main characters of fairy tales, so listening to stories about guys like them makes it easier for them to deal with their fears and feelings. Therefore, if you are reading a fairy tale to your daughter, then replace the main character with a girl (for example, Sonya), and the railway with a dollhouse.
    Once upon a time there was a little boy Slavik. Slavik lived with his mom and dad. Mom and dad loved him very much, played with him, fed him, read books to him and told fairy tales. More than anything, Slavik loved to play with toys! He had cars, cubes, balls and even colored paper and plasticine! But Slavik always wanted to have a railroad. The kind that trains run on. Only Slavik was small and did not know how to tell his parents about the railway. I had to play cars and cubes! And Slavik did it with pleasure. One morning, Slavik was awakened by his father and called him to the kitchen. Mom was cooking breakfast in the kitchen. Slavik had porridge in his plate (which he didn't really like) and berries from jam (which he really liked to eat). Slavik began to carry on a plate with a spoon - beautiful stains were obtained. But the parents did not allow Slavik to admire the resulting beauty. “We need to hurry up today,” Mom said. “You are going to kindergarten today!” Dad announced solemnly. Slavik did not want to go to kindergarten. Firstly, he did not know what it was ... Secondly, today his toys were waiting for him. He wanted to build a house out of blocks, ride all his toys on cars, paint a picture that he began to draw on the wallpaper next to the radiator. But the parents did not want to listen to anything: “We need to go to work! Won't you stay at home alone?" Slavik was combed and dressed. Although Slavik already knew how to dress himself. It was embarrassing. Will adults always wear it now? On the way to the kindergarten, dad explained to Slavik that there would be an aunt-teacher in the kindergarten, as well as other children and a lot of toys. Slavik did not like it in the kindergarten. The room was small, there were cabinets with pictures, there were no children, and toys too! However, the teacher came to the meeting: “Hello, Slavik! My name is Irina Ivanovna. Iwaited for you. Here is your locker, undress quickly! Mom undressed Slavika. Slavik was surprised again: he can do it himself! Then my mother said: “Well, that's it, Slavik! Now my dad and I are going to work, and you will stay here. We'll be back for you in the evening. Do not miss!". Then Slavik realized that he did not want to be left without mom and dad in kindergarten. Besides, he doesn't want to stay here until the evening with Irina Ivanovna. What will he do? All his toys are at home! Slavik realized that he would be very, very bored, and decided to let his parents know. Slavik cried! Well, yes! Boys don't cry. But in such situations, anyone would cry! Mom and dad got scared. Slavik looked at them and saw that if he cries louder, they will take him home. Slavik took a deep breath and prepared to give out “AAA!!! I won't go!!! I don't want to!!! Mama!!! I want
    to youeeee!!!”. But then a girl and a boy ran into the room. They were playing with a big red ball. Slavik looked into the room from which they ran out and saw more guys there. And he saw a lot of toys. Slavik became interested. He forgot about mom and dad for a while and went to explore the new room. There were tables, chairs, cubes, books, dolls, soft bears and bunnies, and in the middle of the room ... In the middle of the room there was a big railway. And the boys drove trains along it! Slavik ran up to the boys. And Irina Ivanovna gave him a small engine and offered to play with the guys. Of course, Slavik gladly agreed! Tu-tu! The steam locomotive is running! Goes to distant lands! And behind him is Maksimka's train and Yura's train. Slavik found new friends! They played trains, then ate (porridge again!), then went for a walk and built a garage out of sand during the walk! And when mom and dad came for Slavik, Irina Ivanovna read to all the children an interesting story about a little boy who did not want to go to kindergarten. And this boy was also called Slavik!
    Discuss with the child what he remembers from the fairy tale. What did he like? What didn't you like? Let the kid come up with how events unfolded the next day. Did Slavik want to go to kindergarten? What was he doing there?

    Fairy tale about toys in kindergarten

    Every morning in the kindergarten is a real holiday. The toys that missed the boys so much during the night will soon meet them again. The toys in the garden are looking forward to the children and are very happy when they come to them.
    And the educators, while waiting for the children, are preparing the group for their arrival. Tables and chairs are carefully arranged, toys are cleaned and materials are prepared for creative activities. What an interesting and joyful day today will be in kindergarten!
    And only the boy Misha didn't go to kindergarten in the morning. As soon as he woke up, he began to moan:
    - Mom, leave me at home today, I don't want to go to kindergarten!
    – But why, dear? Mom was surprised.
    “Because I want to rest today,” Misha replied.
    – Okay, but who will you stay at home with? After all, I have to go to work today,” my mother said with annoyance.
    – And let's stay at home today, let's rest together, – the boy answered.
    - Okay, I'll take time off from work today, but keep in mind that no one will give me money for my vacation, and I won't be able to buy you any sweets today.
    - Agreed, today we will do without sweets, - Misha exclaimed joyfully and stretched sweetly in his bed.
    Meanwhile, Mishin's favorite toy in kindergarten did not wait for the boy and was very upset. While other toys were playing with the children, this one was sitting in a corner and weeping quietly. She was very sad without Misha! And she was also very offended that the guys play with other toys, but not with her.
    In the meantime, the boy leisurely had breakfast, watched cartoons, played with his toys and… suddenly got bored. Mom cooked at home, ironed clothes, did the cleaning, so she had no time to entertain Misha all the time.
    And in the meantime it was very lively and fun in the kindergarten. After breakfast, all the children began to make crafts for their parents, and then went for a walk. How nice and sunny it was outside! Fresh air, outdoor games, the sun - beauty!
    And only Misha and his toy were sad. One is at home, the other is in kindergarten. The boy was bored sitting at home, and his mother could not go out with him because she was doing business. And Misha's toy was also bored without the boy. She was so looking forward to it!
    In the evening, all the children were taken home by their parents, the toys said goodbye to the children and, in joyful anticipation, remained to wait for the next morning. And only Mishina's toy was crying, because she did not know if her friend would come to the garden the next day.
    And in the evening Misha asked his mother for sweets, and she answered:
    – No, dear, today there will be no sweets, because I didn’t earn money on them while I was at home. But today in the kindergarten you had sweets and cookies for an afternoon snack, but you decided to stay at home today. Probably, toys without you were bored there.
    “Probably,” the boy said sadly. - Tomorrow I will definitely go to the garden and will not miss it again. It's only fun at home on the weekends when we're all relaxing. And today I was very bored, because you were busy, and sad because there were no sweets. Yes, and I also missed my toy in the garden.
    The next morning Misha woke up and quickly got ready for the garden. When the toy saw the boy, her joy knew no bounds. This is happiness, this is a meeting! The whole day in the garden Misha and his toy were fun, interesting and joyful. In the meantime, my mother went to work and bought the boy various sweets.
    Questions about a fairy tale about a kindergarten for the development of a child's emotional intelligence: Why was Mishina's toy upset in kindergarten? Why was the boy upset when he didn't go to kindergarten? Why was the garden fun and interesting? Why is Misha bored at home? What did the boy decide and why? Let the child discuss this topic.

    Wonderful Kindergarten

    Iris Revue

    I have always liked the wonderful house called Kindergarten. In the mornings and evenings, light bulbs-lights burned merrily in it. In this house, as soon as the sun rose, adults brought children, and in the evenings they took them home. There were many children; it was a real children's kingdom. In the mornings, it was fun for me to go to kindergarten with my mother, but when my mother left, it became sad. Once I came to kindergarten before other children. There was no one in the group, except for the teacher and the nanny, and I got bored. Suddenly the teddy bear smiled, and the Katya doll told me: Dasha, come play with us. I got into the real toy world. We played fairyland. I became happy and good with toys. I stopped being sad. When the children came, my mood was wonderful. I immediately got involved in the fun "Fun Train", which was played by Masha, Vitya and Egor. From that day on, my life has changed. Kindergarten has become my second home. And now I have grown. On a glorious autumn day, I will go to school. I say: “Goodbye kindergarten, goodbye, dolls and bears, rabbits and mice, pencils and books.

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